Creativity let’s chill to YouTube inspiration


Creativity let YouTube inspire you to create a bulldog world during the lockdown


Hi readers, how are you going during the lockdown ? I had just finished my last article whilst eating my dinner when a wave of creativity came to mind “I can’t draw a bulldog”never been able too  so let’s see if we cannot find anything creative on YouTube we can replicate.

this isn’t copyright related and you tubers like their channels being shared especially if the clip is liked to the point the viewer wishes to comment subscribe and stay as a YouTube channels own follower getting notifications when they submit a clip.


we are trawling through them past and present to find creative things that can be done that involves creativity but also bulldogs hopefully there’s an easy YouTube clip to draw a bulldog and have a go myself it it went right it could open new avenues especially illustrating my own articles.


This first one is about two years old so I’m not sure if their ebook is still available but this clip does what I’m looking for and that’s how to draw a bulldog, I also found a puppy version so thank you to those named on the clips interface your videos could be doing folks a great service

How To Draw A Bulldog - Plus New Ebook!

Creativity YouTube and Bulldogs


Creativity learn how to draw your own bulldog or other breed

The next thing to find to stay creative has to be hobby craft ! As someone that dabbles every now and again there’s nothing wrong in up cycling or learning a new skillset ! Now I’m not saying take up knitting or anything like that but if like me you could get to draw a dog just think how many applications you could apply your skill too.


Bulldogs are and never have been the simplistic of creatures to recreate “just ask any glass blower “ Yet when I was at Brighton museums art group I was enjoying getting the shape right with clay ! I would always over do it due to the OCD but does prove you can have fun and make your own to keep or sell.


inspiration from others can also bring around brand-new ideas that you never thought that you had yourself this pushes your creativity even higher, finding things to do is always better than just doing nothing but sometimes our minds need to search out the special ventures large or small.


whether your idea be large or small usually when you type in your requirements to YouTube mini videos / clips can be associated with what you’re looking for and this is fantastic as it means you don’t have to trawl Google

Papercraft Live 2018 | Hobbycraft
Crochet Amigurumi Bulldog Part 1 of 3 DIY tutorial


Crochet Amigurumi Bulldog Part 2 of 3 DIY tutorial


Crochet Amigurumi Bulldog Part 3 of 3 DIY Tutorial


Easy Pug Corner Bookmark Bulldog, Box, Pug Bookmark DIYs
How to make ..." Bulldog "


Is reading classed as creativity

Another pastime many enjoy are books ! Wether it’s digital on such devices as a kindle or the old fashioned way of buying / borrowing a book finding a quiet space and having a good read, this becomes ten times better when your reading to your bulldog loving children.


As a collector I know that there is thousands of bulldog books, magazines, online magazines, antique and modern Autobiographical writings, unless your in the know you’ll not know what books may interest you and which ones you’d avoid.


Health and show Breeding are big among the people of the bulldog world the collectibulldogs collection can attest to this, there’s been many a fancier that’s put pen to paper and created their own books on their skillset within the world of bulldog breeding.


But hey it’s not all work work work ! As you know Bulldogs are great in advertising and seem to make characters in films and books so there’s a few bulldog themed books especially for younger ones out there, by typing keywords into popular auction sites and said books or comic types will show up if available.

Day In The Life: My English Bulldogs!
Must have Orchid Books/ My Orchid book review co-hosted with MR Humphery The English Bulldog


To be honest we found it hard to find any written content currently advertised on YouTube so found the above instead yet I can assure you that bulldog memorabilia in the form of hard backs and paper backs aren’t just out there the originals fetch quite high prices.


If I may TOP DOG!!! Norman Davis was an intriguing read all about the life of Mr Norman Davis a lifelong bulldog breeder shower and not just a crufts judge but he’s judged the world dog fair twice, collectibulldogs got a signed copy awhile back and the read was amazing from beginning to end Mr Davis has certainly lived a WOW kind of life.

Creativity moving on a bit !

