Auction raffle for bulldog rescue

Christmas cracker of an auction raffle

Auction raffle

Played a trick saying we only had one box 📦 for Christmas donation for auction / raffle


Welcome one and all I hope your all well especially this time of year with the grotty noses and no self esteem lol. Christmas cracker of an auction Is about the Donation given to the local bulldog walk on behalf of bulldog rescue U.K. this is set in Sussex.


We know a lovely 😊 lady whom has just done our wedding 👰 venue and I agreed to gift 🎁 this lady and her friend for such an amazing job and more important than that put a smile on my new brides face that I’ll never forget.

Christmas bulldog donations for auction raffle prizes


There’s two Christmas boxes 📦 to collect for auction raffle


With a hoover an ironing board and even a mattress it was not easy picking out Christmas crackers for an auction and due to separation anxiety I asked Debbie my wife to pick most, I know it sounds silly but a downfall of collecting for some of us is the fact we hate it when pieces go out the door.


Testament to what’s been collected and not greed otherwise I would not let any go it’s just a feeling you have to ignore and if I’m using my mindset right it means more space, the only issue there is after two full boxes 📦 and the ladies gifts still has not made a dent in the bulldog room.

Gifts well earned

Christmas Move

I found two gifts 🎁 each for the ladies


The two lovely ladies that sorted the venue are local both work with bulldogs and charity fund raising BOTH ladies are inspirational if you got to know them and debs and myself are so lucky to know such wonderful individuals since we entered the world of bulldogs years ago.


As promised I’ve picked out two special pieces each for both ladies, the first instruction came from the wife that I offer this gesture and the second instruction is that we would love 💖 the ladies to keep these keepsakes not just for investment purposes but to cherish and add to whatever pieces they have already.



From walking in to the venue the first dance even the sweetheart sweets and crystals made the space perfect 👌 and after a grand wedding 💒 it was the icing on the cake to see debbies face light up it was as if her dream day was just getting better, ladies you did a fantastic job and thank you 🙏 once more.

Back to Christmas auction raffle

Auction raffle

A mixture of different bling for Christmas auction raffle


Firstly remember when you attend a charity auction the emphasis is to help create as much money as possible for rescue bulldogs your best price Vs the satisfaction that there’s animals out there not being put to sleep but a nationwide campaign to re home as many as possible, Bulldog rescue can be found using this link after you’ve read the article.


This years offerings are two boxes 📦 of compiled bulldog figurines and other such pieces, a pair of 1960s potting bulldogs a yes for the eagle eyed there’s a pug there too, not just any pug but a Victorian slip porcelain piece these are quite fragile so I hope new owner takes care of it.



Nope we have not stopped there we’ve dug out a mixture of jewellery to add to the donation, bracelets pendants earrings (clean n new) and other bits and bobs too, I hope once I give the link to the page at least some will think of joining in you never know you could find a bargain.


Are you the kind of person that enjoys raffles and auctions if so contact admin 👩‍💼 here at the The Bulldog page and you will directed to how the raffle and auction work, the pieces others have donated too (of course) will be on show and I believe most prizes will be available to see by next weekend at the latest, please check page for auction start date too.

Christmas for Collectibulldogs


I will be very lucky this year not only will I get my KNUD KYHN PIECE but I know I’ll be getting some bulldog memorabilia for Christmas my wife thinks I spend to much time sorting out my website and not enough time collecting and researching, I’ll have to split my time more in 2019.


Other than this donation and gift sending has been contacted by an interested party 🎉 I believe they are a pupil at Sussex university but I have a vague email to go by at the moment, when I hear more about this lady and her interest in us I’ll deffo let you good folk know. Until next time happy collecting.

Check out debbies kind donation to the bulldog auction for more information on debbies scentsy venture just follow the link she’s just started up needs new customers but also needs drive and tanasity to get going Check out her page there maybe something you like.

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