Friends with Fabulous Finn Britain’s got talent tear jerker

Friends with the Fabulous Finn X-Factor tear jerker

The Fabulous Finn now friends with CBDs

Hi readers I hope that your all well and good out there, Friends with the Fabulous Finn Britain’s got talent tear jerker is about a new found friend a four legged hero and he’s owner whom as well as doing magic for Simon Cowell and the other judges told the sad heart wrenching film that went on during the performance.


Finn is an ex police dog 🐕 and I think it’s only fair to the publishers of Finns book 📖 that I do not tell the story but should urge you to go out and buy this great read a tear jerker if there ever was one, I grew up as a child around two of these beautiful pooches ironically when at home and when I was put into a foster home.

The first breed of dog i remember losing was an Alsatian or German Shepherd depending how you see the breed our dog had gotten out one day and bite the taxi driver we believed he was protecting my mums space as she was pregnant but the taxi driver had us put him to sleep and after crying all night I spent weeks wishing nasty thoughts on that driver. ,


My other claim to fame with this breed is not one but two middle school friends whom had this breed both bit me on separate occasions, I would not say my parents had compassion as one family asked that dreaded question “do you want us to destroy the dog) as I said my parents had no compassion and replied with “No that’s ok he most probably wound the dog up ! All I did was pick up my school bag 💼 lol.

Friends with the Fabulous Finn Britain’s got talent tear jerker


So Friends with the Fabulous Finn Britain’s got talent tear jerker  we were surprised to get their follow and appreciate the permission to create content for Finn, if you read Finns book you’ll learn all about Finns law the charity work and other occasions he’s known to show up at.

Finn | Britain's Bravest Dog


Lets chat a bit Finns law this is also a hashtag and Finnshour also features on twitter two, Dave Finns owner fought for Finns law  tirelessly after all his best friend had saved his life And you can get an insight to this whole campaign here you see myself and Finns owner dad etc have chatted about me doing a blog article on Finns law so I’d rather get the facts first but Dave like us all is busy so it may take a while ! Unless I can get Dave to Comment on the article for everyone to see.


Hero Animal of the Year - Finn

As I have stated Finn was on Britain’s got talent hence the title’ Friends with the Fabulous Finn Brian’s got talent tear jerker the combination on Finns skills with magic and the story told amidst the magic bought the house to tears 😭 the stadium eruptive after their performance had ended.



Instead of me telling you about the clip why don’t you spend five minutes just watching I’ve provided the YouTube clip for those across the globe that do not see Britain’s got talent nor have heard of Dave and Finn before, now as I leave you with the Britain’s got talent YouTube clip I’d suggest grabbing a tissue and please after I know Dave and Finn would like you to check out their shop if you would be so kind.

Heroic police dog Finn moves the Judges to tears | Auditions | BGT 2019



This is a non payed for article the pleasure was all mine to write and I hope Dave remembers to collaborate so I can bring you in-depth up to date snippets about Finns law Finns hour and maybe even where you can catch him and ask Dave nicely if Finns up for a pawtagrath,



Please remember the sterling job her majesties Constabulary and Other organisations do with their animal counterparts and the danger these animals face in the line of duty every day, highly trained and much loved by their handlers service dogs have one of the best doggy lives going but as Finn can contest to it also has its dangers.


Next time you see those flashing blues and twos just think where that handler and he’s partner might be going and unfortunately there are occasions that end up fatal for either the handler or he’s beloved partner, Finns law gives service animals more protection and if hurt the punishment is the same as if you assault a police officer yet I’m still to get proper details soon.




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