Good and bad news #Brighton

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Hi there readers I hope your all well and safe wherever you maybe and I know it’s far and wide by the correspondence I’ve had on my media posts just lately so if your new to the website, or knowing of me (big head lol) or a collector that’s just found us then HOWDY there.

I will start with my bad news first I think folks and then we can move on, It’s with regret that I have to say I’m finding it very hard to get support from my local city here in Brighton and feel I’m not being taken seriously either when promoting or posting.

It was my mentor that recommended posting Locally to show my local community what’s on their doorstep but I’m yet to get anywhere I will try harder to try and gain the support from my fellow brightonians yet I feel like it’s either going to be a massive struggle or just like (excuse my pun) flogging a dead horse. Speaking of trying to reach out that brings me to some cheerier news.

Networking isn’t easy and when you try and describe the collection to others I do not think they think it’s as extensive as I claim but still I carry on hoping for some publicity, This recently happened for me with myself being lucky enough to be on @thisisheart which for those that do not know English radio is Heart FM. Please use the link if you wish to listen to the newscaster and how I was on the radio, I will say that I do not think I will ever feel right about how I sound on the radio but if needs must then I’m to just deal with it and grow some confidence.
You can listen to the newscast here

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Characterising Collections

This blog started as a thought (yep I do get em sometimes lol) it was whilst I was changing a few pieces round for a picture to send to @thisisheart that I started to wonder if someone’s collection could say anything about their own personal characters this may sound complicated but is actually quite easy to explain.

When you look at your collection how do you see it? What do you have? How is it displayed? These are just a few taletail signs of how your set up can say a lot about you and your collecting passion and lifestyle.

What’s yours like

Personally I cannot get away with saying how neat and perfect my own collection is I think the amount collected shows signs of my OCD and this combined with the lack of space means that I have troubles displaying my pieces and having nice spacious shelves where I can beautifully display a few pieces at a time is a pipe dream here, instead I have 100s in each cabinet very bunched up and so many sub collections I’ve lost count now. I would love to have the collection displayed as I have seen others but the bulldog to space ratio is such that if I did this many would have to go into storage and not be seen unless I swap and change.

I have to be mindful whilst collecting that I have a goal but everybody is different so this means that even though it’s not in my best interest to find pieces that are flawed to add to collectibulldogs there must be folks out there that fall in love with pieces that have been restored or repaired not worrying wether it’s going to make them a profit in the coming future or help the collection gain any prestige but just because they like it.

I would think there is the polar opposite too with some or many collectors not buying pieces they have found flaws in, this could be down to a few factors with investment and pristine condition being at the top of the list. It’s with interest I watch thrifty folks that collect because it’s normally those that find that next best piece and the other type of collector is that whom sees upcycling in a flawed piece to make it usable again and that to me shows real passion and a great way to recycle too.

Messy or Meticulous

Some of us out there are quite regimented when it comes to our collections the dates for cleaning subsections are normally around the same time just like spring cleaning and even though I too am meant to have these days I frown upon the cleaning part it’s soooo boring but you know in your mind it needs doing or will become tarnished dirty etc, I’m not sure if there is a sliding scale but the other type of collector I’ve met is one with lots and lots in their collection amazing unique pieces but all out or not behind glass for protection and it’s true everybody to their own but I would worry to much about a piece getting broken.

We all find calm in our own chaos and I bet those that don’t worry so much about what the collection looks or displays like still have their own set up and method just like those that look more organised.

Your Hearts Desire

Since I started my own collection I have met oh so many different collectors now they are all a bit different (obviously) and all have different reasons for why they collect and what they collect.

Let’s start with me my goal is to make sure my daughters does well in the future and as my life wasn’t to pleasant it spurs me on to create the best legacy possible with what I do have and learn.

A big majority (sorry ladies) are mature ladies these wonderful people have collections that would have you drooling (well some anyway) and these ladies will be donating theirs to their chosen bulldog rescues and surprisingly in this day and age some are even leaving their whole estates, I only sound surprised as the world has changed so much this past decade it seemed that an option like that wasn’t doable anymore but I stand corrected.

