Collectibulldogs now in joint ownership

Meet collectibulldogs joint owner

Collectibulldogs our daughter has a new joint owner PROUD DAD WITH DAUGHTER

Hi there readers, Collectibulldogs now in joint ownership! On the 27th of December my wife gave birth to a little girl, weighing in at nearly seven pounds she’s a beautiful bouncing baby girl beyond perfect

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After seventeen years of trying to grow our family this was a total surprise and now has completely changed our life’s our plans and even our lifestyle, this also means the collection is now owned by two sisters not just our one daughter!

The collectibulldogs collection was started out to get our first daughter through university and yet survived that to continue on so I’ll be continuing my search to find more antiques to grow this collection so that one day it maybe popular or investable enough that my daughters do well from all my endeavours.

Collectibulldogs joint ownership

Collectibulldogs joint ownership and just a week old


Conduit ! Now that’s a strange word but that’s how I’m seen or represented here at collectibulldogs yes I love the thrill of owning some of the worlds best bulldog memorabilia and antiques but OWN is not a word I’d usually use, the collection belongs to two young ladies I’m just the caretaker.


Joint ownership and displaying again


Not only we’re we blessed at the end of 2019 but just yesterday we got offered a new apartment much more suited to our needs and this means the collection can once again go up and be displayed again.

Im hoping my newest addition is daddy mad and loves bulldogs just like her dad does that way the interest would carry on years after I’m no more and even if my dream of creating the worlds first – best bulldog memorabilia museum then maybe my daughter will.


Collectibulldogs antiques to research and write about


Once the collection is displayed again writing proper antiques articles will come back to me and the want to research and collect will become strong again, we have some amazing new antiques to show our viewers but with a new born baby it’s twenty four seven here.


Packing the collection ready to move is a saving grace yes I did moan and felt displacement when I had to crate up collectibulldogs but I’m so glad now, it means I can help my wife with the conventual packing as all the bulldogs are ready to go.

Thank you for your support


Porscha and collectibulldogs thanks you for your support

Collectibulldogs has some very special followers and we would like to thank you for the support so far those that know us will understand the website and what I’m trying to achieve for my family others will just see collectibulldogs as a resource website.

inheritance is something that doesn’t happen in my families dynamic so I’m changing that and not emulating those before me, I want to leave my family something substantial that they can be proud of me for and Is useful to them either as a business or the worlds biggest bulldog auction I doubt I’ll be around when that choice gets made.


So I’ll just carry on collecting


I collect on their behalf I promote alone and everything you’ve seen so far I’m doing by myself but there’s people out there we couldn’t be more thankful for too know, getting well wishes from our endorsement Gary O’Sullivan was quite a highlight as his busy training for this months fight.


I would hope those that share us will continue to do so in 2020 we would like some time to get out of here and into our new home and from there I can really get back into article writing, I would also please ask for your patience as we spend some quality time with our new baby.

2020 wow what a start !


Collectibulldogs is moving and needs to research this triple plated beautiful bulldog antique

Just like countless others 2019 was not a vintage year for us as a family there was so much loss I nearly lost my own mind, 2020 has started beautifully for us, a new baby in the home Porscha nearly a year old now and a new apartment to bring the family up in.

All this and it’s only the 4th of jan Lady Luck has finally caught up with us and blown some of that magical dust that makes things all right again, the new apartment is just right for our little family we finally get a garden AND NO MORE STAIRS.


At one point I had resided to the fact I would have to carry a baby and then buggy up five flights of stairs and the same the other way round if we went out for the next four years but we do not have too, the only stairs are those that lead to the front door it’s perfect and means we can buy our own furniture again.

What ! Not a purebred representing

Collectibulldogs will get the chance to adopt another bulldog now

Coming up soon

Collectibulldogs has found some great antiques and when baby hits a routine I’ll get to researching, one piece belonged to a founding father of the original British Bulldog club and Wynne whom loves silver is covering that piece


We also have an author cutting his nib so to speak and will be publishing his article very soon I’m sure you’ll like his style and we hope he get enough hits to return there’s something pure about author’s articles to the usual affiliate marketing blogs that just want to either find sales or get you with that cold calling widget.

As we speak The Ender 3 is doing its thing 3D printing And we post our creativity to Facebook at the moment the Idea is then for folks to join the group name the piece they want and then promote us to get the free piece, we will have to be excused from postage we have just had a baby so anyone wanting a piece will have to find a few dollars.


Collectibulldogs 3D designs

Our designs are based around bulldogs but if your a fan but have say pugs or other pooch breeds you can contact us and we can design something for your breed and add it to the page ! All you do then is add your name show where you promoted us and the piece is yours it’s that simple

3D continued

Collectibulldogs ender 5+

Facebook is not everyone’s format yet we want anyone that wants / likes our 3D designs the opportunity to get one ☝️ so email us at collectibulldogs leave a message or find us on Twitter as @collectibulldog or EIFFION ASHDOWN 78 on Instagram.


Collectibulldogs ender 3 at work creating a bulldog inspired bowl

This will be a continuing giveaway if it’s on the page and it’s not got a name on it then there’s your chance to own something custom, original, or just a very colourful piece made from the collectibulldogs 3D set up, our newborn has watching the progress of our prints from my shoulder she’s my life just like my other girls and all this is my way of showing them I had them in mind all their lives.


Pinterest boards

We have a great selection of Pinterest boards on our Pinterest format if anyone’s interested in finding and joining us there, we use our footer to stream you the latest from Pinterest but joining us sure would be better.

let’s share boards collectibulldogs is all up for collaboration sharing and helping each other grow organically!

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