Collectibulldogs university challenge no 2

Sussex university

Sussex university filming the bulldog room


Hi there to our readers, hope your all safe and well as always Collectibulldogs Sussex university challenge came about after I found a message in my Facebook page messages and the message read “ Hello Eiffion I’m working on a project about collectibles and the stories behind them this is part of my university course.


I’m very impressed by your beautiful bulldog collection and it’s beautiful purpose (the lady’s words not mine ! I would love to see it and document as well as record a short interview with you, I’m like WOW 😲 it would be amazing if you could help and if so I’d love to work with you let’s set up a time and date.

Collectibulldogs Sussex university challenge On video


The big difference between helping out the student in question and the last student from Sussex university was that the first was a trainee journalist whom took me on as a human interest story which made the online paper, better than no advertising at all and we was not expecting a return ie favour.


This time round the room will be filmed with the different displays and I’ll have to face my fear of being filmed I’ll just take double medication that morning to deal with any underlined anxiety but I’m looking forward to it, I’m hoping I get a great edu backlink and the url to the video and I’ll of course blog about it after.


I got an actual reply it must be true


When you email ITV the BBC and other media outlets and get no response I’m not suggesting a reply saying sorry we are not interested but literally no reply so my pessimism made me email to confirm this was real and not a mistake or practical joke but the response I got proves it’s all going to happen.


Sorry for the late reply. My course is Graphic Design (3rd year) at the University of Brighton and the theme of the project is Documentation, so it’s very open, choosing the subject of collection was my own interest and initiative, if that’s what you were thinking of putting on your blog. Once all the editing is done, I could give you a link to the finished video.


Would you be available on either Tuesday or Wednesday next week? The ideal time would be before 3:30pm because then it starts getting dark and I would prefer filming when there’s some natural daylight. I would like to film you just casually talking about yourself and your collection, and then take some photographs. It should take about half an hour, possibly a tiny bit more.

Making things spik n span

Sussex university

i Think we have till next week to make things all shiny


We have the weekend to empty the room of non relatable objects then clean and dust, put back re arrange and in general try and make the collection look as smart as possible whilst also creating space to be interviewed and pictured with the collection.


Im very lucky that my wife will help and that ladies touch often brings the sparkle out of things we men may sometimes miss, we cannot do much about natural lighting or other technical issues but will try and make whomever is coming feel at home and ready to snap away.

Thank you to Sussex university


As this is our second time round with Sussex university it’s worth thanking them for the students that either genuinely are interested in our Collectibulldogs or just doing it as a stop gap course to cover their last year at Sussex university but I did emphasise “either” so I don’t mind as long as the attention is positive.


Ill also thank The university for any backlinks and urls that are sure to strengthen our Domain Authority, as I’m a one man promo team I’ve asked if I can have links and be linked too, it’s now upto the students Seo know how and compassion but I think I may offer up my services to the Sussex university for future students doing this course.

Bucket list nearly full


Most of these lists are to do with what you want out of life before the inevitable happens but my list comprises of all I had to do from the wedding in Nov and the commitments I’ve either noted or promised just like the bulldog charity pieces that needed sorting, mental well-being appointments Christmas shopping and now overseeing the getting well of our Poorly Bulldog wiggles.


With some pieces coming and going all that’s left this year will be the task of re moving the collection but I can sort that out in my head and get a plan of action going our living space is all jumbled up and we need some normality back in our lives.



over 3 million people have visited and over 4 million people have visited our pages at Collectibulldogs that’s an achievement in itself and I’m sure half the comments in the spam folder contain legit  commentary on opinion yet when folks overload the message with links our anti spam detector steps in, we would love more comments please.


Before I go can I urge those that have not yet to review us at TRUSTPILOT and if you have already they do submit new reviews from repeat visitors when I last checked our domain Authority was at 34 we need to get to 40 or above to be seen as average to good we have good page ranking and trust flow due to blog quality quantity and originality but we still need your assistance thank you 🙏.

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