Chariots of fire memory mine got jacked in 1994

Chariots of fire

Chariots of Fire mine got jacked

Hi readers here’s to a new month new ideas and the same old same old, I wanted to tell you a story from my childhood and I called it Chariots of Fire mine got jacked


This story takes me back to 1994 the sun was hot and we (the school ) were sitting in the school hall waiting for our oddly looking headteacher to appear



Mrs Fletcher came through the doors went on stage and pushed a plug into the wall I saw as she moved it was a portable music system and I cannot remember if it was a cassette or a CD.



Just before that teacher pressed play she turned to the assembly asked us all to turn 90% towards the sun close our eyes and envision a successful life and career using the music as a pretext to reaching that goal.

Chariots of fire 🔥 mine got jacked


After looking around like a typical teenager being nosy I did close my eyes but I did not envision a career or any kind of life that was worth living, I was more focused on how I was going to get home safe.



I could’ve listened to the music and thought to myself I’m going to do great in life but being a smart lad there was no point in me wasting thinking time thinking about white horses across the sand I had bullies to avoid.


Not wishing to name drop I started secondary school in the same classroom as the model and TV presenter Katie Price there were also other people at my school that became famous that I’m sure were listening to the chariots of Fire.



It wasn’t like I cared back then anyway listening to that chariots of fire 🔥 knowing that you are a statistic doesn’t really help the morale of finding your way in life and growing up under the umbrella of social services sort of gave away the fact my life was not going to be the same as others.

I got jacked


Sad to say now but back then I found it hard not to giggle as I was just a lad picturing my chariot in my head going nowhere as it was stood on bricks ! indicative of the estate I grew up on and how bad my own future would become.


Imagine being on a sandy beach alongside thousands of chariots of fire 🔥 all of a sudden all the chariots of fire start moving forwards at a great pace and you look down to find your chariot has no wheels.

John Beswick / Doris Linder amazing artists 1900s

Let’s be honest and frank here my parents had already made sure I was not to have a normal life, no parents should get away with the life I was given to endure so you see I had no dreams or passions hence there was no place for my Chariot to go


The music has a dramatic key change and we were told to picture running in our heads with the thoughts we had, my thoughts were of running from the bus stop to my house unharmed.

Chariots of fire mine went the wrong way


Looking back it’s easy to blame others to mope and dwell on things that cannot be changed ! It’s also easy to look at life in a direction that’s not taught in any school by any song.

Merit award what does it mean ?


My chariots of fire just took a U-Turn I was to small to see that my wheels had not been jacked it was just the fact my horses were not following the rest and found me a new un trodden path.


The unfortunate part is that my old life has defined me yet I have managed to stay on the right path even though I have had more issues than most to deal with there is lots to be grateful for.


We are known for our actions and our character as humans and being the clever little fella that I am I knew that the wrong thing to do in life was to emulate how my parents treated me and my siblings this helped to create the love that I am surrounded by today.

Making my own luck 🍀


For some it would be impossible to look back on one’s life and think that anything good could come of it but with my life has been exactly the opposite, i’ve been with the love of my life now for over 25 years.


If that’s not a blessing in itself then I also have two beautiful and amazing daughters, these are blessings that I see as more important than any kind of fame or fortune in life.

google having a giggle online Evolution

The Brighton Argus / Prelude Monday’s article

Life has not been fair I feel my life has been one lived just like atlas with the weight of the world balanced on my shoulder yet I’ve used my other arm and shoulder to get on with life.


Forty four now means I should of found my feet years ago and in a previous blog it does state this did not happen until I was in my thirties but really thinking back I found my feet when I became a father.

Chariots of Fire a different outcome


The eldest of my two daughters is twenty she’s hard work especially around her love life yet I’ve managed not to emulate my parents at all and my eldest is not only a carer but at university studying to become a detective.

Success to me looks like this ! A happy daughter at university living her life with a smile yes there’s dramas but that’s what dads are for.


And my little Beautiful sienna mae she’s so cute so smart and mad about baby shark, this bundle of joy was a surprise but the best ever kind of surprise and made our little family a bit bigger.


My wife is generally a happy person I like to think of myself as a decent understanding and loving husband and in return I get a loving wife who has been with me through thick and thin and deserves every bit of happiness she gets in a life which occurred when she became pregnant.

Bulldogs changed my life !

