Churchill insurance

Churchill insurance umbrella present oh yes

Churchill insurance our present oh yes

Hi there folks I hope you are safe and well, if you remember from our last blog I had stated wiggles had made friends with the churchie dog and even bigger Churchill insurance, it was fun talking to well another person pretending to be a dog pretty much what I do. Oh yes
We waited a week and you know my pessimism I was thinking it was a hoax and nothing was going to be coming, yet again I was wrong there was a card put through the door and the parcel needed collecting but due to grand dad being in hospital we couldn’t sort other things till after.
Churchill insurance

Wiggles checking out her present

Churchill insurance

Mum what’s this ?

Churchill insurance

Hey look another bulldog oh it’s churchie

Churchill insurance umbrella oh yes

Oh yes oh yes oh yes a bulldog that talks I thought but when debs sent me a picture of the package opened I was pleasantly surprised, now there must be 1000s of people that have this special Churchie bulldog brolly but I must be one of the only people to get sent one for a dog.
This gesture was a very kind thing for Churchill insurance to do and now we will look the coolest up the green with our new umbrella with Churchie on I guess many will stare and want one but they cannot as they are not cute like wiggles lol.
Churchill insurance

Me wiggles and churchie umbrella

Churchill insurance answer is a oh no

With the website being rebuilt we approached Churchill insurance to see if they would like to indorse us for free in exchange for a hidden backlink placed anywhere on their website, this match of bulldogs collections and insurance felt really right but Churchie said oh no.
That’s fine and we will take it on board but when I do get some proper help to gain brand names we will resend the email but to their head office and written much more professionally by my mentor and hopefully Churchie will come up with something that’s makes him say oh yes.
Churchill insurance

Churchill insurance may change their minds one day

Collectibulldogs deserves to rise oh yes

The idea behind getting brand endorsements for us is just trust flow we don’t wish to make funds from organisations and companies but the website does have advertising opportunities and in the end there will be brand names on our site getting free advertising 24/7 and the doubters will miss out.
Thank you again to all at the Churchie Churchill insurance group your gift was thoughtful and even though I didn’t wish this was the end of the road I hope you can find it in churchies heart to change your mind and give us the DA backlink that would help our little website no end but hey if it’s oh no it’s oh no, till next time folks happy collecting and stay dry oh yes.
Churchie was asked for for a quote for this blog 
“Oh Yes! Churchie thinks these pictures are great. He’s really glad you like your new umbrella and hopes you use it to go out on lots of walkies”. 
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