It’s amazing I’m getting married


Married to this lovely lady yes please bring it on

Hi there readers I sure hope your all good safe and well, I (not Collectibulldogs this time) am proud to announce my up coming wedding to miss Debbie Man, this union of marriage is going to take place this November. 

We are rushing the wedding due to Debbie’s dads illnesses and got an early date, I’m to marry Debbie at 4-30 Nov 2 which is a Friday and that’s in Brighton.  The bulldog community came to our rescue offering up lovely ideas and help. 

Marriage assistance from the brilliant bulldog community


Two main fairy Bulldog mothers are mrs Sherwood Walker and mrs wheeler these two bulldog bonkers ladies came forward and before we knew it we had a venue, cars, a cake offered as well as venue made lovely and flowers too. 

The Bulldog community last came to our aid when we lost scruffy Louise a few years ago now and if anyone can remember my first articles we were offered two free pups each from Bulldog owners with selfless hearts. We chose to adopt wiggles instead and give her a good life with us.


Well wiggles couldn’t take the picture could she lol we celebrated with a few drinks

Choosing rings before rushing home

The rings were bought but the day had to be cut short Debbie’s dads depression had set in on he’s way home and he had refused to enter his home and stayed sitting on the stairs outside. 


The rings we will enter married life into with

Debs and myself were just picking rings as we got the call, lucky for us we found the right pieces of gold we will now be wearing forever scarpered home to Debbie’s mums where my face helped Debbie’s dad pull out of sulking and we got him indoors phew !. 

Your honeymoon after your married?

Due to this incident and others before it as well as future problems I’m not sure if after we are married we should have any sort of honeymoon, don’t get me wrong I want a holiday so bad but seeing Debbie’s parents suffering puts priorities into prospective. 

Hoping home help will engage before we get married so we can have a well deserved holiday to see debs sand in her feet on a sunny beach and if there happens to be a flower to put in her hair there then it’s a dream become reality. 


Yukky they kissing you don’t want to see this part

Young love makes it through the trails

Not everyone waits so long to get married some do that want to spend lots, we are different though it’s the second or third attempt at marriage (not we have been married 3 times) this is the closest in three goes it’s taken me to gets debs up the aisle. 

23 years ago two youngsters met they had a rocky relationship after one lost he’s dad this continued until the other became pregnant and gave birth to the worlds most beautiful princess and then love just came natural we have been together ever since and will not ever split up so I’m glad to say this is my first and last time I ever get married. 


Debbie was scared of all breeds till she met me

I know me getting married is not Collectibulldogs news nor should it be I’ve not gone on about my licence and wanting to ride a motor bike yet I felt this news deserved to be crawled by Google’s crawlers and sent out, I want the whole world to know I’m getting MARRIED! 

Firstly I’d like to periscope live the wedding but still talking to Debbie about that I want to as proof that I’m over any antisocial disorders, it’s a video record that can be witnessed by thousands if they wish to watch on the big day. 

Dedication for Debbie Man future wife of Mr Ashdown

Bruno Mars - Marry You (Lyric Video)

Life will be no different after we get married I’m sure a honeymoon if warranted will have the desired effect and as we know each other well (hint) we can spend more time enjoying a real holiday with a mixture of relaxation and activities. 

Debbie Ashdown I dedicate this short article to you I love you with all my heart you gave me heaven when you gave me a daughter and now I’m lucky enough to be wed and spend many happy days together, love is eternal and mine for you will last forever. 

Watched us married in spirit

we have been blessed with friends from around the world wether it here in the U.K. or overseas like the USA Australia Sweden Ireland Poland and other countries I’m finding hard to remember but all have wished us the very best and to all those interested in the goings ons of Debbie and I Thank you.

All of you will be remembered on the day I can easily close my eyes and picture many best men standing there and in a way I wish all could, to those that have helped helping or will be we wish to show our gratitude and still find it hard to believe we have so many kind selfless awesome friends. Till next time folks it’s wedding bells and happy collecting

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