Chariots of fire

CHARIOTS OF FIRE ARTICLE The first hero behind Collectibulldogs

There’s no reason to say that bulldogs actually saved my life but they did change it ! I was in my 30s when I landed on my feet so to speak this was when I started the idea of a postal collection which I will talk more about in the second half of this blog.



as I look back at that assembly that day I think to myself what would my headteacher think of me now would there be pride in what I’ve managed to do with every stigma towards the mental health Or just like society as a whole with there be no interest in this idea that I have created



You will get to learn all about my collecting my collection and the accolades and achievements that have come with this award-winning website from the past seven years you will also see the commitment and the dexterity in which this collection has been put together the quality alone states that the collector knows his knowledge.



this particular collector is not saying that he knows everything there is to know about bulldogs antiques or collecting in general for 11 years of collecting bulldogs antiques and Collectibles has given me enough knowledge to run Wikipedia which means that my brain knows more about bulldogs collecting than a massive computer for this I’m quite proud,


I’m going to leave the story of chariots of fire to talk about something more positive and that’s collectibulldogs a beautiful visual treat for bulldog/ dog lovers and appreciators of antiques and Collectibles from yesteryear John Beswick / Doris Linder amazing artists 1900s

Brighton born bulldog antiques museum

Chariots of fire


Hi readers old and newer I’ve decided it’s time to re promote Brightons bulldog antiques collectibles Museum and try and get our name back onto peoples tongues again.

Bulldog memorabilia antiques and collectibles is a pastime that for many in the 70s going backwards relished in and then at the time collecting their own version of a bulldog collection


Why should collectibulldogs be any different why should collectibulldogs get you as visitors why ask for trust pilot and Google reviews and who should give a damn about a hobbyists website no matter the theme.


The simple answer to this question is why not ! If you think about the 2 million live websites that are available to everybody that can be bothered to use a server means at least 60% are either direct sales gambling or adult sites.

Brighton born antiques museum online

Chariots of fire

CHARIOTS OF FIRE ARTICLE This is from yellow dog antiques proving it’s the social media formats not the users
It’s that sun again ! keep your dog cool


Around 25% of business Online is now reselling worth point first dibs and other outlets party to this new phenomenon, first dibs will buy a piece from eBay clean it up and then make a profit by reselling.


Other than government websites that leaves about 15% of us out there with personal URLs this does not mean we are e-commerce and as you know Collectibulldogs is Brightons bulldog antiques collectibles Museum


This leaves about 10 to 15% of us that are content creators whom spend time in research in article writing I’m reaching out to the public with our findings on the niche or theme that we are known for.


I myself or Collectibulldogs as a whole proud to have this one-of-a-kind idea Of an online creation unfortunately the hobby of bulldog memorabilia and bulldog antique collecting has diminished so does that make our English bulldog memorabilia blogs more or less important now

Brighton bulldog memorabilia

Chariots of fire

CHARIOTS OF FIRE ARTICLE The collection has 14 sub sections including artworks


We are not your typical museum if you came to my home I’d most probably show you in and around the collection but our bulldog memorabilia is actually based online among over 400 articles.

Unfortunately I have been working with a host that could not get two of the four site maps read / crawled by Google And all other servers this meant that over 450 articles will be missed out on as only four our five back links were being found.


Google head of indexed the articles one by one as they were being published then we would’ve got a lot more visitors and blog publishing speed could of slowed down.


This would’ve made the whole venture cheaper as I wouldn’t need a whole server to myself for a website that’s mostly archived blogs if these had of been indexed and read by the masses they could’ve been delete it after.

Bulldog memorabilia


I started out in 2013 I bought a brass version of the Melba ware bulldog and because I was dealing with a fellow person with mental health issues I disagreement started and I had to give it back.


Then I found another that I have paid £25 for and I sold this price bulldog for £40 making £15 profit, I look down at my bulldog at the time scruffy Louise and the idea came to me like it was my own idea in the world that bulldogs collecting would be a good idea.

Chariots of fire

CHARIOTS OF FIRE ARTICLE Bulldogs and collectibles The quality is only matched by the quantity
Bulldog antiques museum google mapped

Remember Back then I’m what I thought as the only person in the world to be collecting bulldogs memorabilia and Collectibles I thought that we have just one bookshelf and three or four cupboards full that I knew everything there was to know about this past time ! boy was I wrong.


In the last recession I was a secret shopper for a lady in Hawaii and this resulted in a relationship that went on for a few years and I created what could be the best bulldogs collection in the USA for this lady, some of my pieces are the result of the secret  shopping and the clients generosity.

Bulldog museum of my own

Chariots of fire

CHARIOTS OF FIRE ARTICLE One day I’ll have a museum but for now we are lucky 🍀 to have an article writer Wynne

Collectibulldogs was introduced online in August 2015 it’s seven years old and has had over 6 million visitors since it went live and has had 3 facelifts.

