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Prelude to exhibition oh and my birthday

Hi there readers how are you all doing? I hope all swell with everyone and I see some have taken advantage of my first ebook, as I learn more myself I can either update the existing book or make a new second one.


I think my daughter has my sense of humour

Firstly I would like to thank those that sent me birthday wishes through the different medias, I had not realised the impact / people that was stowed me with an out pouring of wishes and greetings for the day. If you are reading this and sent one then thank you I found it humbling.


Happy birthday dad

My daughter kindly bought me two bulldog gifts this year and as she’s going to Spain next month I indicated that only the minimal should be spent on me, this concept was not to my wife’s liking whom surprised me with a brand new I book that turns into a tablet and tv so I can use for the collection and blogging

The other (I’m classing it as a gift) was the appointment of my project manager and two of Brighton museums curators to come and look at the collection, it was great teaching others about something I’m known for and hosted quite a good session.


We had a good look at my pieces before sitting down to chat and even though these ladies work with collections everyday I think they were quite taken aback and was not expecting what they saw, I will be asking one of the curators about last Fridays experience, the collections quality and the time taken to obtain it all.


Rosentahl could represent Germany

There are about 55 slots in the Brighton museum lab so we have broken that down to 11 themes, I’ve thought about this a fair bit and have laid out a plan of complete fairness and impartial to any opinion i.e. Even though the exhibition is about the British bulldog there will be no sign or hint of patriotism or bias (except for the piece my daughter made).

The themes can be swapped and changed by the curators but I was thinking Germany Denmark and England in a case each this is because they are the three biggest countries that manufactured pieces, followed by two cabinets of pieces that I’ve acquired from around the world.


Using plain white in the English section will dispel any thought of patriotism making it Nuetral

Another case will hold antique useful objects inkwells humidor seven spoons if they are a useful item lol, then next to the antiques will be two cases, one will hold different bronzes and the other I will place my other metal pieces I should say each slot holds one large or two small pieces each.

Two more cabinets will be set aside for historic and advertising pieces I will have to think hard here, as you know the bulldog Is and has been well used in advertising so picking out a selection will not be easy, I will add a mixture of 2D and 3D pieces to these cases as well as mascots and emblems.

The last two cases together will hold the silver and club presentation pieces in not sure wether to mix them up or have one case for each I don’t have many large English pieces to add in this section so it will be a display of club pieces from other countries and I can showcase the silver bulldog trophy as the high light here.


Some of the antiques people can hold

There’s two elements I have missed out and that’s the glass and jewellery antiques and pieces I will wait to hear what the curators think is best before swapping and changing these themes, I’ve also been given two small individual cases and these will hold my wooden antiques, lastly there is a flat glass display as you enter the room and I need to think about what I can put in there.IMG_2282


This is the part of the process I’m going to find the hardest when you loan to a museum you fill out a condition and insurance form, once that’s done each piece is packed until each piece has been done cataloged and down on paper, this process happens yet again once the pieces arrive at the museum and before they can go out on display.


Delicate pieces

Due to the late indication of the date given there is not really that much time left to get all this sorted and as I’ve done less artwork and been asked to commence with getting my display ready I feel I need a bit of help, more access to the museum and for them to let me start taking things down asap.

I think once all the hard graft has been done and I take a look at the collection displayed I can sigh a massive one and finally realise all the hardship has been worth it the sleepless nights promoting getting into Debt and other such things that should just float away as I gaze upon what will be the worlds first bulldog memorabilia collection exhibition.


Use pieces to inform

Ideas to add motion to the space

The museum space being used is massive I’m not sure the size of the room but it’s proportion is that of a hall sized room, as the other exhibitors will be showcasing artworks they have created and let me tell you their art skills are beyond belief compared to me, I’m hoping the museum will let the website run as part of the display or let me use the slides I have on 3 great subjects.

I’m not sure how the press office at the museum have this covered and whom they have asked to come via the media but I’ve started doing invites myself, using apps and editing I’ve been practicing leaflets and in the next few days will have some printed off and go for a nice walk through town and pop into shops and businesses to give out an invite.


Drumming up support

Most of all I’m hoping somehow somewhere there’s interest in my venture and if I can pull off the impossible and get my display looked at by the right influencers then that could be the start of my long awaited social enterprise,

How would you do it?

Interesting question, I’m very lucky that I have been cheeky enough to not let the word no be the end of things and and it was not easy being an outsider and asking a museum to take you under their wing, even more so if they have no idea of what your collection entails, if you had the opportunity to set up a display how would you go about it.

Would you think up themes like I have, would you choose just your favourite pieces or even display higgledy piggledy and just place random pieces take a look back and think Yep that’s looking good, the theme comes from the objects telling a story to the viewer so I suppose what you want to convey would be just as important.


Each piece has its own form filled out TWICE

I would ideally like to sit down with the curators I’m working with and try to incorporate a couple of stories into the exhibit I’m not wanting to sound brash but even I know collecting the amount I have is a little bit special, this comes from choosing diversity,Debt, and as it stats in my ebook that tenacity and the guts to ask sellers to work with me.

I would not want to scare the public by telling them how my illness started but I believe it pays a role in the advocacy of mental wellbeing, and to basically show the world not all people like myself sit around doing nothing and to also show anyone really that their dreams can be chased down and that we all fall on our feet at different stages in life.

The best

Theodore Madison one of demarks best artisans representing Denmark

My own back story will not take away anything from the breed the display itself will look so great my story will just be a prelude to a feast of figurines, art, books and the other pieces that will be on show there, this is going to be a world first and brings me on to my Final part.

Cover story

As stated this is going to be a world first the curators have researched and not found any other bulldog exhibitions held anywhere at any point in history, This offer is open to anyone, bloggers, media, freelance writers, doggie magazines, basically anyone interested in covering the exhibition, depending on your demographic a story could be either just content fodder or a really intriguing piece.

Any prestigious comings that are from this exhibition will go to my daughter it maybe my story but it’s her collection (or will be) and if it becomes a social enterprise with a future she will need to learn a bit herself about all I have done, remember all are welcome to come I know I’m speaking to the world here but if your local or can manage it we would love the support.


a piece already in daughters name

I will cover the event as well myself for my own viewers and if I’m allowed more access to the museum I will do a stage blog that way if anyone’s future lands them with their own display at their museum it’s all there in stages to read, that’s about it from me for now so stay folks and happy collecting.

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