Bulldog stubbornness no more medication 💊

Bulldog stubbornness no more medication 💊

Bulldog stubbornness no more medication 💊 LIFE SEEMS MORE BEAUTIFUL WITHOUT BEING DOPED UP

Hi Readers I’m actually waiting on my birthday gifts to add a couple of new blog articles to show you what I got, instead I thought I’d add Bulldog stubbornness no more medication 💊  to my mental health section


So for those that do read all our articles the information put out in past articles is that I’m open about sharing the fact I have mental health issues and I do not mind sharing how I am currently feeling.


My last Antidepressant was given me to me for both depression and anxiety yet I felt worse on the medication and my Bulldog stubbornness was of a different nature as I was very snappy at home towards my family.

Another issue with taking these cheap drugs are the side effects! No offence to my drs but I don’t want to die if I can help it so why give me a drug that’s side effects include suicidal thoughts.

Bulldog stubbornness no more medication 💊

Bulldog stubbornness no more medication 💊

Bulldog stubbornness no more medication 💊
Hopefully Wynne will be back soon write some brilliant articles

Some great news may keep the stubbornness at bay As i have been contacted by the lighthouse project IVE BEEN WAITING FOUR YEARS FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY THATS FOUR YEARS I CANNOT GET BACK


I’m Really grateful for this opportunity and it’s come just at the right time ! I’m having issues in my life with my online format where Pinterest will not reply to my tickets because I either have mental health issues or they do not like me asking questions about the Google pixel six.


please use the link provided above this will show you the excitement I showed when I thought I was first going to the Lighthouse project this was first created four years ago by my community psychiatric nurse, I was refused twice before they said yes.


currently if I’m not out in the garden or I’m not blogging and doing other things then I’m using my Pinterest account to create more of a online market of people who may wish to read any blogs that we get on our Blog subscription service a great new blogging package


Out of sight out of mind

Bulldog stubbornness no more medication 💊

Bulldog stubbornness no more medication 💊 Looking forward to starting at the Lighthouse project in Brighton

So putting notions of Bulldog stubbornness no more medication 💊 to one side I really hope that it isn’t a case of out of sight out of mind this is where you fail to continue doing certain things because they are not at the forefront of the thoughts in your head.




A deactivated account to a page that’s posted organically up to 430,000 impressions in just two months and two amazing listed group boards one made overnight are two reasons why I do not wish to stop using Pinterest but if I do go to the Lighthouse project then this might be the case.



I do not like the idea of Spending literally hundreds of hours Pinning Re-pinning creating boards organising boards inviting people to your group boards and finding interesting pins to add to your boards while you’re waiting for people to invite you to their boards.


Mainly know that I have OCD obsessive compulsive disorder say watch in my impressions close down actually hurts physically that is something I don’t want to watch and I am hoping that there will be support around Collectibulldogs as well as my care plan.


My very own bulldog stubbornness

Bulldog stubbornness no more medication 💊

My mate at Limited editions by Ave

The Lighthouse project is run in conjunction with his Brighton mental health team and are a referral only organisation that deal with people with severe unstable emotional personality disorder just like what I suffer from, in my assessment it should state that Collectibulldogs is high on my priorities of hobbies and passions.



this may lead to nothing but it also could lead to the organisation helping me to push Collectibulldogs especially local, Council grants crowdfunding fund raising are just a few ideas that I have myself that could be helpful towards Collectibulldogs one day become in a real museum


I may have to use the old-fashioned bulldogs stubbornness to push for my project to be seen as part of my mental health and care plan, i’ve already had my psychiatrist right in saying that blogging for me is a great release and that I should continue.


20 years ago I would’ve seen this as a waste of time but now I am 44 I really am looking forward to meeting other people with the same disorder as I have and learning how they have learnt to live a life with emotional unstable personality disorder.

I know I’m one of the lucky 🍀 ones


Random garden shambles I’m no good at YouTube can you tell


when it comes to my mental health I am up-to-date and very articulate get information from one of the receptionist so I know what’s going on most of the time I know that I’ve had to wait for a CPN for over a year and I know that new psychiatrist have been called in


it’s my belief that everything is waiting for the new financial year to start in April, start-ups organisations and charities will know how much funding they have unless they bidded for the contract beforehand, The Lighthouse project has been around for many years so it is quite established.



Four years is a long time but not as long as some of the people that are currently in needs of serious help and On waiting lists my empathy levels rise just thinking about this and I am the kind of person to suffer in silence if it meant someone else is going first unfortunately this is not the way it works.



A friends suicide in 2020 has made me realise just how short life is and how I should take the Lighthouse project and treat it like it’s the last therapy I’m ever going to get, i’m not sure whether they will want to talk about my past or just propel me into the future either way I am Willing enough to work with professionals and I know that I am lucky.




This means there’s a great chance if my life stays stress free and I’m living ok they may agree with me that I’m better off without pills 💊 it’s just not possible to live a lifestyle where you are uncharacteristically snappy this isn’t a positive effect on your family, and of course will put a strain on any marriage.


my last medication was last year I stopped taking it as the side-effects were worse than how I was feeling myself and this led to a suicide attempt late last year, we are family friendly so I won’t go into details and as you can tell by my article I failed. Before you scream selfish person that may remember it is my disorder and just like what your brain tells you to do mine does the same but in a self-destructive way


Believe it or not losing my Twitter account sent me on a downward spiral I was so embarrassed I had 256,000 followers some of those worth A-list stars musicians boxers and other celebrities so when Twitter suspended me it really killed me insideHence why Pinterest is important to me currently.


I would like to keep all my social media accounts not only because of the blog subscription service I have worked hard over the years to build up these formats i’m for someone with a brain like mine I don’t like the idea that I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours scrolling and pressing when I could’ve just had a real life.

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