Trying to keep bulldogs and the character behind them alive I have been lucky enough to introduce bulldog memorabilia to my local paper to my local radio and the national TV showed a segment with my bulldog memorabilia one morning, this can be seen on the Collectibulldogs YouTube channel.


Working hard to keep this bulldog dream alive is a total understatement, The cheapest part of the whole venture has been the website £350 a year for hosting and the new website cost me about £1000.


Reselling now means if I wish to buy certain pieces i’m not looking at international smaller outlets now it’s places like first dibs that have swiped up all the antiques on third-party sites and added a premium whilst selling them on.

Brightons bulldog memorabilia continued

Chariots of fire

CHARIOTS OF FIRE ARTICLE🔥 Bulldog blog back once more here’s a picture of me out something the dr will be keen to push for

All the top brands from Royal Copenhagen to Royal Doulton  have been snapped up and the sellers are using software that can grab bids from places like eBay whilst using this robot to bid against you

Bing and Grondahl is a perfect example of this new reselling idea of people making lots of money if you google Bing and Grondahl ceramic bulldog figurine I can guarantee that one of the places that pops up is first dibs.


Pricing people out of the market is exactly what reselling is doing it’s not like people buying a piece is adding a little profit and then selling it on I have found bulldogs memorabilia at over £1000, a few years ago you were looking at a few hundred pounds.


This particular Bulldog memorabilia and antiques collectables Collector is very lucky indeed as I have nearly 12 years experience with online sellers I also know the worth of pieces and whether or not the price matches up with the peace being sold.

Brightons bulldog antiques

Chariots of fire

CHARIOTS OF FIRE ARTICLE Family friendly and fun as well as knowledgable

Either getting into debt or saving is the only way many bulldogs memorabilia collectors will be able to get the quality pieces added to the collections don’t get me wrong many sellers out there do you have some amazing pieces for sale really good prices.

The resellers that want quadruple the price of an object are just playing on peoples yearn to add to their collections and that’s why some are prepared to pay over the top just to own the piece.


If you was to ask me about hell collectors move forward I would suggest collecting from smaller sellers on third-party sites these normally have a selection of different canine pieces but are friendlier happily put a layaway and can Haggle a little bit.


Unfortunately it is my belief that when you go onto the first Dips website you don’t even get the price with the bulldog memorabilia or antique, there’s a description and then you have to contact them for the price

Brightons bulldog antiques collectibles Museum tips !

Chariots of fire

CHARIOTS OF FIRE ARTICLE Unfortunately at the moment Google Maps have taken us off of their business section

Having a friend overseas is brilliant especially when you are buying from that country and you don’t wish to pay too much money on top just to have it shipped to your home, usually you will find that your friend can ship it for cheaper

eBay and Etsy have a combination of different sellers if you get to know some of them you can learn to barter and to have layaways this means they will put a piece away until you can pay for it they may even suggest a payment plan or you can suggest this to them.


One thing I have learnt about third-party auction sites is the fact that the site itself doesn’t help the individuals with marketing is one way to get a little discount is to advertise the sellers link on your social media account or website this often works as for the seller loves the fact that they will be getting additional advertising.


eBay has about 35% in stale shops these are part of eBay that advertise their pieces but seldom get a sale if you can find a canine or bulldog related seller I will guarantee you that they will be happy to hold any pieces for you as it will be a sale for them even if it means waiting until the end of the month


For further information tips tricks and bartering techniques i’d like to urge you to download my bulldog memorabilia a book it’s the first of its kind in the world and can help you to build up a collection without costing the Earth.

Brightons bulldog antiques collectibles Museum LASTLY !

Chariots of fire

CHARIOTS OF FIRE ARTICLE Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces Could be uks oldest bulldog trophy

Before I bring this blog to an end I would first like to say thank you for putting up with the keywords I’m not sure if anyone noticed but I have used certain words quite a few times I am hoping that keyword metrics still work and that my blog will get picked up on its content creation alone.


These articles are no longer the ultimate user experience not that I ever thought that they were and Google now wants the user experience to be the top metric for blogging websites, I had only just learnt how to do perfect search engine optimisation before publishing.


I will be on the search for organic back links and if you are a website or if you have a social media account with a spare website insert that you can add Collectibulldogs to I would happily pay for the space !!! For example our article writer Wynne has on her Twitter account.


Blog comments especially over 30 words long, trust pilot reviews, Google reviews, and hashtags like( #collectibulldogs)  onto social media accounts would all help show Google we are not dead in the water yet.


iIf you liked my article on chariots of fire or my chat about my bulldog collection please can you share my article, likes reviews and comments on my work too would be fantastic! Putting together a blog like this takes hours so it’s nice to know it’s read thank you.


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