1 year old!

1 year old!

One whole year!

Hi to all the collectibulldogs readers, I hope your all good and safe out there where ever you may be.

It’s the gospel truth that the website has made its first year online and a cause for some celebration and affirmation.

When starting the website I didn’t think I had it in me to keep it going I even paid for the lowest package thinking it would be a flop but slowly and surely collectibulldogs is starting to get a name for it’s self and this can be seen in the increase of different formats being used to connect to the website.

Now let’s hope with the new website, new pieces and more online experience I can hopefully see the same number of viewers this time next year I know the idea is to increase but I think it takes time to get established.

Speaking of numbers viewers etc. if you’re one of the folks that has googled the website’s name or associated keywords to find the website then thank you as this helps the site to be recognised more by Google and influence trackers.

Visitor Stats for one year

Visitor Stats for one year

My story

Once upon a time oh around 38 years ago a baby boy was born into a very dysfunctional family, where he had to grow up with 14 brothers and sisters and all this were siblings to two nasty parents.

This boy grew up in misery not just in his home but outside in the wider community too.

Coming from a such a poor family he was bullied, tortured basically, he became a punch bag for one and all.

When this boy reached the age of teen-hood he had made up his mind that he would not survive in this environment so made the decision to leave everything behind and he went and put himself in the care of the state.

After spending a few years with a foster family whom taught him how to cope in the outside world the young boy started to grow up into a respectful young man whom ended up achieving the goal of getting his first place and a good job that paid well life was good and possibilities endless.

Becoming an adult and meeting his wife things couldn’t be much better he was in love and content, the first of his achievements soon came after in the form of his baby daughter.

Becoming a dad was amazing the best feeling he had ever felt and the chance to find unconditional love for the very first time.

A couple of years later tragedy fell upon this fella a home invasion and robbery had occurred in his premises (the occasion is to graphic to write) which inevitably caused post traumatic stress disorder and also bought back the mental health issues he had managed to avoid for so many years previous, this was the beginning of the end in this gents mind and spent years trying to recover with the help and support you can get these days for mental health.

When this gent was at his lowest, he had just lost he’s beloved boxer dog he was told that any possibility of a paid role in life now, wasn’t to be and this filled his head full of worry, not for himself but for the family he had made and he’s daughters future.

Lady Luck, fate or something higher had seen all this from afar and sent him a lifeline in the guise of a beautiful English bulldog called Scruffy Louise and in his mind till this day he thinks Scruffy was the best bulldog there ever was.

Being a stay at home dad this gent had a very close friendship with this bulldog and loved her with all his heart.

The idea to start the collection was formed in his mind due to having that wonderful bulldog Scruffy Louise, he didn’t have a clue what he was doing at the time but he made up his mind to start a collection and stick with it.

The first few years I’m sure he would laugh at now he bought anything bulldog without knowing any knowledge and it wasn’t until one day, when looking at a back stamp he realised this was his calling and he needed to get his behind in gear start saving, start researching, and convince his wife that what he’s doing will end up paying off.

A wise man once told this gent “everyone lands on their own feet in their own time and not all conform to the psychology of social protocols” this meant not everybody finds what they love, and love what they do at a specific time in life and everybody’s different, there’s definitely some of that in my situation and I didn’t find my feet till a few years ago.

So here we are 38 yrs down the line and from that little scared boy growing up around pain abuse and constant violence there now stands one proud gentleman for whom has strived to give upon to others selflessness and to build a legacy for his own family’s future.

This gent is now the proud cunuit of a world class collection, a one of a kind website (to date hoping others will follow he’s example) and has gained the trust and respect from people all over the world.

The gent in this story is obviously me a snippet into my life and how I grew up but I wanted to be a bit open and frank about my life because I so want others to know that I know others have been through the same maybe even worse but there is hope, find something you love and stick to it don’t give in or up even when it feels like you want to and I promise you will find some peace and happiness in your life it just might take a bit longer than others like me.

What life's all about

What life’s all about

Poem on promoting

If it’s true and I have one fantastic collection
​Why is it I’m constantly faced with rejection
Networking my hardest to try and make a connection
I mean is it just me or the field of my selection

I’m working to the bone promoting the site
But it’s starting to feel like a one sided fight
What can I do to make the things alright
Wishing for ideas both clever and bright

Did I take to much on doing this on my own
Because it seems like that by the way I moan
A doppelgänger is needed maybe a clone
That would stop me feeling I’m doing this alone

Asking for help isn’t a easy thing to do
And it makes me feel like I’m begging to
But how else am I meant to get through
This venture won’t last without help from you

An online influencer can only be good for the breed
For collectors showers and even rescues in need
Championing the bulldog only and never for greed
So sharing and liking is appreciated so much indeed

E Ashdown

Loving life with Wiggles

Loving life with Wiggles

A bit from the girls

I’m so proud of my daddy he has made a lovely collection and as its for my future I think it shows he really loves me and cares so much for me too, I do get worried when my cat plays in the front room but dad says it’s ok because of the cabinets.

I wish daddy a brilliant second year doing he’s bulldogs and things and I love him very much.

Dad your the best dad in the world!


Hi there Eiffion’s readers, I don’t normally know what to say when he asks me to write for his blog, it’s like that weird feeling you get when talking to automated telephone calls but I have since seen that he has a good following and after spying up the draft I think words are easy to find now.

Eiffion, you are a true man you have endured so much in your life yet you still put your family and all others first, I feel so helpless when it comes to your mental health and I don’t like to see you struggling with frustration when your doing your social networking or promoting your website and collection, but I understand it’s what you love and I’m so proud on how you muster on regardless.

Your youth was appalling by anyone’s standards and to turn that all round really needs to be commended, I know you will launch yourself into year two knowing it will be just as much a struggle as the the year just gone you certainly have a lot of tenacity and inner strength.

I for one cannot wait to see what achievements you make and as always support what you do and love you forever.

​Debbie Ashdown


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The key to getting started is RESEARCH and I know for some this may sound boring but if your wanting to create an investable collection of any sort you need to start learning your craft, feel free to skip a jump or two and read up on my blogs there’s research tips and many of the blogs will help give you a head start with your collection.

I’m always happy to help as I have with some of you great folk already I don’t know everything but I do try my best.

My bit

Firstly as I write this my heart goes out to miss Scruffy Louise she came into my life and helped so much to turn things around I owe so much to such a wonderful loving creature whom I love and miss since that unforgettable day she took the leap over the bridge of colours if I’m honest I’ve not felt the same since.

Thank you to everybody that has believed in me this past year I’ve found respect from different aspects of the bulldog and antiques community and I thank you all for your kindness.

I never dreamt that I would get such accolades when I posted my collection online it was just an idea that had a mental health hope statement to it yet it’s grown beyond that all expectations now and should become a beacon for others to aspire to, and in the words of Norman Davis whom said I’ve made a website that was needed to create new interest in the bulldog world I think and hope the website grows and is around for many years to come so until next time it’s happy collecting folks and God bless miss Scruffy Louise.

Remember the name it’s going to be around a while

Why not jump over and have a muse we hope to have the site published by the 10th sept.