Collections interest Sussex uni lets make it formal

Collections interest

The interested student showing well collections interest lol



Hi Readers hoping your all well, Collections interest Sussex uni lets make it formal my title is more of a gesture but I have emailed and asked Brighton Museum to help and after the second student to show collections interest to Collectibulldogs I would like to make it formal.


Maybe this was Collectibulldogs path in life to be an educational tool for others, THAT WOULD BE AMAZING we could get Collections interest down somewhere at the university and that way I do not need to be hunted down and then the poor students feeling embarrassed when they ask.

Collections interest Sussex uni lets make it formal plz

The only bulldog memorabilia museum collection in the world


After meeting with the students today I felt there must be others in such a large university that would take collections interest and if I were more visible there then the students could access whatever resources they need for however they wish to move forward or how the collections interest takes form.


With this third year undergraduate and the trainee journalist from before means that the spectrum of demographics that could be interested in our venture for their dissertation or course work, we have a great back story as well as the actual collection and website here.

Collections interest takes many forms but we are special


If you think about the hundreds if not thousands of collectors in the Sussex area we are the only one ☝️ to provide the content needed to know and understand bulldog memorabilia there is no one else, that’s not to say that students may want an easier collections interest to work on.


Postcards, cig cards, vinyl, signs, bottles, magazines, are all examples of collections interest in these is just as great as our niche so I’m guessing when it comes to third year choices many other collectors get contacted and that’s why I want to put my head above the water 💦.

Collections interest

Thank you for the collections interest miss student



Brighton Museum assistance needed


Truth be told I have emailed the Sussex university about the collections interest idea 💡 and making it more formal but I’m yet to hear a reply, lucky 🍀 for me brighton museums work closely with the university on projects so I’ll ask my mentor for help fast tracking my request.


Last time we worked with the university of Sussex they bought down the 3D printer 🖨 and I was honoured to be gifted with what could be the worlds smallest bulldog figurine a piece copied from the Willets collection currently as an installation at Brighton Museums.

collections interest

the willets collection interest is high for this display

Let’s just see what happens in 2019


As the sub header suggests I have no immediate plans for 2019 I am hoping to sit down with Brighton Museum explain my pros and cons about what knowledge I’ve picked up present it to them and see if they will allow a pop up museum.


Pop up museum would be fantastic so would being formally introduced to the university and listed down so that students at least know I’m here without having to track down our site or choose others, no offence the website can do with the collections interest and I need things to do.



We seem to be lowering in comments, TRUST PILOT for trust flow reviews and social sharing ! can I please remind all that until I do get spotted by the university or someone else I’m still a one person promoting team not only that I’m wet nursing a poorly wiggles at the moment.


My request before I go is that readers 👩‍🏫 (debbie does not know Ive asked) if possible could like and comment on a little video book I made my new wife to be, she absolutely loves it and I know this feeling will continue if folks watch or even just like or comment.



Debbies wedding book

Updated paragraph emailed from student

Short paragraph/my thoughts:
First of all, I was impressed with the amount of items and the way they fit in such a tiny room! It is a fantastic collection, very diverse and very curious to explore, every object is unique but they look great together. The piece your daughter made for you was certainly very touching! But most importantly, I have a lot of respect for your openness and for staying dedicated to your interest for so long regardless of your mental disorder and not losing the passion for your collection.
Thank you again and take care,
Best wishes,
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