End of year collectibulldogs blog 2022

Collectibulldogs blog 2022

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Hello readers it’s been a while 

Welcome to the End of year collectibulldogs blog 2022 it’s been awhile since I last wrote a piece to publish so let’s see if this article makes it. With some good news from Google for once there’s a chance a website like this gets more organic traffic

There are over three hundred articles in place on this website creating over 1 gig in a database that means we are so big we survive on our own server which costs twenty five pounds a month, the days of a smaller website went and a smaller bill when the encouraging emails to write articles kept coming.


My doctor feels that I am inspired when I do write articles so I’m guessing when he sees the end of year Collectibulldogs blog 2022 he will be happy that I have tried to put together an article even though those that know me know I cannot handle Christmas and new year.


But that’s not to say it’s all bad “oh no” even I can say that 2022 has pushed me in ways i cannot describe and I’m now part of a project I wrote about in 2020 about a project initiative aimed at people with emotional unstable personality disorder just like myself, The assessment was agonising and cost me an arm in the leg in the taxi fare I was accepted after the summer and have been going ever since.

End of year collectibulldogs blog 2022 lighthouse project


Collectibulldogs blog 2022 from the north light collection USA

During the summer of 2022 we had some upheaval in the United Kingdom and had too many Conservative prime minister‘s with one really messing up the economy, it was around this time I was using a taxi to get to the Lighthouse for assessment so if I was to say I spent nearly £500 that would be around the same as your currency in your countries at the moment or at that time.

Yes half of a thousand pound to get from Brighton to hove to meet strangers answer questions and honestly believing it was a waste of time, I didn’t think I’d get my placement it was not until my assessor asked me to be totally honest about my illness. We all dumb down what the brain thinks and opening up meant my true self was seen as needing this support.


So it’s the end of 2022 there’s no dentists in the uk the government’s inability to govern properly has caused the most strikes in modern history, Russia attack Ukraine without provocation and sports washing was used so that the homophobic country of Qatar could host the World Cup when the USA clearly won the bid. Climate change and the weather this year has really open the eyes of most of the people in the world as they say for themselves just how quick the weather is changing.

And myself ! Well I got into the LIGHTHOUSE  I’ve been going now for about eight to ten weeks and have my first care plan coming up in Jan 2023 the way the country has not bounced back after a mucked up mini budget means that jobs are thin on the ground and budgets for the public sector have shrunk so I’m so so grateful that my dr got me the placement it’s three years of hope in a world I have troubles navigating.

Copper bulldog antiques

Collectibulldogs blog 2022 showing new pieces on social media has been fun

Collectibulldogs blog 2022 any achievements to speak of


This part is easy to start ? That feeling you get when you leave something for a while ! It becomes harder and harder to approach and that’s what happened to me and anything to do with using an iPad, I’m not just talking about not blogging but all thing’s relatable to picking up a gadget to use it. I believe I may of added a couple of backlinks at some point for an online acquaintance and the last thing I remember was doing search engine optimisation for my websites articles.


Am I back again wow that is a great question well let’s just say I may not of added much creative content on here but since I’ve hit that regret and picked up this god forsaken object I’ve been growing on social media. Growing very well on some and slower on others but that’s where I’ve put all my energies just lately. With the Twitter account back (yes if trump can have his back for inciting violence in the capital of his country surely I can have mine back for making a stupid mistake…..well that’s what I put in my reason to come back box.

Collectibulldogs blog 2022

Collectibulldogs blog 2022 heads up for a better 2023

Unfortunately Twitter is still the same even though it is now owned by Elon Musk he has started up a project where you can now buy the blue tick that so many people were envious of, If you pay him £11 a month he will give you the Twitter blue extras and that blue verification tick, many haven’t noticed that there are no gold and square takes these are for the elite businesses bluetick it’s just basically you verifying your phone number. Collectibulldogs as of today is still waiting for the verification to come up and we have already got ourselves into trouble because Twitter rules and how you follow them seem to clash.


Digressing now let’s move on to Facebook or Mehta as it is now called, our Eiffion Ashdown collectibulldogs page has slowly grown to the point the numbers on the page actually changed lol, it’s now up to seven point five thousand followers with nearly two thousand following ie engaged. I have had to cheat and plough down followers see who wants to join and interested and those that are not are unfollowed! Yes I would like to spend more time doing things that are conducive with the website but unfortunately I still have to promote everything myself


Beswick and Doulton

Collectibulldogs blog 2022 the year 1989 when Doulton bought the Beswick name

Both our second Instagram account and Pinterest account are doing well, Instagram is getting a higher reach than the followers we have and collectibulldogs and it’s pages and boards are getting between fifty and two hundred followers per day this means our impressions drop as more people are added or followed back but that’s ok with forty one thousand followers and collaboration with hundreds of other boards means any idea post can reach ten thousand people in an hour.

