The different types of dog food available in the market 

Dog food different types a guest post article

Dog food different types a guest post article what dog food do you use

There’s ample difference between dog and human food! Dog food isn’t available in several flavors, sizes, shapes, and colors like human food. But still, there are a few types to select from. And irrespective of the kind that you choose, it is essential to cater to your dog’s nutritional requirement.

The different types of dog chow to choose from are:

1. Canned dog chow 

Some dogs love canned or wet food! Usually, this food type lasts longer and can be found easily in any supermarket. At times, it can be slightly costly. For the dog owners, it’s a valuable investment, but you need to choose the correct brand,


keeping in mind the protein value of the food content. Usually, the protein that is not digestible passes through the dog’s digestive system without getting transformed into absorbable nutrients. It is useless for the dog.

The majority of canned food comprises of 75% water, and that reduces the nutrient content. So, if you are purchasing canned dog food, make sure the label reads, 100% nutritionally complete.

2. The dry dog chow 

Dry dog food is the best option for commercial dog food! And that’s the reason most dog owner’s opt-in for it. The meal lasts long, and you need not put it in the refrigerator. Dry dog food will also keep your pet’s teeth healthy.

The crunchy dry foods that get chewed by your dog helps to minimize the tartar growth in the mouth and teeth. And when you are choosing a dry food, make sure to select the ingredients correctly.
It’s a smart call to select a brand that manufactures wholesome food. To know more about this, you can check dog lovers list of puppy foods on any server  

3. The home-cooked dog chow 

A few dog lovers will want to exercise complete control on the dog’s diet list! The home-cooked diet enables the owner to be sure of all the ingredients that go into the dog food content. They can understand if the food carries nutritional value or not.


But sometimes, homecooked food option isn’t a viable option since its time consuming and people have to attend to other errands as well. But if you want to stick to the home-cooked food, make sure you are aware of dog food and nutrition so that you add only the vital nutrients.

4. The semi-moist dog chow 

The commercial dog foods
get shaped similar to burgers and pork chops. And it is popularly called the semi-moist dog food. The nutrition content is the lowest here and comprises of artificial colors and flavors as well. You can use this for an occasional treat instead of daily nutrition.

5. Raw dog chow 

The raw dog food diet contains meat and some bones. The bones provide a natural source of calcium and phosphorus. It works in favor of several dogs since their stomach acids and intestinal tracts are strong. It is perfect for consuming raw food.

HOMEMADE DOG FOOD | healthy dog food recipe

The above-mentioned dog food types are the options that you can choose from! Dry food is the most acceptable and widely used choice for dog owners. However, it is always best to speak to your veterinarian before you make the final choice. That way, you can give your dog what it needs.

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