The idea that only certain things can be done regarding passing the time and making sure your bulldog theme stays true! These days there are materials that can help even the most novice of artists get a piece of clay looking like a bulldog it just depends on practice.


imagine watching a video of a bulldog Statuette being made then you have a go yourself and you surprise yourself, not only has a few hours passed but also in front of you would be your creation that if following the instructions was right should give self affirmation.


There are clips on YouTube made by amateur artists as well as their expert peers but all the videos are there to teach and who would of known some being dug up after four years of posting so the clip owners should be happy with the new life being invigorated as these videos are used again but to help people during the pandemic to relieve boredom.


With different kinds of clay now for the hobby world you do not need the conventional “get your hands mucky kind of clay” the new types do not need a kiln either are more child friendly and can be baked in the oven to set, some use this to create bulldogs and other creatures to sell

BULL DOG - Polymer Clay Tutorial
How to sculpt an English Bulldog in clay | Artist Sondra Alexander
Miniature Bulldog- Polymer Clay Tutorial/ DIY

Cooking with bulldog ideas in mind 💡


This one just came to me, something else you can do alone (as a surprise ) with your children and or practice for any upcoming events! Now as an ex chef (just commi) I can only wish that my skills reached those of some of the cake artists out there.


A store in Brighton used their creativity to come up with a range of dogs made of pure chocolate and solid all the way through! We of course got one that was in 2016 and still it sits on the shelf year after year, the colours disfigured a little but the heaviest of chocolates I’ve ever picked up.


Please remember to supervise whilst cooking with youngsters one of the biggest hospital risks at the moment is DIY cooking and gardening accidents we are not mothering we just wish to keep all safe whist we dig out these ideas for you to do if bored and want a bulldog challenge


So from cupcakes with spike the bulldog on to a 2 foot sponge bulldog cake covered in chocolate and other toppings the skies the limit, and the best part (no not the hundreds of Instagram likes) those are nice but you get to eat your creation after it’s like two treats, a distraction technique and something yummy after.

How to Make a 3D Bulldog Cake - Laura Loukaides
How to Make Adorable Bulldog Pupcakes | MyRecipes
Woof! How to Make Adorable Dog Cupcakes | Food Network

3D printing advanced creativity


Although I’ve put advanced there are a couple of 3D printers that are so user friendly they connect using your phone or gadget making not only 3D printing easier but you have the option to use free software that does all the advanced features like slicing and transferring to the printer.


Im sure most around the world have now seen a 3D printer the news is showing homes and businesses doing their bit to create face masks and other medical apparatus to help with the COVID-19 pandemic and WELL DONE THEM it’s great that 3D printing is being utilised and will ease those moan that it’s not a good idea.


The idea behind this venture is you choose the file you want you tell the printer what to do and as long as it’s feed with the right filament all you have to do is wait, there is something very mesmerising about watching these machines at work I’ve often gone to get a tea and just stared at the print for what seems like hours it’s pretty clever 3D Bulldogs And how we make them shows you how they are made here

3d printer HE3D EI3 printing video bulldog

Creativity let others help bring out the YOU !

No one knows their true capabilities until they try I believe that’s very true as I’m living proof and instead of that horrible of words procrastination Push yourself to learn or do something new, this is a bulldog website hence the bulldog clips from YouTube but your imagination is yours just get it a little inspired that’s all.


For those that like a good read I’m going to end this article by leaving what I believe are other interesting articles from our own archives, these could go back a few years but if others are to truly understand the collection it’s size why it’s here and other questions then I somehow need folk to jump back


we have the opportunity to bring the video to you otherwise we would share each link and if you press on each video you can actually reach the videos creator to either say thanks or ask a question regarding their work or clip.


collectibulldogs would like to thank Youtube for letting us share this information in the hope it helps in this crisis as a tiny relief in a world where lockdown is mandatory and folks from all walks of life are starting to get cabin fever and we hope some of the choices brings out your creativity


If you wish to visit us then collectibulldogs does have its own YouTube channel yet we wanted to showcase the artistic clips that can help you To be distracted for more than 20 minutes and I think the videos that we have chosen are great for all ages and for all the skill sets.



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