Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy

Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy

One of the very first pictures of our puppy taken




Hi there Readers from near and far I hope that you are all well, after the sad news about our beloved wiggles I did write an article after stating we had won our third website award, it was a shallow victory as wiggles was not about when I received it but it has been dedicated to her memory.



So here we are ! Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy The latest addition to our family, our new puppy 🐶 has us running ragged from 5am to around 9pm, we’ve had porscha hear a couple of weeks now and wanted the news about wiggles to get around before any articles of porscha went out.



Myself and debbie went to get porscha we used a cat box as she was so tiny we went into a well kept home and when I picked her up I shrieked, her mum came in to say hello and have a sniff and we were sitting there with this gorgeous puppy in our hands.



We did not stay stay long we used trains and taxis so were on a schedule but both beaming and kissing each other as we stood at the railway station 🚉 looking into the cat box, I was overjoyed when the service announcement person said the Train would be late this meant I could sit there in the mid day sun holding kissing and cuddling this new bundle of joy.

Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy

Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy

A complete bundle of joy


So that there’s no underlines from any guilty feelings I have explained on The wiggles bulldog memorial pageand the article I wrote  Most difficult blog to date RIP wiggles you star I feel I can express the title Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy without feeling bad, I urge you to read the article and check out wiggles memorial page which in itself explains the family time we have remembering our super star bulldog.



Life Has to go on, it didn’t feel like it to me at first, I was at my lowest I didn’t wish to get up and felt no purpose in life, as people whom care what others think of us (stupid notion) we were undecided on wether to get another dog, Debbie took this out of my hands and said we are off next week to meet a new dog.

Bubble interactions dog friendly bubbles from the @dogstrustshops #brighton


The Keen eyed will notice both the Boston terrier spot on the head and the tiniest amount of brown in her rich black fur we are happy to disclose she’s classed as a mini bulldog and any other passive questions but will not put up with any kind of bashing we have very good reasons for the choice and every dog needs a loving home right !



Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy Whom when arrived settled in very quickly, we have taken past mistakes out of the equation and The DoorBell from Hell will hopefully be a thing of the past as porscha ignores this noise at the moment and is never on the bed to leap off, she’s over three months old now but still only six kilos so very fragile.

Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy

Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy

I’m what’s called a mini bulldog or normal bulldog to my small mum lol



As I sit here writing ✍️ this I’m smiling straight at the little scamp she’s beyond cute as puppies are and I  reminisce about all the many firsts this super puppy has achieved in the small time she’s been with us and half of the thanks goes to my wife debbie whom dotes on porscha just like a mother does with her newborn 👶



Many firsts at such a young age but I’ll digress just to say that the other day debbie and myself were talking and Debbie stayed “have you noticed I’ve woken up in a great mood every day since we got the puppy” my rational thinking is of a type of mothering my debbie didn’t go into work the other day because porscha jumped up and bumped her head on the table.

Already knows how to retrieve he ball 🎾


Lets start with litter training that took a matter of hours we were astonished even moving the pads into different locations worked and the messiest of jobs done, then it was the SIT command this took an hour or so as the cats 🐱 are a bit of a distraction when trying to train a puppy.



Due to no inoculations this we had to sort ourselves meant we could spend more quality time with porscha before she could do much outside and this has given us the upper edge, porscha now runs after and retrieves balls she interacts with everyone around her and you can tell just by watching how she is with each of us that she’s finding her place in our family dynamic ie peeking order.


Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy

Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy

Just a puppy Spending time with my new big sister

Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy

Me and my mum love you mum

Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy

Excuse the supply smile I’m not photogeni Out at tea with porscha and debbie





Growing so fast I believe our chunky monkey mini bulldog weighs in at just under six kilos now ! and to those that truly understood what my body went through physically nursing wiggles will understand why a smaller bulldog type breed and our current situation works well, I can carry porscha without pain and for much longer no offence to wiggles.



A beautiful little character pops out from the oversized coat and as Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy Diva 💁‍♀️ one thing I will moan about is the mouthing ! Not the barking kind but the chewing of my fingers kind, ok I got ideas on how to deal with porscha when she does this but she’s so cute within a few secs she can see I’m ok and off she goes again.

