Cute teddies in Windows

Cute teddies

Cute teddies in Windows check the hashtags

Hi readers I hope your all as safe and well as possible and looking out for each other ! Get those cute teddies out for Covid 19 is actually an initiative and hashtag that’s now trending.

Across the globe people are coming up with ideas to both help themselves and others around them, knowing we are allowed out for one brief certain exercising moment per day many are choosing to take their children on brief walks.

A clever person young or not so had noticed the rise in people taking children for a walk and decided to make the trip a little less boring and the #TeddyBearHunt has begun but needs solid group effort.

The children and their parents cannot stop so these displays do not need to be elaborate or like a house at Halloween there just needs to be teddies or toys (try for recognisable ) this helps the younger ones playing.


Cute teddies let the teddy bear hunt commence

Teddies in the window

Cute teddies in the window

It’s a real shame that something like a pandemic has to happen for us to look at our life’s and how we impact each other on a daily basis and with or without teddies this Covid 19 proves capitalism doesn’t work especially if the virus can bring down a world economy

I’m not here to chat political views though I’m here to raise the profile of this worthwhile cause that everyone can get into, maybe your youngsters want to take part and show off their fav teddies or toys


The idea at the moment is a teddy bear hunt I’m guessing the kids are just counting how many house windows adorn teddies or count them one by one.


Having a memory here and there for the adults is just as helpful as distracting the children, a mild to moderate feeling of depression is going to hit the nation after the lockdown so any good memories of flashbacks in the past you can give someone else the better they may feel that day

You can access this new trend on most formats Twitter is usually the biggest for hashtags and trending but if you search TEDDYBEARHUNT you’ll see all the others that have seen the trend and that are taking part too.

Bulldog teddies of course !


plz Help let’s not turn our backs

Here’s me putting bulldog teddies of course like it’s a given but to be honest unless I raid my new barns teddy stash I literally have just bulldog teddies and or toys I can display to the public with.


Being a father to both a new born and an 18 year old I can say that noddy and the Boo Baas may not be something youngsters recall but if your children are willing to hang their pepper pigs or the lads could show their Lego makes (god I’m so old ) this would make a great deal of other children and their parents happy.


There are so many fluffy bulldog teddy bear pieces in amongst the collectibles we should be able to rotate the cute little critters we have modern vintage and even stieff bears here so any mums or dads with an antiques eye might notice one or two.


Which ever you choose your helping that’s the main point your not sitting there just wishing you could help and with the help of the kids you can use this time to maybe bond more teach indirectly and those with no littlens may have an old teddy or toy if not why not grab one they say keep businesses going and I’m sure supermarkets sell teddies.

What else could someone do !

The best way to find out how else you can help is to follow the hashtags revolving around the word COBIT 19 ends cope with 19 support quotes with this you will come across many pages with either information on the virus or ways you can help.


Most of them are donating this could be money time food even a chat on the telephone and if someone looked out the window one day and thought to cheer up life’s you can too and feel that sense of community that some countries haven’t felt in decades.


Do you live near a hospital maybe start lobbying your local council officials and see what can be done in your area for frontline staff this could be parking fine is cancelled or even starting up an initiative so the nurses can use your drive to park their car so that they don’t have to pay silly amounts to leave their car where they work each day.

A box of chocolates can say more than just doing nothing someone that’s just done a shift may only get time to suck on one sweet for energy before being asked to start again and risk life and limp doing another 12 hours. Or if you know any front line workers maybe give them a ring reassure them that they are heroes not just in their own country but on a global scale.

Here’s a cute one on Pinterest folks I think it maybe a French bulldog  

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