Doggy charities open for Christmas gifts 🎁


a Doggy donation sold earlier this year



Hi readers how are you ? Anyone like me all bunged up nursing a tissue, Doggy charities open for Christmas gifts 🎁 came about after I was going past our local dogs trust and saw some really good pieces in the window and thought to remind folks of doggy charity shops whilst out at Christmas this year.


Dog charities are open for business just like any other shop on the high street and we tend to pass them as we buy brand new gifts from the stores situated around them, let me say that these days not everything in a charity shop is second hand and bargains can be found.

Doggy Charities The Dogs Trust

Doggy dogs Trust Shop

Doggy Trust Shop


The Dogs Trust is a charity that looks after strays from puppies to the elderly, there’s all kinds of different breeds and the dogs trust does it’s best to re home dogs hopefully finding them new furever homes, imagine the bill each of these centres have from the vet and operations right down to the kibble the dogs eat.


The dogs trust shops take in donations cash and otherwise it’s also a great time of year to give these shops your old unwanted or not used items these sell just as well as any new products the shop has it just needs you to rethink whilst out and change your shopping habit even if it’s one gift to someone.

Doggy charities RSPCA


The royal society for the prevention of cruelty to animals is the organisation of the U.K. animal back bone and under royal warrant too, this fantastic organisation deals with all animals and their owners, regulation of farmers, catching strays, helping the public.


The RSPCA does its best to stop cruelty to animals it has court powers and educates too about animal welfare, so next time your on your local London road or high street why not think of what they do pop in and see what they have for sale, pssst I know their Christmas cards are popular.



I have a connection with our local RSPCA boarding house / Kennels near a village called patcham and my job was to walk each dog up the length of a cricket pitch and back whilst picking up the Do Do, that was in my youth but when I get transport safe enough to reach the place I would like to do it again as it was brilliant  exercise and I love being around dogs too.

Doggy charities PDSA


In England we are very very lucky to have a veterinarian organisation the idea is aimed at those with low to no income to get real  veterinarian advice treatment and even operations are performed yet the PDSA or People’s  dispensary for sick animals as it’s properly known works solely on the donations left by people in wills and the donations owners give when they take their poorly pet.


The PDSA Does it’s best with what it has and when times get tight new restrictions are put on pet owners and what kind of pets can be registered with them, they do frown upon breeds with inherent problems as operating is costly so are life long medications.



Just like the other two organisations the PDSA has shops on the high street or donations can be sent by contacting them online, at the vets they will except pet foods blankets leads anything that will aid them at the centres, the shop on the other hand has many animal themed pieces and remember now charity shops have PAT testing you can now even buy electronic goods.


A dog is for life not just for Christmas and that applies to all poochs am I correct ? It cannot be just about our love for our pooches safe and warm at home with us, but there’s still thousands upon thousands of dogs in centres around the UK and while staff work to re home them these dogs still need the assentails.



My wife sometimes does a few voluntarily hours for a friend so I’m donating all year round I just do not know it till one day I’ll be looking for something only to be told it was taken to the doggy charity shop lol, these shops are not about making profit or keeping share holders happy just the common goal of all wanting what’s best for all our animals and wildlife so please give and support this 2018 thank you.


DISCLAIMER ! To keep out of trouble even though it’s doing good deeds I have to disclose that This article was written independently of the organisations mentioned Collectibulldogs wrote this solely to remind Christmas shoppers that doggy charity shops are open for business just like other shops the content was written by Collectibulldogs and also published at non of the fore mentioned had any knowledge of this article thank you.


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