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Sterling silver bulldog bangle

we could display some designer pieces

Hi there readers I hope you are all well, I have been invited to create a small bulldogs display next year an exhibition of my bulldogs just smaller than a pop up museum exhibition would be at Brighton museum, for now id just like to thank them in general as I’m not sure I’m allowed to disclose names.

maybe the first bulldogs museum display

Whether it be this exhibition or my own pop up

Bulldog museum Brighton

what to choose

version I think it maybe a first I have not come across anything like this other than artist displays in galleries, either retail or

installations. And most famous bulldog collections have only ever had media provenance once they hit the auctions then its all about the money raised this becomes a financial prestige but the collection is split up and no more.

welcome to the curators

Due to the size of the collection I feel choosing what to display from my bulldogs

Metal seated bulldog on marble base

a piece that could be hands on

collection a little hard to think up myself, the ladies that curate at the museum have kindly offered to come and look at the collection to give them a clearer idea of what I have.  I know some of the pieces loaned will have to be bulldogs that can be hands on giving the visitor more than just a visual experience, other than that there is so much that I welcome the help from these very busy curators as their busy day jobs is to keep all the museums in and around Brighton interesting and diverse for the public

other exhibitors

My mentor Debbi knows I would not do a blog without mentioning my arty counterparts that too will be displaying their works and art at next years exhibition and again without permission I cannot name people but I can say the quality of art I see every week leaves me astonished. If the other exhibitors are from my art group then people will be in for a surprise and lucky that I can just display as the other artists blow my art work out of the water, now Debbi would have me say my art works hold their own merit but I promise I could never produce what I see others

Bulldog museum Brighton

bulldog plate 1880s

doing this week.

Thank you Alice

I have mentioned Alice in my previous blogs Alice is a student studying in the City and opted into the mentoring programme run by Brighton museum the mentors get a choice to either do group work for instance helping in the art classes each week, Because Alice is very much into collections herself she volunteered to come and help me develop collectibulldogs and I suppose myself a bit.  I want to thank Alice for the kind help, acting as my PA, helping me remember things, And the biggest one of all and that’s giving up her own time to want to help me but as Alice explains she will be learning from the experience whilst working with me.

will the mayor be there

Once all the preparation is complete I believe the museum will be sending out invites, the papers and the news will be sent an invite to cover the story, the mayor of Brighton and Hove will also get an invite with us hoping he excepts and comes to see our exhibition.

This will be yet another accolade for Collectibulldogs I’m not sure that I have ever met the mayor before, I have never been one for cameras and having my picture taken either but I think if I want the coverage I will have to swallow any insecurities and just go for it.


Even with the many ups and downs I have talked about in the past I am very proud

Nice features

Japanese akari bulldog

of everything I have achieved so far and the time span in which I have done it in, my life started out pants so to end up not even 40 yrs old with a collection good enough for museums and a social enterprise in the making is quite an achievement and remember I collected nearly every piece it was not handed to me and I have worked my bottom to get where we are today I do not mean to sound brash I just want to advocate in the following of peoples passions and to let those that think they will never find their feet, I was in my early 30s before I found mine.

Bulldog museum Brighton

museum set in beautiful grounds





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