Of course, this article is for those who do not like it when the dog is begging for food.

There are such owners who are quite satisfied with these endless drooling and heavy sighs, coming from under the table. Alternatively, the sad-pleading look of an “eternally hungry” pet. Some people are touched. Others do not particularly bother, as they just do not pay attention. However, sooner or later there will be a situation that will make you feel uncomfortable for the behavior of the pet.

If the dog starts begging, it is forever. You can not explain to a dog that has got used to begging food, that on a train it is forbidden. And now imagine the situation: the long road, the stuffy compartment, you and three more fellow travellers. How touched will others be with the same asking eye? And drooling, which will flow, as soon as fellow travellers sit down for a meal. To whom does this seem nice? To no one. However, you can not change the behaviour of the dog in an instant. Its habits are steady, and it does not know why the piercingly pleading look does not work. It can add bark. Yes, some dogs are begging not silently, but take an active position. At least this behaviour is annoying. You can not plug it. To give a piece of food is to become a slave to this shrill creature. If a dog of a large breed is begging, then fear will be added to the feeling of irritation. Particularly irritated and disliked is the begging of the dog in the performance of representatives of “slobbery” breeds.

Why does the dog beg for food?

The dog begs, because it was accustomed to this. It gets everything it wants. This habit is the result of the mistaken behaviour of the owner. Only the owner is to blame for the dog begging. The dog strictly follows the rules of behaviour, which it was interpreted from childhood. If it eats only from the bowl, then it does not know that there can be something delicious on the table. The dog, as is known, has its own place for eating, and it must satisfy the need for food only there.

Feeding the dog should not be frequent, it does not need snacks between meals. For an adult dog is quite enough to eat twice a day, and some manage one fat meal per day. So learn – the dog begs not from a feeling of hunger, not from malnutrition. It’s just a bad habit, which was formed as the result of bad upbringing.
The dog begs, because it knows your weakness. It is confident of victory.

What if the dog begs?

It is much easier to impose rules of good behaviour from puppyhood. Yes, it is. However, how exactly can this be done, what exactly needs to be done to prevent the dog from begging? I suggest the following recommendations:

  • do not show weakness – never, under any circumstances do not give the dog pieces of food from the table
  • do not allow the dog to pick up the pieces that accidentally fell off the table during dinner or cooking from the floor
  • do not make an exception during walks or picnics
  • strongly stop attempts to solicit something by barking or “hungry eyes”
  • in any case, do not allow people to give the dog food from the table
  • teach the dog to eat in a strictly designated place

In fact, it is enough to strictly observe only the first recommendation. If you never give the dog food from the table, then it does not occur to it to bark or otherwise affect you, in order to get a treat. Some believe that if the dog begs for food during a walk, then this is permissible. However, do not forget that dogs do not have a differentiated approach. If something is allowed, then it is allowed everywhere.

The hardest part is to fight people. Especially the relatives who do not see anything wrong with giving the dog a piece of cheese, just “once.” The dog begs where it is treated.
After a while, the dog may start to drag the pieces of food from the table. After all, the table is not a taboo place for it, with it. Almost every owner encounters this problem. What should be done?
Here is a very useful method: take a slice of meat, cheese or sausage and put it on the very edge of the table. The piece must hang slightly so that it is convenient for the dog to grasp it. Further, put a high construction of kitchen utensils, cans and packages on top of the tidbit. There will be a kind of a tower.

Then hold on and wait for the pet to find a piece of food on the table, and, of course, pull it. The construction will collapse and will scare it. Communication may not form immediately. However, time after time the dog-beggar will learn: “I pull the food from the table – it hurts.” In addition, the beggar dog often pulls the pieces secretly when no one is around. You do not even come close to the table. The simple scheme will bring the mystery of petty theft to nothing.

Spend a few days fixing the result, and I guarantee – from now on, your dog will not take food from the table. This method will literally repel the hunt for theft.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is a representative of professional writers. She is a very talented woman with a perfect sense of humour.
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