My first walk I’ve been out lots


Love 💖 playing puppy games with such a cutie pie 🥰 is an understatement and every day when debbie wakes up its usually earlier than myself she passes porscha over for a morning cuddle and to me the feelings similar to the way you feel when you open your eyes and realise your on holiday it’s magical  🧙‍♀️ her cute face eager to get the day going, the cats wound up and of course breakfast 🍳



Porscha now holds her business in until she reaches her pad it’s lovely to see her bounding down the hallway as you know she’s about to be a good girl 👧, if it’s the number two she’s doing then there’s often barking beforehand as if she’s pre warning ⚠️ us Stinky one on the way beware lol.

Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy

Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy

Thank you to the owner of these beautiful Boston terriers

Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy

Porschas first pooch interaction it went very well



The website regarding porscha! As a mark of respect ✊ to a lady called Kaye we are not making any changes yet to the website, kaye had asked that wiggles remain the face of CBDs but if we are to grow further down the line it’s just not viable I mean to have to bring up she’s gone to any prospective investors/ collaborator in the future would get tiresome and hurt every time.



I hope this cease on any upgrades and the memorial page are enough to not only show everyone how much wiggles was loved (still is) but an opportunity for anyone just to pop back see that cheeky face and pay their condolences one way or another, please check page for latest messages from all the kind people around the world.

Porscha Puppy progresses

Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy

Porscha is a firm favourite with customers and staff alike at the dogs trust shop st James st Brighton



The third and last  inoculation has finished so porscha is now ready to hit the town, would you believe she already knows to sit at kerb sides (it’s true) and her progress on the harness is getting better each and every time we go out, we do need to research the breed more for exercise types time duration and breed characteristics.



This kind of information would help us to make informed choices and give porscha the best life we possibly can, we hadn’t taken a dog out since before wiggles became ill so walking porscha is both a joy and an experience, she’s very good at walking for debbie but she’s a ring runner around me.

Porschas bath time


Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy Whom is developing just nicely with some surprising results too, there’s tricks and commands that chicken 🍗 and a clicker can achieve but porscha is learning doggy ways too like crawling with her ears back if she feels she’s done something naughty, I believe she knows the attention she will get so does this just for more kisses cuddles and knuckle chewing.



i hope the visual content shows we are loving 🥰 porscha a lady on twitter call Tess called us smitten and a 40 year Professional in dog training complimented us to the point they stated we are one of the best puppy parents they have seen or they have ever seen here’s the quote, ! I have in 40 years of training dogs hardly ever seen such great parents to a dog. That is why I hold you up as an example to others to follow your lead. They can see it in real time, not just a photo. You are doing a FIRST rate job.



What I have seen so far is you are doing a BRILLIANT job. Puppies are often scared to go too far from home when they first start going for walks. Yes you can help things along by using a treat and the command ‘Lets go!” If you run a bit that also encourages them to keep going. But you knee sounds painful.



ADVICE from and expert  ! What you are feeling is quite normal. An old dog dies who has been no problem for yrs and we forget that when they were puppies they were hard work too. Like talking to men as I said, less is best. Time out after saying no be gentle. Time outs are a very good way to make a point with a dog and that they play in a gentle way with all animals, you Kitten and later on with other dogs. So once again,, she is being rough, strong NO, then Gentle. After two minutes send off to play again. The moment she is rough the same thing. You do this saying go play. All the family needs to use the same words.

Porschas personality is spot on !


Cheeky naughty mischievous all those words that  associate getting into trouble but having the cutest faces to get out of any situation that is her first power, she has this stunning little stare and if I had of seen her before debbie sorted things out I would of  called her sapphire just like the dark blue eyes you can just about see in certain lights I found her traits in the rosenthal pieces I own too


her personality and character will define the content i write regarding Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy if she carries on the way she’s going you’ll find content videos pictures and just happy go lucky 🍀 articles showing us loving Porscha and loving 🥰 the life we can give her, days out walks even a family holiday now too with our puppy.


