eBay it was a delight but now not so sure 


You can find bargains on eBay

Hi readers I hope that your all well out there, as we are are rebuilding the website I thought it would be nice to bring you new pieces not seen before so had a look online and one was Ebay ! Now do not get me wrong I’ve been collecting for around a decade and even I know inflation does not rise that high or quick.
The bulk of sales state USA even if they are shipped from China (I bought a bike from USA seller and it took three months to arrive) but that’s not the issue here how can some and I say some as there’s nice sellers on EBay but some surely cannot justify the prices they are asking for.
China was to become the worlds largest super power by 2028 which means money power and money but I’m sure this huge country is investing in raw materials land etc not pieces of memorabilia or random objects, as the husband of a Chinese wife work comes a close second to family and collecting seems to be a western wonder.
However this does not explain the massive jump in prices, when I saw a wooden Netzuki for £49 I almost thought it was a bulk buy but no this little wooden dog has gone up four times in the sellers asking price and this is prevalent and across-the-board, even I am hunting down english contacts I love American bulldog memorabilia especially the club pieces but the shipping company seem to make the most out of most sales.

Must of missed that eBay rule change 

On this site is now implemented an option that is a defeatist idea and not fair to those that legitimately bid with that feeling of both excitement and dread, well imagine the piece of your dreams comes up you start bidding with others to show interest and then WHOOSH sale over “what’s going on here” there’s a new make offer option whilst live bidding is taking
Hey do not get me wrong you can get amazing bargains over in the United States and Europe it’s wether you want the expensive shipping fees and duty once your piece hits customs, with prices they way they are now it’s cheaper to find U.K. pages on eBay whom have contacts wether native or abroad and bring goods into the country.
The sellers attitudes have changed too long gone are days when you can try and make a connection with the Hope a relationship can get discounted pieces in exchange for becoming a buyer, if shipping continues to rise most business will come from China through Ali express and take upto three months to arrive, I also think this is more a modern website that only sells in bulk and us collectors don’t want 100 of anything.
eBay could make a few changes to become good again and taking away the idea you can just sabotage a running bid because you’ve got more money is not good mojo, eBay was about fairness a place for bargains as well as the opulence posted by the bigger auction houses, now I believe you can buy houses on there, or if not I’m sure there will be one day ! At least there won’t be any shipping lol.

eBay ideas 

It does not hurt to contact a seller with high shipping prices many do not know the limit of £34 product limit before us english have to pay the queen the privilege of letting our own property into the country.  If your purchase exceeds this you can explain this to the seller and I’ve experienced differing results from not getting my piece to the seller either dropping the price or finding a cheaper shipping option.
When I was last on a few years ago I remember eBay taking over the shipping on many a sellers page this meant more stringent shipping rules and the seller could pass on the blame making getting a refund much harder if anything went wrong, returns became more expensive too, I’m not sure whom ships these days but WOW nearly 100 dollars for a small ceramic tray it can be disheartening.
In light of this you do have the right to do your research and ask for another courier to be used and as they are independent if your product is a few pence over it’s not bothered with whereas with eBay if your over by a penny your paying 20% on the whole total (we do in the U.K. ), it pays to shop around for shipping.
For all countries with an eBay a great place is to hunt down the best pages you can find on this format but from your own country, try creating a connection see if multiple pieces will get you any discount and remember shipping in ones country within that country is either free of charge or you can you use your own postal service saving so much money and a wait too.


I would not discourage people from eBay it has some great bargains and if your smarter than some sellers when it comes to the pieces they are selling you can find your paying much less than in an auction house, I’ve had to lean myself that now if I want pieces I cannot afford to be so choosy anymore.


Change your keyword setup or add new ones DOG SCULPTURE, UNUSUAL DOG COLLECTIBLES, believe it or not if you type in these keywords you will find pages of different pieces, I recently found some pieces that I blogged about HERE where you can see what’s been bought for Collectibulldogs recently, I did not get any change and got a discount for buying all the pieces from the one buyer, this I should mention helps with shipping too.


Ill be slowing down my own collecting after the summer as I try and put my efforts into pushing us forward but until then eBay Etsy ruby lane they are all great for finding pieces the only problem now is the price, I’ll have to look harder now but that’s half the fun, happy collecting folks !


A link straight to the uk version if your in different countries check it out for bargains

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