Create your own Bulldog Christmas

Create your own Bulldog Christmas

Create your own Bulldog Christmas With collectibulldogs Christmas decorations


Hi again readers ! As per usual I hope all are well and safe out there, Create your own Bulldog Christmas came to me when I started thinking of the Danbury mint messages I’ll soon be getting as collectors gear up for the festive season.

The only issue with Danbury mint and other festive pieces they are in demand and supply is out there but the prices are out of the reach of a lot of people wether collectors or not ! So we thought at collectibulldogs why don’t we help the cash strapped or those that don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for a once a year piece so vintage now proper maintenance and looking after keeps them going.

Create your own Bulldog Christmas

Create your own Bulldog Christmas Finding new colours all the time


Ok our pieces will not have electric leds nor trains running round Christmas trees but with our designer and option of printers we can create bulldog themed Christmas decorations that are a few dollars or pounds not the hundreds commanded for the commercial pieces.


We have started test prints and there are some ready to go out but we’d prefer to make our baubles very bulldog and in sets of four or six, these can dangle from the branches of your Christmas tree and you can enjoy the fact you know your baubles each year now can be BULLDOGMANIA.

Create your own Bulldog Christmas

Create your own Bulldog Christmas

Tree decorations OR Christmas present bow alternative

Lying bulldogs are just the start of poses There’s also different sizes and we at collectibulldogs are thinking these could be placed in your tree (why buy Danbury mint when you can recreate it full size ) the different colours will help to show these cute designs adorning up the tree.


The smaller versions can be used instead of bows imagine taking round your gifts and instead of the cheap throwaway bow there’s a little bulldog with Christmas ribbon as it’s collar and gift tag taped underneath, you know 99% of people would keep the new improved bow just because they look to good to throw away.

Create your own Bulldog Christmas

So far the bauble seen is the only one of its kind to date adorned with bulldog heads and snowflakes


Expansion is the idea and hopefully if this Is successful we will be doing seasonal designs custom designs and I will demonstrate what my friend can do with a picture or photo and using a certain PLA the print finish has dramatic and emotional overtones and looks magic with a backlight.


So Far there’s a mixture here it’s all Bulldog but lots of different types and for now we are going to concentrate on getting out and showing a Christmas collection that even if you are unable to get before this December you can arrange with us in the new year to preview what’s been tested and approved.

Stop gap to great idea !

Create your own Bulldog Christmas

All original content goes through a test print first

Starting out with the Sculpto printer it was not long before we realised they are a rip off company they use a nozzle twice the size of the universal .2mm so your Using twice as much material and at £15 £32 per roll it’s expensive, as we learned more we turned to other printers.


The Idea was to create toys for our baby and do our own bulldog 3D giveaway yet a passion has been created for this modern technology and now we seek out better printers and more desirable materials and prints we’ve even started other creations.

Create your own Bulldog Christmas

If we plan on expanding a bit HERES just one idea


With a passion for pots vases anything that holds a beautiful shape we’ve started created some vases to see if they are popular and with over twenty designs and sizes to choose from we think these are a great bridge gap between bulldog print outs and other creations.


Sorry we did not have this idea earlier “YOU BET” we wished we had but as our last article shows 2019 has been a tough year but with a website being made and the world’s largest English bulldog memorabilia collection packed away We have time to try and get this started.

Great Expectations

Create your own Bulldog Christmas

Looks great right ?

The pieces your looking at are looking fabulous due to the colour and flash ! There’s actually a bit of work that goes into making sure the finished piece or pieces are worthy of giving away or selling, firstly a test print has to prove the design is right and been sliced properly


The Bottom of any 3D piece has to be watched to make sure A it sticks B it doesn’t warp C no bits are poking up to be caught by nozzle !, then there’s the supports the printer creates these to then have a bed to work on further up the build  bulldogs need this for the tummy to reach the legs, this can come off leaving it as a DIY project or it’s a mis print.

Create your own Bulldog Christmas

As you can see a close up shows some rough edges !

Once the printer has finished the support needs taking away and the piece smoothed with a very fine grain sand paper this takes out any lines visible but also makes the object safe to handle, you do not need me to tell you a few mms of hardened PLA up inside your finger nail REALLY SMARTS so we understand the importance of safety.


