Collectibulldogs endorsers Magazine relaunch 2018

Magazine relaunch

Check me out I’m on Bullish Magazine with my pet Bulldog and Spanish champion great success on the magazine relaunch Theo 

Hi there avid readers whilst opps I mean I hope your all well and safe (nearly forgot my usual introduction there) as I was about to say Collectibulldogs is doing a one off article for our brand new endorser BULLISH MAGAZINE whom with two others are relaunching with an opportunity for all to start appearing.

Theo at Bullish Magazine also Runs FRENCH BULLDOG MAGAZINE and DOG WINNERS WORLD the relaunch looks to be an overwhelmingly good success and I wanted to tell you about these premium magazines as I have myself appeared in one once.

Magazine relaunch continued

With the three choices you can easily find the right Magazine for your pooch or pooches and contact Theo to see what spaces are left for the relaunch magazines, I’m hoping to give Theo ideas down the line but for now it’s best to just chat relaunch.

Bullish magazine relaunch

Magazine relaunch

Just like the top picture shows anyone can appear in bullish magazine all you need is a pooch

A slick premier magazine with some of thy best bulldogs from around the world but do not let that put you off I approached Theo with the idea of Collectibulldogs being in the magazine which for both was a first and you can add your Bulldog too.
The front cover and back cover would be a higher price but I’m sure inner pages are cheaper and if you do not have the skills to create a page to the look of BULLISH MAGS standard then there’s designers like Radka that work closely with Theo and charge amazing fees for professional work undertaken.

Magazine relaunch it’s going to be the champion

BULLISH MAGAZINE will show you the best of the best each month and this champions do not stay champions forever so I see these magazines as a kind of collectible, whether it be on glossy paper or the online version I’ll guarantee on Theo’s behalf you would not be disappointed.
Collectibulldogs has taken October’s front page just to show if I can place a collectibles bulldog related advert up you can easily put your bulldogs on this magazine and feel proud seeing them after Radka has done what you can see if you hit the links provided, get a taster.

French bulldogs Magazine relaunch

Magazine relaunch

French bulldogs Magazine relaunch

Magazine relaunch

Cute Frenchies in the French bulldogs Magazine relaunch

As with the BULLISH MAGAZINE relaunch FRENCH BULLDOGS MAGAZINE  is also doing the same come the end of September, unlike the Englishbulldog this magazine is just for you folk out there that adore Frenchies, the same goes for the pricing I believe but all payment matters should go through Theo I’m just a shoutout.
French Bulldogs Hit the headlines after Crufts when they were voted the next most popular breed and this 2018 has seen a small surge in these high eared smaller versions of their English counterparts, get your Frenchies in the worlds best premier magazine for your breed you won’t be disappointed.

Dog winners world magazine relaunch

Out of all three of Theo’s ventures this one is where you’ll find all types of breeds and not all champions either, a Magazine where the breeders that show share the magazine with say the labradoodle next door that always gets in your garden winding your own pooch up lol, I’d have a go even if it’s an inner page.
Remember DOG WINNERS WORLD MAGAZINE , BULLISH MAGAZINE and FRENCH BULLDOG MAGAZINE Can be bought by subscription there’s no on the spot here maybe you do not wish to show off your pooch but want a copy, again Theo knows all about the information needed to get your doggy on any of these.

Our Bullish Magazine relaunch date get your bulldog in for the new issue

Magazine relaunch

French bulldog owners if you’ve liked our page come show your beautiful Frenchies with us in the French bulldog magazine

Magazine relaunch

All breeds welcomed just get subscriptions in before relaunch date to see your beautiful dog parading in one the worlds best doggy magazines

Great collectors idea
Magazine relaunch

Old bulldog magazines now part of the Collectibulldogs collection

I was sorting out the pamphlet magazines in Bulldog room earlier when it came to mind, if these old magazines are collectibles then why shouldn’t BULLISH MAGAZINE don’t get me wrong the idea works with all three but YES buy a binder see what my perks are and start collecting the issues.
12 Magazines a year it would 5-10 years to fill a binder up but what a great idea to add this to your collections, you can get to know bulldog world (or the others) see your own advert or business ad and have them to keep, for those thinking this maybe a good idea ask Theo about back issues and if there’s any in paper form.
Bullish for us
As our first endorsed deal BULLISH MAGAZINE will have a widget on our home page this can be pressed to take you to a static page, Theo is building with lee at Digital Wulf to keep readers up to date show promotions and it’s all part of the deal we have to partner up, the best bulldog magazine endorsing a bulldog memorabilia collection it’s genius.
A lot of you will know Theo from Facebook you’ll know he’s a gent and will live up to he’s end of our deal and it will be great to get some of the worlds top eyes in this niche noticing us believe it or not most of our following online has been for wiggles  we hope to change this just like new format change coming soon. Happy collecting folks.
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