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Hi readers as always I hope your doing well wherever your reading this from today’s article is explain the different types of blog articles we offer to our readers here at Collectibulldogs, there’s three main types and as I’ve had inquiries I thought I’d go through them one by one.
To have an article on our website is both a pleasure and an honour we’ve had lots of interesting emails from small websites wanting anchor text (where you turn a piece of content into a link, we have had lots of off topic submissions and of course those that want us to pay them instead.

Bloggings benifets

For me it’s writing content on Collectibulldogs news anything new or when I write about the collection but that’s me and my purpose yours could be totally different you could be telling a story selling a product promoting a brand or just want to get something off your chest well blogging is ideal for all I’ve just mentioned, I created a reach before I created the website but that’s not it.

Your article is permanent and gets recycled from a HUGE url list I have in my notes section you get that all important backlink from Collectibulldogs and your article is published on a website known for quality, check out the options (all get same published treatment) and have a think about blogging with or for us.

Blog option 1 #collectibulldogs posts


Blog posts from Collectibulldogs

The first of the blog segments is mine ! my articles are usually to do with the collection any new pieces I may of bought and news on how the website is doing, I keep all you good people up to date with what’s happening with the website and sometimes talk mental health not only to get things off my chest but to be honest hoping it can help others.
This year has been hard to blog do not get me wrong I have enough pieces to talk about and failing that I have a great back up team willing to give up time to pen down some great content for you to read whilst I’m busy sorting out issues like my upcoming wedding.

Blog option 2 #Guest Posts


a guest blog post that hit 3k views in first few hours

A Guest post in our eyes is normally written by those that still love to blog want to get their content out and hope linking up helps improve their own websites DA there’s not normally any spam type links in these blogs just a link leading back to the guest posters website.
We take all kinds of these guest posts they are great for our page ranking and trust flow and with high content quality and low external urls makes these the perfect blogs to keep a website punching hard, these are FREE to publish on Collectibulldogs as the host doesn’t have to counteract the backlinks you’ll find in option 3.

Blog option 3 Sponsored Posts still welcomed


Sponsored blog posts usually come with external links

We recently won a guest post award and since then these types of articles have dropped we think the guest post award has scared some from even asking but a sponsored blog article is just like a guest post but the writer is usually affiliated and gets paid, as it’s an article with sometimes lots of links we charge a fee the host uses the fee to buy backlinks back to our website keeping it from the realms of spamming.
Due to paid posts the article writers get full control over their article it’s not touched unless asked and we just do the SEO needed for the information on google, the links can be reviews or take you to website pages that sell products, we do not endorse these products or brands and any sales are between the reader and whom they are buying from WE DO NOT ALLOW SCAM OR SPAM writers on.

Come guest post (the free version)


Hey there come guest blog with us wez a great site

Got a website Facebook page twitter or even YouTube ? then why not add to your views or followers by guesting at Collectibulldogs, three hundred words two sub headings and a picture or two and you have a beautiful article you can take the credit for and add a link to your website.
We have different categories so if you want to guest but your niche is way off topic we will still publish but depending on its content it could end up as uncategorised, no fret the article will still get the same treatment when published and will go out just like all the others.

Where your Blogging ends up

Follow on Bloglovin
Blog articles can get thousands of hits and this is plenty much to the social media following we have on several top formats, Collectibulldogs has pages on twitter Facebook Google plus LinkedIn Pinterest tumblr Flickr and a few others like blog lovin and we ❤️ it, each formats following varies with Twitter being our highest with nearly 170 thousand genuine followers.
Social media aside there’s a few large blogging feeds that have our RSS feed feedspot Is just one and hundreds if not thousands of readers have us saved for any new content that may come out, that’s a lot of readers and from around the world too.

Let’s exchange urls

The last alternative to writing any blogs and stopping folk from spamming the comments section we offer a free reciprocal website link exchange with a DA of 30 and PR of 38 we are in good stead for a three year old website and proves how much effort has gone into its creation.
Exchanges on urls can be straight up links put on our sites, you can have a link put on an existing article or even anchor text to help with your keyword strength either way it’s a fair deal and you haven’t got to pay just add us to your site and get the same back.

Lastly  viewer participation needs to be seen


2019 could be a good year yet

With the pessimist in me wondering what lies ahead for 2019 I would really like to see a surge in blog comments forum submissions and overall viewer interactions, if this happens we have plans to totally revamp the website from top to bottom but we will not pay out if the website doesn’t get visits that interact with us.
Spent three years blogging original organic content on a pastime not even Wikipedia know about that’s how unique and special Collectibulldogs is and I do not want to give up out of sheer frustration or come to realise the website just isn’t needed but let’s see hey, till next time folks happy collecting.
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