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Feedspot antiques websites

Our bulldog Gong at Collectibulldogs why feedspot antiques websites chose us to be in top 30

Hi readers and especially those at FEEDSPOT how are you doing, it wasn’t until I saw my weekly newsletter that I realised that feedspot had our RSS feed, we were voted the top 30 antiques websites earlier this year.
The shame about this feedspot award winning gesture is that we’ve had no interest coming from one of the best blog article websites there is out there, is it because I cannot afford to go gold, do feedspot get high hits on antiques whatever the reason we’ve been sidelined.
Members of feedspot and any other formats we just want to reach out learn from others and maybe teach a thing or two ourselves, the fact our niche is bulldog related means nothing and never judge a book by its cover.
As a family friendly website we are passive in our dialect we have other awards one is pawstruck but from the three we have had no connections it feels like we are just giving a blogging website a free backlink, I of course would be saying different if feedspot or the other two ever pop up.

So feedspot antiques websites who are we ?

Feedspot antiques websites

Check us out feedspot antiques websites

I started collecting bulldog memorabilia over a decade ago, got into amateur web design and created the worlds first bulldog memorabilia collection online it was crude didn’t work properly but I loved my creation so much I still miss it today.
Collectibulldogs has been running for just four years and had two small technical pauses and our DA is 32 PR 43 a great score for a website our age, we were the first to exhibit bulldog antiques at Brighton Museum in 2017.
To show how original we are I’ll divulge that I recently asked a friend if they could create the worlds first bulldog memorabilia Wikipedia page open world memorabilia knowledge comes from me is greatly searched yet there no Wikipedia records of bulldog collections.
Since then we’ve gone on to establish ourselves everywhere imagine having 200 thousand followers on Twitter 50 thousand followers on Instagram and similar numbers for 20 different formats, this really helps with views especially proving to a guest writer their article is being read sometimes 100s at a time.

Feedspot antiques websites lets connect.


Feedspot antiques websites

I feel so lucky two Japanese bulldogs perfect antiques FEEDSPOT ARTICLE

Let’s not be Blindsided by the thought we can out do each other I understand for many your website pays your bills, we are no competition because we do not sell any products at all, and with the rise of virtual reality social media formats and applications for gadget popping up by the thousands every day I think in a modern age our sort of websites need to stick together.
Views to a sale and your DA are most important to you correct well that’s the same with us, our resident article writer just put out an article that with the right hashtags could of gone viral the interest was massive and the comments section became more like a mini forum as visitors showed that all important viewer participation retweets of over 100 on Twitter and bookmarked elsewhere guaranteed this article would gain views but had no clue as to the interest shown it just goes to show what a great article can do.
So saying that feedspot members let’s connect ok I don’t get views from feedspot maybe I need to buy my way in, my wife’s pregnant a surprise after 17 years so I’ve not had time to see how feedspot works, collectibulldogs is open to vice versa on guest posting, reviews, blog comments, backlinks, all this do help to increase your domain authority.
I’m no master at blog writing, I do know the elements needed to create the best search engine optimisation blasted article though from keywords in title and headers to attributing the visuals, If you guest post with us or wish to connect then my followers are at your disposal, and I look forward to showing some the power of connecting with the worlds only bulldog memorabilia and antiques museum style collection.


Feedspot antiques websites

Hello I’m collectibulldogs secret weapon Porscha (feedspot )

We would love to connect with Either antiques selling or blogging websites but as we have a broad range of topics most articles are welcomed and with Pinterest instagram Facebook LinkedIn tumblr Flickr pocket, and blog lovin Vimeo YouTube medium and we ❤️it, all waiting to read your content with me, isn’t logical to say hey 👋 I’m so and so let’s get busy online.
Even if we just swapped backlinks and your domain is lower you’ll improve I’m sure most know this, some websites have brilliant 2-3k websites but little to no social media presence, that’s where we come in we can hyperlink your url straight out to our formats giving your particular websites articles or page URLs views straight away.
We would like the same courtesy if possible as this makes for a fair way of doing business online even if it’s organically backlinking in your website to rank better with the moz score DA checker,if I can find my last medium article you can learn how to white hat yourselves. A term used for safely building your websites authority not blackhat where you get or pay someone to spam your url these create Google penalties.
For those interested we have around 5000 pieces in the collectibulldogs collection there’s every material you can think of and we date back to the 17 hundreds, the antiques are all found and curated by myself I pay all website and hosting fees all I want is to get more people inspired by the breeds past in object form.
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