Encouraging words from Pro Boxer Endorsement

Encouraging words Pro Boxer Endorsement

Encouraging words Pro Boxer Endorsement ! Thank you eiffion I hope your readers will support me just as much as you do THANK YOU ALL

Hi there readers 👨‍🏫 👩‍🏫 how are you all, our endorsing pro boxer Gary O’Sullivan has been in training now for a few weeks getting ready for his march the 16th bout against the opponent Gray, we’ve asked Gary for a fourth round KO ourselves but you never know, I think it’s a deffo Gary’s got this !


So I digress a bit and Encouraging words from Pro Boxer Endorsement the article is about my chat with Gary after he asked one of he’s lifting spotters to read my article on the feeling of giving up this one so he could catch up with the latest on the website, for me I felt I’ve done this for ten years and felt like it had come to its natural conclusion.

Well that’s not the case and Gary stated that he does not put he’s face on anything he thinks is a failure the idea 💡 is carry on regardless of how many times you feel frustrated or wish to throw in the towel, time is presumably a big factor in a pro boxers career with routine and training so getting a chat with Gary is a bit of a privilege and I listen well.

Its normally unheard of for boxers to be anything but focused and we picked a brilliant endorsement here to get Encouraging words from Pro Boxer Endorsement has really boosted my self worth and reminded me of why I do what I do even if seen as the underdog in situation.

Encouraging words from Pro Boxer Endorsement

Worlds first bulldog memorabilia exhibition




After hearing that you want to drop everything feel let down and fed up listen fella I’ve read a few of your articles since even before being your endorsement and wether or not it is your mental health my friend I’ve always seen you get back up and continue.

Only ever take your family and friends and do not lose sight of your own reality due to stigmas and prejudices you have thicker skin than that as far as I’ve seen, when I’m in the ring eiffion it’s just me and my opponent it’s either him or me and I will always think me this is the mindset you need.

Do not stop eiffion you’ve done so much not only with your venture but all the help I’ve seen you either helping on social media or donating your bulldog memorabilia, your a top fella and those that really follow you will know this, I’d like to see more positivity in your articles from now forth.

Ok I’m back to training ! knowing eiffion he will of added any links needed to find out about my upcoming bout and it would be great to have the Collectibulldogs supporters in my team and my corner you can find me on Facebook twitter and instagram, do a an old pro boxer a favour and show this gent he needs to continue, what he’s doing for bulldogs and mental wellbeing is amazing and he is too

all the best Gary O’Sullivan

Encouraging words from Pro Boxer Endorsement


Thank you eiffion come and see me if you can

WOW ! I wasn’t expecting any such thing I know gary is working hard at the moment so I really appreciate the time taken out of what must be a very busy disciplined schedule to send me the message, it’s not easy living with mental illness and it’s easy to think your a failure when things don’t go right.

Garys words of encouragement have helped I was not going to fully quit regarding the article he read but confusion from my new host and my drained emotional state due to wiggles illness has had me pretty low, there’s been no change to wiggles knuckling but I feel a little more positive now.

I do hope others continue to read each article regardless of content as it’s all a record of Collectibulldogs from the pieces I find and collect to the mental illness side, the side where I’m running what could be a profitable business yet I’m hampered by my own self and basically no business sense.

I do not want Collectibulldogs to become an affiliate review website and I’ve still not had my meeting with Brighton museum on ideas how we take the collection forward from the museums point of view / prospective there’s still a chance we might still get a pop up museum fingers crossed  🤞

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