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Collecting antiques and collectibles is becoming expensive

Howdy there avid readers I hope all are well, after a conversation with an ex collector just lately I figured I’d check out pieces some that I already have and compare the expense, Now when I say OMG I really mean OMG I’ve slowed down so much I had not noticed the increase.
I fail to understand apart from inflation in different counties why there’s been such a hike in prices and do you folk actually go out and pay the prices these sellers are asking, I feel sorry for hobby collectors and for those without budget worries it still cannot be nice ever seeing an investment on your antique or collectible.

Now more expensive collecting

One of royal Worcester’s best pieces
I’m going to use an educated guess and say the headache of Brexit has messed up the English currency but it’s the same in other countries too we all aim to buy from similar sellers whom for some have extortionate price tags on some of their stock.
I’m in doubt about this idea but just maybe sellers saw an increase in this breed being sold and starting to capitalise on this, silly notion I know but for pieces to hit a 20-30% price rise even a seasoned collector like myself is left wondering why and how !

Expense dodging tips READ ALL

Thank you assorted artists. A wiggles parody


Suggestions to help with this is varied I’d start with eBay and type in misused or misdescribed words you can re use or buy eBay sniper this doesn’t guarantee a cheaper price all the time but does make winning the bid a lot easier, dog sculptures and other clever keywords may I also suggest using a European eBay website the Euro seems better and if you can find their segment there’s usually lots to choose from.
When buying try and haggle or ask for a payment plan there’s a lot of sellers out there kind enough to hold your piece whilst you pay the instalments, Collectibulldogs currently has a royal Copenhagen piece that we pay $100 for each month till paid it’s more a statement piece than investment but it’s a beautiful piece.

Retail antiques and collectibles nitty gritty


Online shopping and retail shopping have many variables, for instance a shop premises pay rent and tax firstly under the kind of business they are and the square footage rented, now online retailers can bypass this as they do not claim to be high street retail so pay much less tax than the shops you all see up in your local towns and cities.
Walking into a retailers the prices are usually conducive of the retailers overheads but they do add the profit margin, I find being courageous and tenacious you can ask for an obligatory discount.  These are normally around 15% off the price listed and it also helps to offer CASH it’s true when they say CASH IS KING shop owners go nuts when they see your wedge of cash.

Online retail antiques and collectibles nitty gritty

Walkies with wiggles
Trying this with online retailers is much easier you still need to be brash but sending a well worded email to someone of authority even to big giants like amazon can sometimes come up trumps, due to less taxation and lower running costs the pieces they say they cut out the middle man for ie no shop overheads is true but do not be fooled and haggle away.
When I became a regular at a couple of the eBay and Ruby-lane formats I was offered discounts this didn’t come at first and I spent a few months buying off two particular sellers (I only remember snow dogs as one of the sellers) both ladies ended up offering me up-to 50% on little bulk buys and paid my shipping.

Auctions antiques and collectibles nitty gritty at Brighton museum
You take your chance at auctions with antiques and collectibles we all know that and with today’s commission prices added on to both buyer and seller it’s the old case of proprietor passing on rising costs to their clients, saying that may I suggest yard sales in the United States and car booties and flea markets in the U.K.
Please let me add that there’s a comments section in our articles and if your from a different country and have these public events please state for the readers, I’m English and work with folk from the USA that’s how I know but it would be interesting to hear that other countries celebrate recycling in this form.

Contacts always turn out trumps

Contacts are still the best and cheapest form of keeping a collection going a contact of good repute and has been for a while Is gold dust these days, I’ve had about four contacts I’ve utilised since I started to get my antiques and collectibles and they’ve saved me thousands of pounds over the years.
To create a contact you need to reach out be confident and turn small talk with sellers into a conversation, get to know people you know with collections they may wish to sell on making room for more in return your new found contact will become a source this could be info or pieces or both.

Scour google images top tip !

COLLECTIBULLDOGS investable bulldog collectibles
Ok my best tip for still collecting antiques and collectibles, I’ve left till last it’s a Doozy and I’m not sure why others do not do this as it’s no brainier and in front of most of our eyes, “GOOGLE IMAGES” Yep that little icon that’s hardly used, again type in Brilliant keywords Ie a long tail keyword could be CHEAP PORCELAIN BULLDOG STATUES.
Once you have your keywords entered press search and after the load press images, depending on your keywords a selection of images will appear and if clicked on you’ll get the sellers info and hey presto you’ve gone and got a new piece (may not be worlds best) try using different keywords to see different results remembering you can type in anything.

Seasoned collectors making their % On antiques

Collectibulldogs a new concept one of a kind
The good news if you want to call it that Is now is the best time for collectors like myself if wanting too sell their collectibles, with today’s prices a collector could in effect undercut most others and still make a small profit I’m not selling the collection as a whole but was thinking of a clear out and retrieve new pieces to desire.
10 years ago I did predict and end up saying in an article that I’d make a 30% increase overall in ten years on my investment and looking at sellers prices today I think I’m nearly spot on, it’s definitely risen over 20%, does not sound much till your paying in the 100s then  20% on top of each 100 gets expensive

All in the same boat

Worlds first bulldog memorabilia exhibition
Sadly do not expect much change for the good the world is becoming more expensive to live in we poor folk do not have the luxuries we had a few years back even and people cannot follow their payed passions if they want to feed and keep the family going, I myself have slowed down too due to prices.
Before I go if anyone wants to learn to connect and find dealers to create contacts I know a few myself, for this to happen you will need to find and friend me on Twitter or Facebook and I’ll introduce you to some friends that not only sell but even buy their stock for bulldog collectors.

YouTube videos why’s that ave ?

After reading up off page search engine optimisation and visitor information I found out the average reader will stay on that little bit longer should you add interesting content like visual creations, I’m an honest fella this is not the reason why but it would be nice to get some interest there.

Google owns YouTube and also with MOZ determine our DAs and page rankings so I’ve put a clever idea together of writing original helpful content backed up by my YouTube channel, our DA is 29 so it would be nice to see it hit 30 and it does take a lot to improve one of the online worlds most important factors for your / a website, there’s still bargains out there so happy collecting.



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