Did you know Bulldogs and collectibles rebuilt nations

Bulldogs and collectibles Rebuilt nations

Bulldogs and collectibles Rebuilt nations
Bulldog antiques museum google mapped


Hi there readers, I hope your all safe and well I was sitting here pondering on a thought so did a little research and blow me down my hunch was right ! It was not till I was starring at the Japanese pieces scattered around the room that bulldogs helped build back up countries taken over by allied forces after WW2


The dates of when some were made gave me the idea and as soon as I googled it the occupied japan ceramic collectibles came up, also thinking that Japan was not the kind of country to really embrace the bulldog yet allied forces had japan make thousands of ceramic products mostly for export to the USA but some was on its way to other allied countries.

Bulldogs and collectibles ! the rebuild of occupied nations

Bulldogs and collectibles Rebuilt nations

Bulldogs and collectibles Rebuilt nations Bulldog figurines by European artists ! Possibly K Tutters only bulldog sculpture

Germany was also occupied and the same happened there BUT it’s my belief only east Germany created products as Russia had control of west Germany and again at the time not a country with a massive love of bulldogs.


Checking some of my German pieces I have a few that have GDR on them which stands for the German Democratic Republic, obviously the east as Russia wouldn’t of used democratic in any of its products labels plus the west was much poorer under Russia’s rule.


Who would of known that these exports would turn out to be a portion of how the country’s economy got back up I’m sure the allies didn’t source the raw materials used but as an occupied country I doubt you get much say in the matter.


Don’t get me wrong bulldog collectibles as not the highest of products created in occupied countries to be exported but it does make you wonder why ? The USA have the bulldog as their United States marine corp mascot and a few of their football teams use the bulldog as a mascot or was it spite ! The Japanese refer to the United States Army as the “devil dogs” maybe it was some sort of payback yet these pieces needed selling so I’m not sure.

Bulldog exports now interesting collectibles


The reasons why there’s less from Germany at this time is two reasons one Germany had little infrastructure to make things in, (factories were re designed for war purposes) And any export from Germany had to shared among the allied forces and the country’s behind them hence why there’s a bigger demand for Japanese collectibles than there is German.


The biggest difference between both occupied countries is that Germany had a bulldog interest even before the war and many pieces were made (we have an umbrella made in 1940) for its own inhabitants and just like England America and a few other nations held bulldog shows too.


This wasn’t the same for the Japanese whom did embrace the canine spieces but the bulldog was not high on the list, check out collectibles from occupied japan and see if any of your pieces hold interest I know I’ll be checking mine. I found one link you could use and verifies what was just a wandering thought

Bulldogs and collectibles Rebuilt nations

Bulldogs and collectibles Rebuilt nations

Another example of a German company that exported metal products after 1945 very collectible now

Bulldogs and collectibles Rebuilt nations

Bulldogs and collectibles Rebuilt nations K n O collectibles

You may find some of the pieces spoken of here or in our galleries


Tin toys one of the most collectible


It is true that there is a big market for Japanese tin toys these can range from anything like the toys you’d find elsewhere at the time yet japan put out thousands of tin toys, wind up toys, some are now worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.


It is interesting to know what what types of other collectors there are out there, most of the dealings look like there’s a big following in the USA for these pieces, Collectibulldogs does have one Japanese toy and a little child’s lunch box in the style of a bulldog, check out this side to collecting if your a collector the prices are more reasonable for most but it’s all about quality.

Quality vs quantity


German bulldog collectibles


These two words are right Up there when you look at the style colours and overall quality it does seem that the Japanese pieces seemed rushed compared to pieces coming out of Germany or it could be down to either a countries skillset ability or it’s just the style of the time.


I did prefer German memorabilia as I’ve seen and own a lot of it but since knowing there’s a huge market for Japanese ceramics from the occupied time frame I’ll be looking up to see if any of what I have is and where I can find more, I didn’t see any significant point in collecting them until now.

Bulldogs bulldogs bulldogs

Bulldogs were so intwinned with WW2 I often wish the love did not die out to a few hundred thousand, we could talk about John Nokes and he’s Royal Doulton Bulldog hummage to the airforce army and navy of England Royal Doulton Bulldog pottery doing its bit for WW2 a great article explaining the point with great pictures included.


The other side of the coin is one of the words most forward thinking countries that now it’s impossible to find memorabilia from, Austria was a rich country with amazing artists skilled in all kinds of different mediums yet finding the likes of Bergman’s pieces or any pottery from Austria has been very hard, I would like to see pieces from more European countries and maybe add new pieces to our collection.


How do you know your correct


It’s easy for me to just write anything in the hope it’s believed but that is not the way we can assure you, I’ve had messages in the past saying what I write must be the only truth because I’m the only website covering different aspects of bulldog memorabilia and bulldogs in general, I never assume till I prove myself right and my first statement would be why would I pay out so much in fees just to write rubbish.


From the days of bulldog shows in the 1870s,the bulldog propaganda of WW2, the United States use of the bulldog from mascot to nickname for what is now Mack trucks, the artists like dick twinny and books from top judges, this and my own initiative and research is what brings you this original content creation, yet anyone is to feel free to check / critic my research the more accurate the better !



Yep that horrible word we English have gotten ourselves into, anyway my point here is there’s no outcome to this fiasco so Collectibulldogs cannot be sure just how collecting will continue, at the moment buying from around the world is ok a little more expensive but I’m expecting things will change.


I for one will be looking for my overseas friends and connections to help me still maintain a growing collection but there’s no assurances to anything until our silly government works it all out, hopefully we get to freely trade with new countries and find new and unseen pieces. Who knows. Happy collecting.

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