Hi folks

Hi there folks I hope all is well with you all and folks are safe no matter where you are currently.

During my blogging experience and use of analytics I have noticed that I have a high bounce rate still on the website and this is even though I’m getting lots of new traffic viewing the website then switching off.

I did install the translator thinking this would improve the situation but it has not, my idea is to go through my pages briefly with you hoping you maybe pick one to browse or you never know even two if I’m lucky.

Beautiful pieces always coming

Beautiful pieces always coming

My blog

This has been a bit of a muddle up I have to admit and weebly are responsible for the date mix ups and I think that had a drop in views as folks couldn’t find where they were at, I can promise the blog page will be much better and easier to use.

With the blog I chat about collectibles bulldogs, bulldog topics, there’s guest posts and a couple from the beginning I should redo.

Check it out when maybe you have a while to kill, there’s tonnes of tips info stories and I’m even happy to announce I reached over 100 blogs before I had to delete a few.

These are all from my own opinions and knowledge except of course any of the guest blogs published.

After hard days blogging

After hard days blogging

Ceramics and Glass

Yep you guessed it the pages, well at least I thought are very self explanatory and as I didn’t have the luxury of having a gallery on this host server (Weebly – the site has been upgraded and moved host as of October 2016).

I had to make do with breaking up the collection into categories best I could.

There is even though muddled up a treasure trove of antique bulldog pieces from all over the world for your muse, it’s taken nearly ten years to amass what I hope you will want to look at and I feel I’ve curated as well as I can with the limited resources currently available.

The bulldog collectibles I have obtained can be dated back over two centuries and if you take the time to check some of the pieces out you will see just how rare and often beautifully made some of these amazing pieces are and the thoughts behind the artists that made them over 100 years ago.

You can check out the Ceramics & Glass section here.

Slag glass toothpick holder

Slag glass toothpick holder

Canadian doulton ceramic bulldog

Canadian doulton ceramic bulldog


Even I have to admit there’s a massive mismatch of antique bulldog pieces attached to this page but all being of a metal material of sorts quality and made from all sorts.

I’ve mentioned before my weakness has been silver before and could be why there’s a fair few pieces of silver in the collection.

Amongst these pieces you will find beauty’s made of bronze quirky pieces and even collectibles hard to describe but I can promise there is row after row of fantastic shelf benders from the heaviest brasses and bronzes to the smallest miniature’s all in fabulous detail and all obtained with passion and vigour.

For those that have seen my pages I know I have work to do and for new viewers please check out my collection and help me enjoy what I’ve accomplished before this site makes way for a brand new website YaY!!!

You can check out the Metals & More section here.

Bronze trophy USA

Bronze trophy USA

Books Art and More

I really do need some new page titles lol it’s lucky the new site will just have the one massive gallery with its different sections.

On this page I have been putting everything I have collected that’s either artistic or historical either in stature or date even both combined, for instance there’s not many other places in the whole world where you will see a copy of the bulldog standard and not many folks have drafted club rules for bulldog clubs in the 1920s.

As well as all this there’s some really informative and maybe rare books and I have collected quite a lot of art too.

This page does not boost any big info snippets as art is the weakest part for me in my field of collecting.

The page is colourful has tonnes of amazing pictures paintings and rare papers from a time gone by.

Check out Books, Art and More here.

Vintage advertising 1940s

Vintage advertising 1940s

ABOUT and the CEO

I think this page will be changing on the new website the relevant info will still be there but not as such a muddled page as it could look to some as it is now.

This is where I talk about my past bulldog and inspiration for my collection, I’m open about my mental health as an adult and advocate not only the voiceless but I try to inspire others to push on with dogged determination and at least try and reach your goals no matter how small.

Trying can come in many forms mine was collecting bulldogs and learning as I go, others may have other passions or aspirations they think they could never reach so that’s why I put myself and collection up for all to see I’m no saint not by a long shot and if I can do what I’ve done anyone has the potential to achieve too.

Learn more about me here & to learn about our CEO Wiggles click here.

Wiggles Our CEO

Wiggles Our CEO

Thank you

It’s going to take this old brain a little while to try and find out why I have such a large bounce rate at the moment I feel the icons to get to each page are marked clearly enough,.

I would like to say if you are having a little speed trouble downloading pages on Collectibulldogs please may I ask that you give it just that little extra second if on mobile Devices.

My host is in America where speeds are quicker than say Sweden in Europe so boredom while waiting may set in but I think you would agree after its well worth the wait to feast your eyes on a beautiful vast bulldog collection and all that goes with it.

To all you amazing folks sharing my posts I cannot thank you enough let’s try and see if we can get friends to re share so there’s a really good spread across social media and yes I know logging in is a pain but I really really appreciate all that’s done for the collection behind the scenes.

So until the new website is up and running please make the most of the collection pages and get this unranked Google website some deserved accolades.

Sounds brash I know but all this took tonnes of effort hard work and sacrifice and if used and viewed very well worth it. Till next time enjoy viewing and happy collecting…

For those that help support and share

For those that help support and share