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Family pets a brilliant new format no luck needed 2022

Family pets


Hi Readers I hope that you are all well and good, I recently came in contact with the owner CEO of Family pets a brilliant listings and social platform for pet lovers across the globe, it’s a new start up so any articles like this that take you to the website in the hope you’ll create your own Free account? FREE ACCOUNT that’s right a company that at least let you in the door before firing packages at you and this hasn’t happened here.


So far as I see it this is more than just your typical online listings marketing team a lot of work has gone into this venture and as collectibulldogs.com has always been lucky 🍀 when it comes to working with Irish collaborators I thought it might be nice to add this family pets website here, I urge all my readers to join up there’s no hassle no details are used so if you HERE TO JUMP OVER AND CREATE AN ACCOUNT and I’ll tell you more about family pets from Ireland 🇮🇪


I found Adams business by accident on Facebook I did not know at the time that this website is very successful and I asked for a backlink exchange I’m not understanding of what was offered for a backlink but I’m hoping when this is read and they get new accounts I might get a backlink from one of their services but let’s see. so what else does this site offer if I’m deeming it good enough to advertise independently.


It’s not just a listings placement website family pets have really thought long and hard about what they want to create a successful pet business online, I remember the old days being in bullish magazine and the prestige that come with it and as I’ve only just opened my own account I wonder what’s on the other side, upon speaking with the owner I’ve learned there’s more to Family pets lots more.

Family pets a brilliant new format no luck needed here

Family pets



I’m not sure how many article writers are helping others out there is it common place no way, articles like this are usually written by a professional with years of SEO experience someone that would know everything from where to place different sized header tags to knowing what’s trending in hashtag and keyword world it’s also not easy creating content with very little knowledge but I think we are doing ok 👍

The easiest way around this is by adding the websites links (yep more externals I really hope I’m helped one day lol) so here’s the family pet social network LINK TO POP OVER AND SAY HELLOOk so the way I see it YES we have tonnes of pet websites why should you join this one ☝️ the answer is simple it’s not a Facebook group it’s not a page but does lean towards sharing and Community, this is definitely something you do not get on most social media groups it’s also highly regulated so there’s no chance of any hatred all I will say is read the Ts and Cs before joining anything.


Before I continue and I’ll admit now it’s gone 1am and I’m blogging on the of chance that I’ll get a backlink it’s not definite and the reason I say that is I’m about to add the blog link for family pets, please read through the rules if any applicable on their website some may think it’s a place just to drop third party affiliation blogs and I can state now any spam won’t be entertained and I guess the user will be blocked but don’t let me put you off Check out the blogs page and see if it’s for you, I’m guessing but I think the articles wanted by family pets are family pet orientated so if your a travel or food blogger it may not be for your niche.


We have Gloves off Gary O’Sullivan 2022 our boxing endorsementan Irish professional boxer that has been happy to Endorse collectibulldogs.com for over four years now and if family pets are happy to give and take accordingly I’m happy to help the owner push his business and give it more exposure than usual, there’s no monetary value that we are after we just need the same support that we are happy to give others.


That little bit extra the brains behind family pets gives you more

Family pets

As you can see porscha had no issues settling in to her new home AND YOULL FEEL LIKE THIS SWITCHING HOSTS

I was offered something extra whilst I was speaking with the family pet owner Adam he assures me that he’s hosting company comes with power and bite, I’m not surprised with a hosting company called WOLF BEAR HOSTING


wow what a name ! I’m also told there’s different payment options with different packages from SSL to 24/7 support I’ll grab a screen shot as I’m sure family pets will not mind me using their images I always use ping backs so any other website will get notifications if they are being pinged elsewhere and again not many writers do this.



If I do get collaboration out of this I’ll contact spike (Gary O’Sullivan) and let him know I’ve found another kind Irish fella happy to help, Gary’s from cork and family pets is based in Dublin I’m not even sure how close they are geographically and it is a little ironic that an English bulldog antiques website gets more help from non uk than we do our own folk


This also means you pay in Euros the packages start from €39 and you can choose from three options, a great suggestion would be to join family pets get used to the owner and the website then approach them for hosting, there’s no cost to migrate and no money changes hands until your website is safely with Wolf Bear hosting.

Snippets from wolf bear hosting

Family pets

We’ve used our own pics for family pets but once you visit the webs you’ll see lots of pets

I’ve taken a couple of snippets from the website so you can see just how professional they are so here’s the first with its title SUPERB SERVICE

If you’re sick and tired of persistent outages and the pathetic client support service of your present web host, we are here to offer you an alternative. With the riskless cloud hosting services offered by Wolf Bear Hosting, you can finally cease worrying about the hosting service and focus on what is actually important – your site.

We will provide you with a dependable cloud hosting platform with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Furthermore, all our cloud web hosting packages offer more than enough disk space, traffic and MySQL database space allocations.

You’ll obtain access to a superb Online Control Panel, which offers all the tools you will need to turn website administration from a difficulty to something easy and pleasant. You’ll get numerous charge-free bonuses, which will help you make your site work better and load faster.


Here’s the why you should migrate and I have to say even I’m tempted SO WHY US !

Our ZFS–based cloud hosting platform provides ultimate protection from data corruption & iron-clad safety for your websites. A ModSecurity firewall will keep malicious users off your contents.

The data compression algorithm that we use will help make your websites load faster than ever and so will our performance-boosting tools.

You can migrate to us at no cost. We’ll move your websites at zero cost.

Tired of continual downtime and unsatisfactory tech support of your hosting vendor? Calm down, we have got the remedy. Let Wolf Bear Hosting be your last hosting distributor.


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