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Vintage head sketch

Vintage head sketch

HOWDY there readers and viewers of Collectibulldogs, I hope your all good where ever you may be with happiness and sunshine for everyone,.

I think I’m starting to master the art of basic blogging as I believe this is pushing my blogs into the eighties now WOW!

Whilst laying here (4-30am) and not being able to sleep I use the time to think up subjects and topics of interest related to either bulldogs or the Collectibulldogs collection itself, and this blog I thought could be on the subject of bulldog heads busts and plaque type pieces.

So the reason is because after looking this subject up the bulldog came out on top so I thought it worth going through my collection and see what’s there to write about.

Carved bulldog head

Carved bulldog head

Lots and lots

There are lots of different types that I will show you and try to categorise them accordingly if I can but there’s so many different pieces that maybe a tad difficult.

I mean there’s objects that are or were used, pieces used for display only, metals, ceramics, badges, jewellery and even treen pieces, too but let’s see where this takes us and we could start with the last which is treen or (wooden) pieces.

The heads I have are a combination of antique bulldog head humidors and a couple of differing sized antique bulldog head inkwells one being made by army and navy from the United States, the patent dated 1860,and even came with original inner glass liner for holding the ink (these often got lost and needed replacing).

The pieces are all very well made with a beautiful rich brown patina and can come in different sizes I have seen these in many slightly different versions and due to cost I do not think we will be adding any new treen pieces anytime soon yet as a collector I find these pieces very desirable.

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Metal heads

1800s antique European inkwell

1800s antique European inkwell

(Funny sigh) I’ve just done a couple of blogs on metal pieces one was on pewter for a friend’s business blog and the other was on brass bulldogs which I published before this blog.

I won’t be silly and name every metal there is out there that would be boring but I can chat a bit about the different metal pieces show cased here in the Collectibulldogs collection of bulldog heads.

Let’s start with the best of the metal heads a 1800s heavy set bronze inkwell, this piece still has a ceramic inner and I think the piece is European in style.

The style is of an older version of the bulldog which has a scarier look than the more modern day bulldog.

Just like this piece we have a few other metal bulldog heads like the piece shown with the top hat on.

This piece has been mass produced in the past as I have seen them quite often and the clever thing with this piece is the makers designed it to either be a match holder and strike or an inkwell in which I have seen both versions with and without hat too.

Bronze head match holder

Bronze head match holder

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As you can see by the pictures that I have shown there is a great selection of pieces made from different metals that are part of the collection too.

These pieces range from silver bowls and match vestas to bronze heads and other metal metal bust type pieces made from bronze brass and various other metal materials and come in all shapes and forms that depict the head of the awesome bulldog breed.

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Fragile heads

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The ceramics and resin portion of this subject can be seen in the form of busts, book ends, humidors for tobacco, vintage badges, old bottle heads, many sub collections as seen with the Sherratt and Simpson pieces shown, and also pieces made by ceramics companies, pieces like the crown Devon head pictured.

I have also found a rather large terra-cotta head piece that I’ve not come across before, other ceramic pieces can be anything these days from pots planters treat jars right up to custom made made one offs of most things bulldog related made for your convenience by today’s up and coming artists.

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Feel free to check out many more of the amazing pieces we have in Collectibulldogs I could not list them all but the pages created do give an insight to what we have obtained over the years here at Collectibulldogs HQ in the Ceramics & Glass section.

Bling heads

Vintage silver medals

Vintage silver medals

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There does seem to be quite a few pieces in the collection that come under the jewellery department section, most of the rings we have are just of a bulldogs head the same goes for the brooches and even the cuff links too.

There is also a designer silver piece in the form of a bangle that has bulldog heads adorned around and goes with a pin brooch I have obtained in the past.

These and so many others are in our metals and more section please feel free to take a muse at Metals & More.

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Colourful heads

Scruffy Louise by pipi jay

Scruffy Louise by Pipi Jay

Paintings are great for this subject as its one of the most commonly practised forms of art so there are literally thousands of artists out there using their own styles to come up with amazing pieces of art that they are commissioned to do.

Another popular art form is to have you beloved bulldog that has passed over the rainbow bridge painted either in with full body back ground but many and some that have had more than one bulldog before have a painting done of the heads of two or three of their passed beloved.

I have posted a few that I have including one of my favourites and that’s of scruffy, its just of her head and produced by the amazing talented Pipi Jay.

These can bet better viewed in the art page we have at Collectibulldogs and here’s a link if you wish to check some out.

Hi from Ave and Wiggles

Hi from myself and wiggles

Hi from myself and wiggles

Hi there folks from myself and wiggles our reigning CEO here at Collectibulldogs.com, we are kindly appealing for more readers to please share our content if possible the views on the website are decreasing at the moment and I could really do with some help getting the website out onto social medias and hopefully sites that have not seen us yet etc.

This is until the new website is ready and launched which I’m hoping will bring back some of the wow factor.

We do want to continue but only if people are interested otherwise there’s not much point, I do not like asking but as I’m working on all this by myself I’m hoping some kind hearted folks reading my blogs could assist.

Please remember it’s Tracy Rowes auction soon and Norman David still has copies of he’s book available for those interested.

So until next time folks keep your heads held high and happy collecting…