Ok let me start with EID and what it is this stands for so its emotional intensity disorder, which is found in the unstable personality disorders section within mental health, its not so common in males and I think 1 in ten or so males have this disorder and the percentage is higher for females.

Its a scary disorder and hard to explain I can give one example and that is I grieve a lot or go through the feelings of grief I do not know when it comes or the triggers behind it but a certain medication helps to keep my anxiety levels down.

So that’s my disorder and I have lived with it for years now and has created big barriers for me to overcome.

When I got the news I had a disorder it felt like my world had just stopped I lost my job and fell deeply into depression thinking the worst and not knowing where life would go from here.

I started seeking help and support and realised life could go on I just needed a different way of achieving things and my biggest worry has always been my daughters university placement fees and all that comes with your sibling going to university and as her vocation is to become a vet I would be looking at a hefty bill.

This bothered me more and more each day while the solution was sitting there panting right at me, BULLDOGS they are one of Englands most loved breeds and as I now know one of the most investable collection fields that I know of.

As I started researching and saving I not only realised the distraction was a great technique for my disorder it also meant I could accomplish goals and overcome worries and all this has so far been one great venture that I only wish I had started along time ago.

I now have a few thousand pieces and I think I may have enough now to pay for my daughter to have a better life but I do understand her happiness comes before anything else, education included I am just glad as a father I can still fulfil my obligations as a parent.

I think I have an addiction to collecting now and my life now revolves around collecting helping others and trying to further this venture of mine.

As I say please bare with me I will strive to make a great site but like you all I have my off days so it maybe slow going at first and even now I am a little pessimistic but I have been told to hang in there as its early days yet…

Please note I will start blogging about the collection when I have figured out this alien type web book then I can really do some colourful blogs.

I hope this all made sense but if not contact me for a chat or google EID for a plainer explanation I do not believe in stigmatisation so I hope this helps to dispel any kind of myths it also goes to show if I can do it anyone can.