From bronzes to BESWICK when will they quit



Hi there readers hope your all safe and well after hearing that BESWICK has now been mass copied and flooding the online auction sites, we know of pieces like the basford and the Buson but BESWICK has made thousands of different figurine models so it’s across the board.

As mentioned previously BESWICK in England has become a bigger player in auctions this uplift has been noticed and copies made then sold on to so called antiques dealers that wouldn’t know a fake from a real one and sold on to you folk.

Bronzes a few years ago

This happened a few years back with a bronze bulldog and pug, there could of been others but only knew of these two both saying they were Bergman’s with a coin stuck to the body with Bergman’s stamp on it.
Anyone professional in the business could of spotted these were not cold painted bronze pieces from the 1860s and older the copiers did not just a bad job faking them but forgot to research and know that not many actual Bergman’s were saved from both WW1 and 2 also there was his father fritz too.
Before I offer some advice on the BESWICK scam let me just say to all collectors with bronzes always think they are fake unless proven otherwise, once upon a time originals sat on hallway sides and nowadays there’s lots of copied pieces all because dealers trump greed over quality and integrity.
Luckily and no offence to other collectors bulldog collecting means there’s only a few pieces on offer from BESWICK The Basford champ and its colourways the little Buson bulldog the puppies both as a pair and single and there’s the sailor by the pond.

Why fake BESWICK figurines time to fight back !

BESWICK Has gone up in price in auction this trickles down to online sellers that are now offering pieces made not 60 80 years ago but maybe last month in a factory somewhere, this is not fair right? Faking a stamp is easier these days but there’s some tips they do not think of.
The stamp check is a good place to start if your a novice and the researching could prove invaluable in your quest to get your skill set up, use google and it’s data base and compare stamps the date the piece was made DO THEY MATCH UP?
Sloppy craftsmanship is a reality in 2018 they don’t care about even their own fakes just the money they can profit from, this means a mould could be used over and over causing defects then there’s the painting JOHN BESWICK employed skilled workers whom painted each piece if you see a fake the patina is blotchy


If your savvy to most things weight would even tell you if it’s a fake or not BESWICK used porcelain and clays from England, the BESWICK copiers are using a cheap porcelain paste that would weigh much less but hey who compares these days by weighing a figurine unless it’s precious metals.
If your drawn to buying any pieces from any seller here’s what you really want to see, the first is close up shots of the piece, just like we get wrinkles as we age a porcelain piece does a similar thing but it CRAZES this is a natural process that happens over time according to the pieces environment but I assure you anything from 1960 backwards should have signs of some crazing.
This also gets faked I’m afraid it was a patten that started out on cheap goods supposedly to give that CRAZED effect and then was shrinked down to accommodate fake goods, run your hands gently over a figurine and you can feel the CRAZING but be careful as flakes can come off.

Does your BESWICK have a dirty bottom


Old pieces BESWICK or not would have a worn look not pure white

What I’ve not seen faked yet and what I look out for is either wear n tear or a dirty bum, yep I said it if you were born in the 1930s and didn’t have your behind cleaned it would sure be messy, I’m jesting of course but this does apply to 99% of pieces out there.
The other 1% I’m attributing to clinical collectors out there that never been unopened their collectible but in the main ALL antique porcelain has a worn sometimes grubby bottom, the base the feet, where ever contact was made there will be signs of worn in dust and other particles remember the true ones are only a decade or two from being 100 years old.

Collectibulldogs ebook could help you ?


John Beswick the sailor by the pond lots of crazing due to age and originality

Get my ebook, I’m not sounding brash but if you follow my ebook and the experiences I’ve had and written down not only will you learn how to do things better but you can also keep it as a record to go back too depending on the books chapter and what your stuck on doing.
In my book tenacity gets used and that’s what’s needed with most sellers and auctioneers yes there are those that need to keep their name sake but others won’t care, to hear the market is getting flooded means BESWICK will lower again in auction and when another great English maker is doing well this will get copied too
Do not be put off fakes and copies have been flooding our market for decades centuries even that’s why there are professionals with decades of experience sitting in the larger auction houses as they know fakes worth millions could quite easy up in their laps.
To sellers I’d suggest either practice what you preach take heed of the advice given out her to collectors or constant be looking at all you sell wondering if it’s the real deal or you’ve just sold someone a complete doozy, to all do your RESEARCH before paying and use a format like PayPal that gives you the chance to see the piece and decide for yourselves. Happy collecting and stay safe all.
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