YouTube cinema time grab the popcorn


Hi there readers I hope your all safe I thought I’d bring a bit of Collectibulldogs YouTube cinema time to you, as we do not get tonnes of hits and subscribers there I thought a taster session in article form would or may encourage some to see the work we’ve put into this format.

YouTube cinema time

youtube cinema time folks sit back and enjoy the films

Each clip is home made by us here at Collectibulldogs and for your YouTube cinema time I’ve picked out a random selection, some are of the collection, some are of wiggles and some are wiggles either talking or singing we believe these would be more popular should we get more YouTube advertising.


The clip above is a montage of black and white with colour it shows the diverse breed and has a good back ground tune, this particular YouTube clip is quite popular on twitter too, if you can please play and give us a big thumbs up

As stated we have lots of random clips the one ☝️ pictured above is a gander around the Collectibulldogs room please remember one man on many formats means quality and ideas take time so please bare with me, I’ll try and create confidence in 2019 to start a collecting feature.

It’s your Your YouTube cinema time

youtube and the clips we can create can send a message without being rude or unprofessional, we got tired of getting what’s called bulldog bashed this is idiots on social media whom have a grudge with the breed, we cannot swear at them like we’d like too so this propaganda type works just as well.

Wiggles universal message


Now you have to admit that is clever very clever indeed, having wiggles actual face (look closely) then get her singing 🎤 is a stroke of genius and why we need to push these after your YouTube cinema time, there’s over 150 different videos and some will have you in stitches especially wiggles singing IM TO SEXY.

Starling dance over iconic Brighton pier U.K.

Above shows the variety of youtube clips we have available I took this over Brighton pier earlier this year it’s the nightly starling dance and below you will find the sunset I took over the same pier, don’t get me wrong there’s not to many no bulldog related articles but the one above and below just helps to break things up

Brightons world famous beach sunset in true video mode

Please your YouTube cinema time

Can we convince you to check out our YouTube channel it’s owned by google so any interest shown there will be seen by the internet giant whom will praise us with a better domain authority score, the videos are designed just to amuse there’s nothing graphic at all there.


Once we see the format used more shared more I’ll create new content using some new idea I have, I’ll still be amateur but my YouTube portfolio will increase gradually, if you do go on and it’s not for you please be polite and just bounce off as we do not want any dreaded thumbs downs.

YouTube need subs we do too

Silly play on words but there must be thousands of YouTubers across the world wanting new subscribers and we do too, if you decide to subscribe to our channel leave a meassge and I’ll take clips off your channel and show them to 175 thousand twitter follower DEAL ?

The bulldog bible / standard 1913

An older yet relatable article check it out here folks 🐶👍❤️



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