Although if your feeling the pieces need your personal touch they can be sent out as made this makes for easier modifications like painting glittering glueing all those words associated with hobby crafting, we would strongly suggest being extra careful if you choose this way we just want happy festive faces not complaints of Christmas woes due to our designs


Are we making a profit from you

Create your own Bulldog Christmas


After almost four or five years online we’ve only ever asked for your support and that’s how it will continue we can create beautiful objects that look like a million bucks but we know firstly we are not profit driven and the idea is to save people money not create more.


collectibulldogs would be honoured to bring seasonal designs and you just pay for the PLA used the time and postage and when I say a roll of normal cheap filament can be ten to fifteen pounds you’ll see why we can do this so cheaply yet the objects look like good quality pieces considering the material

Create your own Bulldog Christmas

Enjoying 3D printing until we’ve moved home


A designers time is worth a little more so any objects that are custom made in tinkercad or other creations will have a little surcharge not because we want to make money but custom pieces would be made by a friend whom gives up free time so it would be nice to say thank you every now and again with filament plus he needs this material to get other designs done.

working it out Danbury mint can be upto 1200 dollars and that’s for the bulldog tree or Christmas decoration combo that’s if you save 100 dollars per month ! With our creations you could have a bulldog Christmas with bulldogs on your tree on your presents even on your wall and for what less than 50 dollars with postage  that leaves you 1150 dollars to spend on other things pay a bill or just save.

It goes both ways bulldog Christmas

If you were to check link to last article I have apologised for the delay in the new website relaunch my designer is three months late and when personal circumstances are being used then it’s unfair to push yet three months was a long time so we got onto the case and now we should have our complete draft by the 17th November


The reason I bring this up is collectibulldogs at present is a cut up website, two Different hosts playing around destroyed its layout making it to complicated for viewers to navigate so now I’m hoping that the new website will make you proud to share out just like we want to share our our creations with giveaways and completely cheap alternatives

❤️ 3D printing here’s 16 mins of your life you won’t get back but it’s mesmerising

Home page is about 70% complete and then it’s a case of adding our new pages to this switching over and pressing GO LIVE ! But this time you will be using a website that’s easy to get about and the only thing staying is the irreplaceable original bulldog memorabilia and antiques articles I wouldn’t want to write over 350 blogs again lol.

social sharing, letting us use your SM website slot, hashtags and original posts, backlinks these are all we are asking for in return for this venture yes we want your special occasions to be as Bulldog as possible yet we are a small niche website that needs lots of support by those with compassion and interest in keeping bulldogs online with us.

Pros n cons (Bulldog Christmas)

Create your own Bulldog Christmas

Giveaways and baby toys at bulldog Christmas time

We do not actually see any Cons here unless postage for a few dollars 💵 is one but the pros totally outweigh that, speaking of weight that’s an advantage these pieces weigh next to nothing, with a corn starch byProduct  molecule base PLA is 100% totally biodegradable (unless modified ) and 100% totally recyclable.

It doesn’t stop there either unlike shop bought cheap hollow pieces ours have an infill from 10 to 20% making the piece stronger than your shop bought baubles made for this throw away society, the designs are unique refreshing and not in stores so your getting limited editions that are bound to change and get better as we become more established in the knowledge of 3D printing.


AND if you really really want Danbury mint you can start with us have a bulldog Christmas and save for your special Christmas decoration it’s win win, PLEASE NOTE WE CAN FIND OR CREATE FOR DIFFERENT BREEDS OR OTHER ANIMALS just show interest contact us and away we go Ok 👍


The last thing I’ll mention is once shops run out of stock that’s it and if you break anything it’s not the kind of object that you take back, “do you still have that certain piece on file”? I’ve broken a piece ! Why yes we do what colour would you like THATS THE GREAT THING ABOUT 3D PRINTING it’s that easy and just like a conveyer belt we can churn out pieces when needed.

Great idea but your an antique website?

Create your own Bulldog Christmas

We will always put antique collecting first bulldog Christmas 

For anyone thinking this your correct ! WE WONT COPY ANTIQUES that’s a given and will remain a bulldog collection from yesterday but with actual museums using 3D it’s nice to be able to emulate this ourselves, others may want a 3D bulldog skull (actual print on thingyverse) or a recreation of a foot for example but that’s not our ethos as we are antique based.

Yes of course some pieces will look like antique bulldog pieces from the collection ie the boxing bulldog but we are only ever gong to draw inspiration from what’s here and use imagination to recreate and bring you modern versions.

Collecting and articles relating to collections will resume with the new website there’s no point at the moment as the views do not justify the time writing but when the new sites here we suspect many will stay longer and find it easier if so a more enjoyable experience.


Leaving you to make up your own minds of course you can go bulldog shopping if ven suggest antique shops flea markets for those vintage Christmas decorations or you could show some ❤️ and have us send you out what we’ve made or what’s to come

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