Cranks saved Christmas 2018 

Cranks saved Christmas 2018

Cranks saved Christmas 2018

Hi readers and Ian when he reads this I hope your all safe and well, this story started with me wanting to explore my local area get to places, events, car boot sales etc so I bought a bike from what I now think is a very dodgy online website.

Gearbest U.K. were having a sale on E bikes and at my time of life this assisted appliance would help get me out keep me fit but not have me push so hard my poor heart cannot take it the bike is a mountain bike style E bike and a bargain at first.

Cranks saved Christmas 2018 for real 

The bike arrived as it would in a large box and I was coaxed into signing for the bike at the bottom door 🚪 instead of my own door meaning they would of had to carry it up and as it’s UPS it should of been to my front door (I felt like a crank for going down after buzzing) 

after getting the parcel unwrapped I proceeded to put the bike together until I realised the factory had welded the handle bar holder on wrong, the front forks and I mean both were bent, there were scratches to the paintwork and red paint on the stand, my frustration turned to joy and then quickly turned to YEP this is just my luck.

Gearbest getting cranky  

Cranks saved Christmas 2018

The welded part gearbest blamed UPS for lol


Heres the funny part to me anyways, as you know most sellers blame the shipper If the parcel is somehow damaged and that’s what gearbest done to UPS but how can UPS be responsible for a wrongly welded bike even if they played any part in its damaged condition upon delivery. 


We’ve asked for a maximum that PayPal can refund we got what was essentially a second hand bike that I had to get fixed why should I pay the full amount and get shoddy goods that’s not fair, and when the refund does come through I can get better forks and my bike serviced to make sure it’s safe to use daily. 


Why is cranks on Collectibulldogs 


Firstly it’s christmas so why not, no the actual reason behind the bike is advertising I chose white especially and once the stickers are off and it’s had a new spray of paint I then I’ll use my bike to advertise, at the moment it says SAMEBIKE so any upgrade is sure to be better and stand out too. 


Thinking I wouldn’t get this problem sorted till the new year was just as frustrating as the waiting for the parcel and the contents upon arrival, I did look online for bike repairs that come to your home but the call out fee was enough to go to say Halfords and buy one and then it hit me CRANKS I’ve walked past this little building for years now. 

Cranking it up a gear 

Cranks saved Christmas 2018

Cranks saved Christmas 2018 from this dangerous front fork damage

So Cranks is a community based organisation in Brighton you can see more if you use the link and such a small organisation would love your views, this place takes on bike enthusiasts as a volunteers and joe public can go in on the days they are open and get your bike fixed it’s very cheap but there’s an educational catch ! 


YEP you cannot get something for nothing at CRANKS but you do get to fix the issue on your bike with their guidence, I loved the workshop and automatically thought about changing my mental health recovery day from art to fixing up bikes, when I was there a couple of people came in one fixed he’s puncture and the other person just started working on their project. 

Cranks showed kindness 

I’m guessing you cannot just turn up at Cranks and get your bike fixed even I thought if I were to go I’d have to fix the damage that GEARBEST and UPS left me but after reading my email Ian one of the owners or owner ? Said to bring in the bike and he would see what he could do, I took my bike up on a Saturday thinking I’d be a few hours getting greasy and grubby. 


This was not the case And why I say cranks saved Christmas 2018, the bike was put up on a stand and after some tugs and a red face we realised the piece we needed off just wasn’t coming so it was then cut off (yes it voided warranty after that but was the only way to get the fork off and measure it for the replacement. 

Cranks Continued 


About half an hour later my bike looked like an actual bike yes the front fork will need replacing but after paying a nice donation to Ian and thanking him kindly I got on my bike and peddled !!! For the first time since I was 20 years old, I was so happy I totally forgot the electric part and peddled it back home, it’s now in my hallway in half as it folds up (another reason why we picked it. 



I do not normally do articles on non related subjects but cranks deserve the accolade they did save my Christmas they saved me money I do not have at the moment and best of all Ian even checked out our website, I will pop back to the shop to see if I can be of use and they may even be able to teach me how to re brand my bikes design (you never know) 


Thank you to all at the cranks bike community workshop you were not only kind enough to look at my bike you lapsed your own rules a little and fixed my bike in front of me the most I had to do was pass a mallet, I hope you had a great Christmas and here’s to 2019, you can always call on Collectibulldogs for a favour owed, THANK YOU CRANKS 


wiggles has a poorly paw YET AGAIN

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