Facebook has been fun and very frustrating at the same time, I’ll post an object that gets seen by hundreds and gets tonnes of engagement then it’s like someone’s dropped a stinky and everyone’s left, I’ve posted many times since and I’m lucky if some get ten likes or shares I think to myself why press yes to the invitation if you have no interest in bulldog antiques and collectibles or the Collectibulldogs collection (first time I’ve mentioned bulldog in this blog)


As I continue I’d like to say thank you to those that have my back on social media unfortunately I haven’t asked your permissions yet to use your names but I think most of you will know who you are, including I must say and I think it’s not an Irish wind up but Gary o Sullivans mum follows me on Facebook, and in the same breathe id like to thank Gary for his continued support he’s not once asked to stop being our website endorsement. For some it’s off putting especially advertising the fact on Twitter but I’d rather have an Irish boxer endorse what I do here than say any affiliation with some of those that have contacted collectibulldogs.


Finally here I’m going to say Alas yes alas ! Going back to Twitter after an eighteen month sulk was not worth the effort I put into the frustration of losing this account, it’s like a ghost town I still have one hundred and seventy four thousand followers but that’s a big drop, people seem to scared to retweet anymore and hundreds of accounts I follow have thousands of tweets not retweeted. The same frustration comes from low scores on Facebook so during therapy I’m going to explore wether it’s an envy as I’m watching others doing better than me or is it as I first said Bulldogs are one of the hardest dogs to promote let alone antiques and collectibles related to the breed.

COLLECTIBULLDOGS BLOG 2022 where to send you next ?

Exquisite Golden bulldog snuffbox

Collectibulldogs blog 2022 here’s a Exquisite Golden bulldog snuffbox

Here’s the tricky part readers, it’s now my responsibility to add content that will lead you away from my article it has to be relatable it cannot be spam led and needs to be a link to something educational and or a website or forum that’s linked in with everything I’ve been talking about BUT here’s the snag Google wants readers to scroll read and interact best they can with an article or it’s website so why must I add backlinks that will score other sites and take my readers away? I’ll think of a good link as I’m writing.


Bingo ! I’m going to add a link but also add links to my social media page for each format and hope some readers are attached to any of these formats and come join us, as stated the English bulldog is the underdog when it comes to promoting which is such a shame as I can show you plenty of pieces where the bulldog likeness or breed itself has been used and still is used in advertising campaigns.


here’s a couple of internal links these will take you to other blog articles in the website to enjoy and just press your back buttons after to continue here let’s see there’s The Dark side to borderline personality disorder 2022 and I have mentioned the lighthouse so if anyone wants to see what they do here’s their website THE LIGHTHOUSE PROJECT BRIGHTONIt is interesting to see what goes on there and how they support and help people in the community with emotionally unstable personality disorder,

Another external link outwards I’m adding will help collectibulldogs blog 2022 rank better it’s from a fellow blogger whom we share backlinks to and throw ! And the reason we share backlinks is because some of he’s articles have a fit with our website unlike Many that tried to submit articles way off the mark. He writes about moving objects from one place to another safely wether it’s about bubble wrap or the right moving companythese links will be seen from time to time.

A bulldog figurine made from coal

A bulldog figurine made from coal collectibulldogs blog 2022
This was part of an idea to create conversation

Collectibulldogs blog 2022 new pictures for 2023

There is a mis mash of bulldog memorabilia in this blog article I’m not sure how to express emotion or envisage over three thousand words in picture form so I’ve cheated and added a few of the pictures I’ve used on social media lately, yes this will annoy those that have already seen them but as it’s a generic article with no prior idea of writing surely I can be forgiven this time.

Also I’m bound by an article writing system on this website that wants me to go green ! I wished that meant go plant a tree 🌲 or something organic like that but going green here means I have to design this blog article so that the SEO or search engine optimisation has to reach eighty or above to be seen as searchable or interesting, things like positive or negative words in the title power words in the title and all the basic SEO that goes with writing an article.