Debbie chose well when finding Porscha a ray of sunshine now shines through our window our daughter was scared of our beautiful wiggles from day one and never really had a friendship so I’m hoping this will change with the puppy it was not wiggles or my daughters fault Wiggles was quite imposing in size and the  postition for the pecking order in a new family must of played a part.



If I’m to be truthful when I get up of a night time to get a snack or make a tea I often disturb porscha and instead of ignoring her I pick her up and depending on how tired she is we either just lay together watching TV as she bites my fingers, if she’s more awake we go through into the living area shut the door and play anything from chew dad to tug rope and knot unties !  Yes you heard right I create knots using a ball and my dressing gown tie create a knot and porscha learns to undo it.


The ❤️ For Porscha May take some time !

Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy

I just want the same ❤️ As all other #cute furry friends



Porscha is NOT a replacement for wiggles if we were a family with s few dogs got a new one in a time frame when one passed there wouldn’t be no oi you haven’t grieved long enough yet we all grieve in our own way, Wiggles became a super star ⭐️ on and off line and I would say Porscha has big paws 🐾 to fill but that’s not the case ! we take on every dog we have and treat accordingly.



Yes it will take time to sink in and I’m still writing wiggles instead of Porscha so if it’s like that for me then her passing will of hit others around the world too, I’ve started using content of Porscha I got great support from folkson the twitter format where she’s quickly built up an awwww 🥰 fan base of her own with everyone adoring her.


The only downfall to twitter is everyone wishes to re tweet Porscha and that’s brilliant but our Collectibulldogs posts get mainly ignored, now I cannot do any more than hope others take interest in the venture or I’ll need to go back to the old days spending hours on follow helps hoping out of all hope I get a follower interested in our social enterprise in the making.



It felt right that Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy to twitter first we were expecting the worst ( over analyzation and lack of cognitive thought) if we posted to other formats, she’s not a purebred bulldog some would dismiss the breed name anyway but we don’t care here at Collectibulldogs don’t get me wrong your opinions do matter but it wouldn’t change our minds and if we had the 2-6 thousand pounds being asked for pups we’d still of chosen porscha just check out that face !



theres in trepidation and excitement for Porscha and her future with us we are so used to adopting middle aged bulldogs whom their best years were behind them when they arrived here it’s so different with a puppy and all we ask is you give Porscha a chance.



As well as articles on collecting i will be writing about special days out achievements and the good will we received from people this week stating our @collectibulldog twitter page is their favourite page some have even thanked us just for being there and being something different whilst supporting as many people as possible I’m at 216 thousand followers myself I hope this grows and I’m here to help you grow too. #ShareTheLove.


And lastly !

Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy

As you can see porscha had no issues settling in to her new home

Collectibulldogs presents porscha the puppy

Love 💖 your life laugh every day

As we try to find an equilibrium in the home a mixture of both lovely and sad thoughts 💭 over wiggles and the energy from the puppy I won’t lie she makes things easier to cope with and whilst she’s dangling over your head whilst your giving  her raspberries bad thoughts and anxiety is a million miles away from any working  synapse in the brain cells lol.



Theres no relief in telling all about porcsha the relief comes with telling everyone about wiggles it was untimely and unfair but that’s the issue with dogs with no papers you don’t know the dogs health background, we get to start fresh with porscha she’s just had her third inoculation and ready to go face the big wide world 🌍.



Collecting has not stopped vet bills taxis nursing Equipment and other such bills have left me a bit slow on the collecting front BUT I do have a couple of new pieces I’ll write about in my next article, my wife found a bargain and we also found a 1949 Rochdale and district bulldog club, are you a Bennett or a Crabtree these are the names adorned the trophy and I thought to ask before researching the piece.



As it is 1949 the brain juices start to flow the trophy has an  electro magnetic silver plated outer, but the  inscribed presentation is real silver with English Hallmarks I ponder on the metal part I have not looked up when Britain got back up on its feet but surely any metals back then were rare expensive or just hard to get hold of, today I’m followed by the secretary show judge and breeder Lorraine Watkins it’s a small world now is it not.




Most difficult blog to date RIP wiggles you star