Antique handmade and custom made bulldogs are shown on this page. Some are just quirky but there’s many a grand piece amongst the list depending on taste.

A world class amassed collection of porcelain and glass bulldog collectibles from around the globe with the bigger countries rich in history churning out a fantastic range of vintage.

Antique and often exquisite pieces where a hat should be tipped to some of the mastery behind making some of these beautiful pieces.

I hope you take the time to view these as there really are some fabulous timeless bulldog figurines and relatable pieces amongst some other pieces all collectible and all play a small part in the bigger picture of this collection.

Please note: If you like my collection and would like to help by getting us seen by others please make use of the sharing icons and show your media friends it’s appreciated and we may be amateurish at the mo but we are here and growing in popularity.

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