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Hi there good readers of Collectibulldogs here’s to hoping all are safe and well, eprintedbooks is today’s topic and how amazed we were to find ourselves again being put on other platforms showing we have something interesting but still need the advertising to get the word out.  Before I continue may I add this format added us as a website first before we sent our ebook.

The owner of this format seems a busy fella but did have time to get back to me just to say how great my ebook was the originality and how it was written, it’s a shame I’m not good with affirmation all this great things happening and I feel numb but emotions change don’t they !.
My own disorders do not mean I cannot enjoy the fact others are advertising us not asking for a penny and complimenting my work is still appreciated and when I do I get a high I’m sure being on our first ebook publishing/advertising space will be part of that high.
Seeing myself and wiggles sitting in the dogs bed was not my idea of good promotion and I have sent funds to our host lee to have the websites on-page SEO done, this will make us more recognisable on google and such you’ll get faster download speeds and all the websites search engine optimisation will be complete.
Due to this kind gesture and freely advertising our little ebook with 750 taken so far I thought it only fair as I do to reciprocate such kindness, the article is merited as we as Collectibulldogs.com have never had our website advertised on such a format let alone then being asked if we are ok with our ebook hitting the big time please meet the owner and all they do below

Quote as requested by Steve from ePrintedBooks

A quote from the owner of ePrintedBooks. “Just want everyone to know that here at ePrintedBooks Somerset Kentucky USA 🇺🇸  we just love, not just bulldogs but this whole website”

Simple steps to self-publishing

First Simple step:

  • Have your book edited by a professional.
  • If your book has not been edited, choose an editor from above.
  • Schedule an edit date by clicking the “Contact Us” link above to speak with your editor of choice.
  • When the edit of your book is complete, move on to step two.
  • If your book has already been edited, proceed to the next step.

Second Simple step:

  • Have a professional book cover designed.
  • This second step is best accomplished by contacting us above or just go to step three and you will find most of our formatting packages include a professional cover design.

Third Simple step:

  • Now you need your Word .doc formatted for the various companies that will sell your book.
  • Contact Steve Caresser, above on the right. He can format your .doc for any store.
  • Formatting plans start at $30.00 and go up. Feel free to check out all the different plans, so you can select the one that best fits your formatting needs.


Meet the boss

Hi I’m Steve owner of ePrintedBooks and to Collectibulldogs I loved the ebook and it’s our pleasure some writers need help and others write great content and I believed both are warranted here.

So you wish to become a self-published author! Don’t get scammed by the thousands of publishers out there saying this and that, and you have no proof if what they are saying is true. 
When you deal with ePrintedBooks the first thing we ask you to do (if you don’t have one) get a Twitter.com account and follow us at Our website and start asking around about us and you will find we have over 1000 happy writers we have helped to become productive self-published authors. 
Q: Does ePrintedBooks help writers worldwide? 
A: Yes we help writers worldwide. As long as you can produce a MS doc in English, and open these 2 accounts too sell books. Can you open a book selling account at Smashwords.com and Amazon.com? If so we can help you to self-publish. 
This is some of what ePrintedBooks can do for you once you order a package that fits your budget.
  • Turn you into an independent well established self-publisher. 
  • Eliminate the middleman so you get 100% of your royalties. 
  • Help you open 2 accounts taking you global and paying you royalties.
  • You pay no royalties to ePrintedBooks.
  • Get your ebook in the largest distribution in the world. 
  • Get your print book in your hands and in online stores. 
  • Buy as many of your print books as you like wholesale. 
  • Depending on the number of pages, wholesale print books are $2.00 + 
  • You own and control all the documents and images we work on.
  • We also have the most dynamic book marketing plan called: “Author Promo Page!”
This is just an idea of what we can do for you. Feel free to click here to check out our packages.
Thank you for checking us out and we look forward to launching you globally!

Past ePrintedBooks winners


Become a winner at ePrintedBooks

There are a handfull of authors on our site that have won the “Best Reads Award by ePrintedBooks.”Their books are seen on most all of our website.

The winners are….

1: “The Darkling War” by Ron Snider.
2: “A Sinner’s Philosophy” by Jason Sinner
3: “Letters West” by Christie Moses
4: “Abhorrence and Affection” by Madeline Courtney
5: “Star Struck” Interviews with Dirty Harry and other Hollywood Icons. by Betty Dravis.
6: “Probing the Mind of a Serial Killer” by Jack A. Apsche.
7: “Tanning on Dangerous Beaches” By Dr. Jack A. Apsche.
8: The President’s Legionnaire” by Paul Sinkinson.
9: “Breaking the Silence of the Lambs” by Jack A. Apsche and Jerry L. Jennings.
10: “A Mistress, A Wife” by Arline Miller

Thank you ePrintedBooks perfect collaboration

I hope ePrintedbooks sees we truly appreciate what they did and that they can add another 174 thousand followers to their list as I will be a regular retweeter for them, @collectibulldog is smashing it on all its formats with the exception of Facebook that’s buggy atm and becoming a boring format to use yet we have tonnes of friends there so stay on that format. 
As a website of originality and wanting others to face up to their passions and dreams and run with it not only is this another first for us but thanks to ePrintedBooks just doing what they did without payment Or coercion and that if you stick to your guns then things have a habit of popping up and falling into place. 

Thank you ePrintedBooks


What caught ePrintedBooks eye


Our ebook is now on ePrintedBooks amazing 😉

I do not mind tooting my own horn when it comes to any content regarding Collectibulldogs bulldog memorabilia and the research and knowledge I’ve  accumulated and taught myself this past decade so Our free ebook has been a success with over 750 gone already which gives us hope that one day someone will contact us stating it worked for them.

iIf you like the pieces on the website and it’s urged you to want to try the ebook gives you all my basics the does and do nots in my own experience and how best to utilise contacts, tanasity played a big part in my collecting process and that’s stated in the ebook too, thank you again to ePrintedBooks for the privilege and to our readers. Happy collecting.

I’d read this article if you want to start collecting anyone can do it but with life more expensive now and currency fluctuations it would be wise to read this too as it states plausible reasons for my things maybe more expensive and why if we sold now it would be a great time not that we are of course.

Check out the article that leads to Brighton museum and was good enough to find its way to our MPs office

One more backlink for the ebook publishing company and here’s to hoping we can get ours seen on amazon

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