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Antique Bulldog advertisement

Hi readers new and regular I hope everyone is safe and well and with all our accolades achievements and awards this year our website is becoming popular and a great time to use us for advertising, said it before I’ll say it again our articles not only reach places others cannot our feed is also read in over 70 recorded countries.

Advertising comes in many forms and as if yet we do not know how to create holographic content so our old fashioned article content will have to do lols, I’m just jesting just where do articles go from the Collectibulldogs news feed.

Advertisement advertising works


Princess groomers were on cloud 9 with their advertisement

The websites originality is its success so far we have everyone from affiliate reviewers to small websites offering to pay to have themselves linked with us but what about our popularity away from the website just who would see your advertisement then.
Once published the advert would first get picked up by all those that took our RSS feed including a couple of big hitters in which we’ve won awards from and of course the INTERNET, I’ll in rich the SEO needed and whatever you want advertised will be the keyword getting it more organic hits as well as social media referral.

Oh but where will I get seen

With an auto posting sequence your advert would be sent out to about 5 formats including feedspot and blog lovin but do not fret we have formats for all articles starting with our shining light that is TWITTER (current followers 174k) it does tend to rise and fall.
A metric reach on twitter is how far your posts have or had the potential to reach potential viewers and Collectibulldogs has hit the 50 million mark and with a growing following there it’s one of our top places to add an article for that format to hopefully share and read.

Get an advertisement on twitter


TWITTER a advertisement creators playground and with a healthy 174k atm

I’ve promoted myself for years now and I’ve gotten quite far so I can do the same for you the best thing about giving out content to TWITTER is that you can play around with different hashtags which hopefully mean your posts hit more peoples eyes.

Face Facebook with a great advert

For me the longest I’ve been anywhere is the format FACEBOOK here I have a full profile 5000 I have a group 7000 and about 7500 are following my page, unlike the speed of twitter Facebook has a more laid back approach and advertising there means a post can sit around for a while fishing so to speak.
love my Facebook friends and there’s a core there that love the website read the content and even share it to their pages these are invaluable to us if you think about it every post even doubled helps our rankings but also means more people see the advert.

Maybe that missing link is in LinkedIn


NEED A JOB ADVERTISING FOR WORK STICK AN advertisement here business related galore

Do you own a business or shop even if it’s online, if you advertise with us you’ll get posted out to all formats but this one is catered for business and job search, LinkedIn is a free or paid for format and I currently have around 13000 followers there all from across the globe and all with different jobs / positions of power and all with something to sell.

You on YouTube

I do know how to create video clips Collectibulldogs has 600 followers on YOUTUBE we do not use this as much as others but is there incase it’s needed but for visuals let us add your advert to our Instagram page one of the more popular formats people are using these days.

Instant attention with Instagram


The right advertisement could go viral on Instagram or YouTube

With INSTAGRAM you’ll be put in front of 60,000 followers (all our followers are 100% real) this could be a still advert or video and while I’m here I’ll mention FLICKR and TUMBLR the first is for pictures the second is used for articles I have about 30,000 between the two and yet more formats to advertise on.

Put one up on Pinterest

We do not stop there oh no, we will also post your article/ advert onto our PINTEREST BOARDS with 30,000 or so followers there and my notifications tell me I get new followers every day, the other format we use that has either boards or communities is google plus now I won’t be brash we only have about 1000 followers BUT we do have access to lots of different communities each one a different subject matter.
Depending on the advertisement you want done we do have a few other formats, WE ❤️ IT, BLOG LOVIN, MEDIUM are all smaller type formats that we use to squeeze out those few extra views for you, added to the article are social sharing icons too hopefully urging some to reshare.

What would your advertisement get ?


HI IM WIGGLES My face is great for the advertisement business

FIRSTLY please note your note unless told otherwise your article will be permanent this maybe changed depending on what you want advertised ie no point selling Christmas crackers in August so if an advert has a shelf life that’s fine if not it stays where it is, daily searches by newer members to formats always stumble across content and like to read.
PERMANENT on the website and our social formats, once published especially blog articles we will not touch your work we may need to SEO but all works written or sent in gets published as is, another perk to our little venture is we recycle ♻️ our articles with a list of noted urls that are refreshed every other month.

Here to help after your advertisement counts

You get the privilege that most others that use a third party do not and that’s help with your promo and the fact the WHOLE WORLD gets a chance to see your advertisement I know you can find big online auction sites worldwide but once they snare you they do not do much to find you the traffic you desire to try and convert that view into a potential sale.
Looking at the websites analytics I’m so surprised at what countries do appear I never thought in my wildest dreams I’d get interest from places like Egypt the Middle East even parts of Africa both north and south can be seen browsing our website.

Give us a chance legit and waiting for it


let us do your advertisement


Have a think about the viewing potential I’ve described I’m no expert in any field but I did win article awards and the website for originality I’ll work with you and help create what works best I work with WordPress I know my craft now and have the following already, from celebs to politicians even MBE and OBE winners.
We hope you try us out my point about WordPress is that it shows just how many hits an article gets so ill always be honest and remember articles if not keen to the eye can be changed or emended it just takes collaboration, till next time keep collecting.
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