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HOWDY readers I hope your all doing fine and well where ever you are. I’m #happy to say where I am has had some shiny hot sun so a BIG thumbs up there, firstly can I say I am having problems with my website again the layout keeps changing and pieces from the advanced section keep disappearing hence why the site is slow to load up at the moment please bare with me I’ve emailed for some quotes to fix the problems they are only minor but as I do not properly understand the instructions I don’t want to go messing up all my hard work and crashing the computer, I’ve already made this one twice and wouldn’t want to go through doing it all again.


I think I’m starting to get the hang of this recycling of old #bulldog #figurines what do you think?

I find it quite relaxing and the outcome is surprising ok for my artistic talent I do not think my girls are to happy with the glitter being everywhere but I try my best to clean up when I’m finished.

The members of my art group at #Brighton #museum are starting to follow the #trend and have started to make them even my mentor and art teacher is making them,they are all variations on the same idea get a figurine and try and make it look better if not just mega pimped out.

For anyone that has not been the Brighton museum is a great place to visit and when in the main area you can visualise the place as a stable house as it once was and I was lucky enough last year to go down to the secured archives to check out the #pieces in storage that were bulldog related.

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I have been waiting ages for this but this Thursday coming, I get to sit down with a top freelance #blogger and go over my #blog as a whole.

I’m hoping he will go through my content with me up until now and give me a fresh outlook on blogging how I can engage with you folks more, so I do get responses and I’m really hoping I can either get a guest blog backlink or any resources at his disposal to help me get my blog out to more readers and a broader demographic, which I have to admit is not easy.

I’ve found that finding #likeminded #collectors that #love #collecting like #me is not easy, I get the occasional request but apart from that I do not know who’s reading my blogs and enjoying the site so far.

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A big massive thank you again to Janet Powell’s Feeback, our families wonderful friend from the sunkiest Hawaiian island for the portrait painting of our beloved Scruffy Louise.

Such a humbling gesture from a beautiful and kindhearted person ,also thank you to Lori Bruni whom took on the commission and is now a resident artist for the website and we are hoping more and differing artists ask to join up and get there wares showcased.

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You may or may not have noticed but I’ve been working hard between using a web book with an attitude problem and an iPad that commands storage every time I sneeze combined to adapt the site, now there are like and #share buttons so that those that #enjoy the website can share to their medias or follow mine, there’s a back to home page thread on the bottom of each page should you get stuck and last but not least for now is the translate button which I hope combined with making the website faster will keep those that do not use #English more engaged when visiting my website it’s not nice seeing high bounce rates and I can only put this down to those factors.

Ive renewed my account with weebly to give myself another six months to try and get it #perfect whilst learning all this computer jargon along the way.T

he other main feature is the forum I hope more of you will join and become part of our little forum family where we can chat bulldogs till the cows come home.

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I accidentally came across this #beautiful piece whilst deleting my emails yesterday it’s up for #auction in a town a few miles away from me and I think it would make a great addition to the #collection if I were to win.

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The piece is classed as a #snuff #box but I have my doubts and think the lid is a later addition and the reason for this? In our local #museum the founders collection is on display and in the display are two of these,they are the same size and similar colour but they have no lids and are specified as #celebration #cups.Celebration cups are associated with winning bait fights in the 17-18 century so I think once the barbaric sports were banned these became unfashionable and then #utilised into something useful like a form of #recycling I would think.


I was contacted recently by a trainee #journalist from Brighton #university he emailed me asking if it was possible to do an article on Collectibulldogs and myself for his #portfolio.

I think this would be an #interesting #venture and the outcome would be intriguing I mean journalists they like #juicy #stories so will it end up a lovely article from when I started till now or will there be a reading of between the lines and somehow Collectibulldogs and myself get dragged through the mud I’m a pessimist and should learn to be more optimistic about things.

This could be a great advertising opportunity if he’s work is put out into the public domain and I will do everything I can to make it good enough to be advertised. Im not sure how he wants to go about it but I hope if he comes round he has a small camera as there’s no room to swing a bulldog here.

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As with most #start-up websites it’s not easy getting #noticed no matter how #niche you are and a great way of getting more traffic (BOTH WAYS) is to do an exchange of links these can be seen on most websites and are helpful short cuts to other interesting or relatable websites.

Im hoping to finally get a couple of good back links this week but can I urge anyone out there with a website that could link up to please do, I’m happy to disclose any traffic movement and visitor numbers I’m happy to advertise you on my site and I’m also happy to help those that like me do their own #SEO etc. but need help from time to time.

I have been told the website will be a go to place in a couple of years time as it grows and gets bigger and to urge folks to link up sooner than later,not only because your missing out on traffic now but also because my links will be full by then.

This strategy is endorsed by #Google and other search engine providers and it’s cleaner than looking for non compliant back links that you don’t know.

Any demographic that thinks they can benefit from this please do get in touch thank you.

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So far this year we have not added many new items to the Collectibulldogs #catalogue this is mostly due to me doing everything else myself and I can’t be chasing #rare pieces around the globe when I’m having web problems, this isn’t a big problem the collection itself is so #vast a break wouldn’t hurt, I do miss researching and do not like getting stuck on web building I so wished I had a partner that way two brains are better than one and things would get done in half the time.

#Wish me luck for next week I have my fingers crossed for some great #helpful #suggestions and hopefully a couple of new #backlinks I’ve been chasing up so till next time happy collecting folks…