Bulldog rescues sometimes do well so please remember to donate if you can as they don’t get big long streaks of donations and most are totally reliant on public money/donations to stay afloat.

I suppose investment would be the next choosen agenda wether this be for your own offspring as a nest egg or for yourself/s I don’t know cash in and see the world, do a bucket list, for some maybe buy a sailing yacht, it doesn’t matter really if you started out felt the passion, supported our free market (and the dang postal services) (oh and the queens duty for me) and then went and turned it all into happiness and memories then you can say it was a great ride and well worth the end result.

Hierlooms is the segment i think best discribes what I have planned as well as many others, there are generational collectors out there that have been fortunate enough to be left amassed treasures and some will continue the tradition whilst others are off down to the auction rooms which sadly has become more so over the past decade or so, the idea that collecting went out of fashion and young folks not wanting responsibly many collections (some quite famous) have now split up and been sold on.

My idea for the collection at collectibulldogs is gain museum status, that way the collection will be my daughters, she will make a revenue from proceeds and the collection gets displayed in museums around the country, yes it does sound like a pipe dream but I think it’s the way forward and better than if I sold the pieces as a retail outlet.

If your collecting for another reason not listed I would love to hear what it is as any other outcomes would be new to my thinking so if it’s not for investment charity or a nest egg for siblings it would be intriguing as to why and the out come that’s planned.

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All or None

So next time your at your collection check out your pieces and see if your collection speaks anything about the way you are it’s not important just interesting and as you can see by the gallery I left my pieces are very much bunched up yet investable or antique so I’m confused straight away, now I know I’m messy I take so many pictures for different reasons I leave pieces out for ages before getting told off.

Remember its just a thought exsercise so if your all or none of these it doesn’t matter what mattters is the four legged fur balls you all share your homes with collections are a luxury and some of us sacrifice things as to have such good collections but it’s the real bulldogs we love so much that we sacrifice the most for and that’s our lives cos as they say your bulldog becomes your life I’m just happy mine gave me the idea for all this.

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So kind but needs more views

Collectibulldogs was kindly asked to guest blog for a lady called Karen. I think you may of seen her blog on her fav subjects Cats!!!

Yes cats I know not bulldogs, but I have openly invited bloggers to write what they wish at least I know that way my readers are gettting something different every now and again.

Thank you to mullards Antiques for letting us into their blogging platform and hopefully enough promoting will bring in a few views or more.

To view the guest blog please visit Mullard Antiques


Hi there fellow twits it’s great that twitter has finally made it onto the analytics it’s slowly but surely rising and I wish to thank you all for giving my tweets a go, whilst on twitter I’m making new contacts creating new interest and retweeting other people’s tweets till my finger nearly falls off.

I’m hoping showing this kind strategy of selflessness and constantly ReTweeting will attract new followers to my account which in turn will return the favour.

If your from Twitter thank you for my likes and retweets and remember if your having troubles getting retweets you can use these two hash tags for now, #FlockBN and #87RT.

I’m not to sure if I will use flocks paid service for gaining leads but they have been great with all my posts and will do the same for you…

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Lets finish on a high at folks no characterising etc just some good old fashioned good news lol, Firstly I’m currently waiting for a Mr K Bacon from Brighton museum to set up a link where my website will be connected as part of the private collections page, I sent out emails to media outlets I got on Heart FM and waiting to hear back from the Brighton argus paper and our local news channel. This was all achieved by sending out emails in the hope of a reply so fingers crossed I get some notice and such like.

Also after all this time I can finally put my wall art up sounds silly doesn’t it but we have only just found a drill bit strong enough to drill through what seems like diamond walls so I’m impatiently waiting for Mr DIY to finish so that I can start hanging YAY!!!

Remember folks there’s a collection waiting for your muse over on the home screen so here’s a link for you and until next time.

Happy collecting folks.