Royal Doulton

Collectibulldogs blog 2022. Here’s the smaller versions of Royal Doulton from the collectibulldogs collection

apparently I rank for one hundred and ninety keywords so that in layman’s terms means each post I’ve updated so far now ranks for its updated keywords the issue usually around this is finding them and how they became my keywords in the first place unless it’s the words chosen in past blogs that aim straight to collectibulldogs. I’m also quite content with Google is algorithm for 2023 as it is aimed less at e commerce and more at websites oozing with quality content which we have by the hundreds and some research and big words could make us a popular website next year.


unable and unwilling to get folk to like my pictures or collectibulldogs the collection I would like to say one thing, with the new breeding laws in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 there will be a demise of squishy faced breeds by twenty forty, I have added an article or links on this topic it’s a group lobbying government since the early 2000s made up of the RSPCA PDSA the Royal College of veterinary surgeons and hundreds of vets across the UK don’t even want to call the bulldog a dog anymore, I find all this unfair and not the answer making the beloved bulldog even more lovable and a breed not to take for granted or greed anymore.


Collectibulldogs blog 2022 should I be proud 🥹



Let’s talk numbers my Word count is two thousand two hundred and thirty two this and all the picture adds has brought me into the green zone of eighty two on the articles score sheet but that’s not enough for today’s articles. Google loves new content the more information the better so if I wrote an article with six hundred words I wouldl only score 20% and major keywords wouldn’t be counted.


this action can be difficult if you do not have anything that you wish to talk about or to add to your article fortunately for me I would like to continue writing my articles to let people know about the end of my year and what I hope for in 2023, The year ended with Christmas and a birthday for my three year old and I gave my eldest daughter funds to create own 21st birthday party yes that is a bit of a gap for having children but that is how it goes.

Bulldog antiques

Collectibulldogs blog 2022
Ceramic heads at collectibulldogs

not Wanting to upset anyone that could not afford the festive season I myself struggled but I did manage to give my family a Christmas that did not include the COST OF LIVING CRISIS my eldest daughter understands the politics around this but how do you tell a three-year-old that they can’t have a baby shark toy because you have to put the money on the electric so that you can bath her and keep her warm on cold nights. i’m not going to worry about the festive season next year I’m just going to get on with 2023 try and do well in my therapy sessions and have agreed with my wife to take my daughter sorry our daughter are places around the United Kingdom that none of us have been to yet.

Ukraine under fire by Russia Taiwan getting ready for a years subscription for men into the army because of the tensions between Taiwan and China as well as China falling out with America I’m asking for peace in 2023, i’ve grown up seeing people such as Gerry Adams from the IRA when I was a child Saddam Hussein and bin Laden as well as other so-called terrorist and countries that create war I don’t want this for my daughter I don’t want her to grow up watching the news saying countries fighting each other and asking why because personally I do not have the answers I hope we can I wish for peace in 2023 and those that create war see sense and come to the negotiating table.

Collectibulldogs blog 2022 lastly !

truthfully speaking I never thought I was going to be blogging again and I am gathering already when I read this book it either does not make sense or I have lots of spelling mistakes or both but that doesn’t detract from the fact that a few hours ago there was nothing on this page and now I have filled it with quite a few words to create an article worth publishing, If you were to check my other blog articles you will see hundreds of them have bulldogs memorabilia antiques and Collectibles as the title and some of my articles you will find in the mental health section where I hate stigma is shown the back door as I talk about my own mental health disorder whilst running Collectibulldogs and other ideas I have


collecting bulldogs memorabilia has become more expensive than ever but I will endeavour to sort out new pieces that I have found and share for Collectibulldogs to write about and research and give the facts as I find them, I have missed the collecting side and it doesn’t help when your alerts are swapped from ANTIQUE BULLDOG CLUB PIECES to handbags and Pandora alerts by the wife, yes it’s nice to share but once it’s out of sight it’s out of mind and that’s partly how I lost my mojo.

Wooden bulldogs

Collectibulldogs blog 2022

In 2023 I would like to get at least one bulldog antique collectible or rare item per month this will help with a blog per month as I will have something to talk about the only issue is when I’m sharing to social media unlike this article that may get hundreds and hundreds of readers I am not gonna get hundreds and hundreds of likes when I post to certain formats unfortunately, it would be nice to have a clear out to make some space to get some new pieces in I’m not sure yet what type I would like to go for or how much I would like to spend but I do know I will not be spending that kind of money are used to eight years ago.

This leaves 2022 and for me to say a prosperous safe and happy new year to all the Collectibulldogs readers and those that engage with the Collectibulldogs ethos or idea of sharing this bulldog loving past time, thank you very much for your support during 2022 and we hope that you will be back in 2023 to see all the new goodies just feel well I have been getting on at the Lighthouse oh and don’t forget Porsche I think in my next blog I will add a section about how well she is nearly at the age of four years young

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