Burberry Bulldog to represent Britain’s Homeless

Burberry Bulldog to represent Britain’s Homeless

Burberry Bulldog to represent Britain’s Homeless Cutting the piece is part of the arts 🎭 story

Burberry Bulldog to represent Britain’s Homeless ! Hi there Readers new and our regulars I hope your all well and good todays article Burberry Bulldog to represent Britain’s Homeless is an idea 💡 I have and wish to share, I was not going to say anything due to my artistic skill set but I thought I’ve divulged much deeper content so why not share this.


Ok here’s my planned idea which I’ve already started and the reason I chose Burberry is A it looks expensive and will aid in its auction B it’s a choice of brand for those that can afford it which this days gets smaller and smaller, now this part maybe hard to understand but please bare with me.


Ive taken a ceramic bulldog light shade out of the Collectibulldogs collection and I’m starting to up cycle the piece, WOW that sounds dull I hear you say but this bulldog will have a twist and in an art form will represent the plight of Britain’s homeless that continue to break my heart 💔 every time I leave my home 🏠!


We live in the city so without sounding offencive you can almost trip up over a homeless person every 50 yards or so, from shops bus stops anywhere that can provide a little shelter you’ll see a homeless figure in that space and it does ! It hurts me to see this in this day and age I’m so thankful I’ll never be a conservative voter (my opinion) I mean who puts money over life ?

Burberry Bulldog to represent Britain’s Homeless

Burberry Bulldog to represent Britain’s Homeless

If it all goes wrong at least I can ask the museum art group for help

So how will an expensive brand like a Burberry Bulldog to represent Britain’s Homeless going to work well my art 🖼 brain has an idea to represent the stages through my artwork on the dogs patina, I have this all worked out and I’ll start with the top representative of success.


The lampshade and its bright light 💡 can be indicative of the world 🌎 we think we see today in Great Britain where there’s two point four children 👶 in the house and two cars 🚗 in each drive way a vision far removed for many that either never had such luck or made it that far and lost it all.


The message is to show the change from being the bosses best golf buddy to being in a sleeping bag so I’m going to create the bulldogs body with a little bit of uncertainty you’ll understand when you look at the picture, this is to show or represent the confusion and anger when your life comes crashing down !


I will add in my artwork provanonce written content how I see the piece once finished and hopefully others will too, one small example of this is the Cutting up of a perfectly decent piece of cloth and turn it into pieces just like what the conservative government has done to hundreds of thousands of my fellow brits.

Burberry Bulldog to represent Britain’s Homeless

Burberry Bulldog to represent Britain’s Homeless

Burberry Bulldog to represent Britain’s Homeless


Im thinking of a mosaic type around the bottom of my Burberry Bulldog to represent Britain’s Homeless venture I’m not sure wether to give it a pavement look with a dull gray (this would not reflect the light above just like the public ingoring as they walk past.


Or the other option is to go shiny but with still that mosaic look and the light 💡 that bounces off this way could be for other people with differing perceptions it could represent hope or hopelessness that’s the idea to get people thinking 🤔 especially when it comes to voting ever again.


To help maximise the funds raised im using proper materials I’ve even got gold leaf in just in case I want to bling the top part up, When finished the piece will look like a cross between between a very nice and a raggedy looking Burberry bulldog lamp but will say so so much more.


With wiggles still lame and in need of my lifting her still I cannot go out and think of ways to help what I see so this way I feel I’m doing something worthwhile and using our native unloved bulldog breed here in the U.K. to help what is another of Britain’s so called unloved and that’s our native fellow brits


Information ℹ️

First things first this is going to be a lamp (fingers crossed) with an English plug 🔌 adapter the piece is of a handmade nature except for the lamp and shade itself BUT will be a ONE OF A KIND ! The piece will represent the homeless of Britain’s streets today and will be for auction to help the homeless of my own city 🌃


to make this more authentic above board and to reach further I will be asking for assistance from Brighton Museum whom can be my official overseeing body (just to prove funds are intended as stated) and as it’s for their own cities street residents they may even display for a while to gain interest.


I will be coming up with similar ideas 💡 to help this cause I’m not sure on time and wether or not to wait till Christmas before ending the venture, the monies could go towards Christmas 🎄 shelter places even if it’s just one ☝️ or we could buy tents and flasks whilst approaching a coffee establishment and see if they wish to collaborate in filling those flasks with hot tea and coffee ☕️


if you like the idea wish to help or say anything please get in touch im always after bits and bobs for art idea so if you have scraps of any thing you see can be used please spare a thought this way and the good that can be achieved, bling up bulldogs and help the homeless starting with the Burberry Bulldog to represent Britain’s Homeless of course. THANK YOU

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