Our Bulldog museum Dream will it ever be ?

Our Bulldog museum Dream will it ever be ?

Our Bulldog museum Dream will it ever be ? A Brighton UK reality

Hi readers, our sympathies to all the families effected by Covid 19 our hearts are with you and your families during this pandemic So Our Bulldog museum Dream will it ever be ? is that not a brilliant question to ask.

As it’s an article it could be seen as A rhetorical question yet it’s these articles that get seen by those with the ideas and funds to make things happen and it’s wrong that the UK the home of the English bulldog doesn’t have its own museum


we believe we have all the bulldog memorabilia needed to have a beautiful visual upon someone’s visit to said dream museum yet I lack some business sense but I truly believe that Brighton could be the home to the worlds first bulldog memorabilia collection in a building with foot traffic.


2020 was meant to be my year for ideas and to be honest 2020 has proved that a dream or two can come true, firstly we have Sienna mae, after seventeen years we finally had a second daughter and to top off our dream we got a move to a new much better home.

Good things come to those that dream

My English bulldog collection in vid format

So let’s be honest the collection maybe 12 years old but the website has only been live for five years, it has had celebrity visitors but for more important people to sit up and take notice we need brilliant exposure.


just imagine this article reaches a business person in my home town of Brighton they see the collection is already to go and all we need is a physical space, a few months to research a couple of weeks to add content and display and hey presto a bulldog memorabilia museum.


How much is charged to get the rent paid and other such things like utilities is not my expertise but with a business partner who sees my dream may think “Hey this is something new and very British why has it not been done before.


It’s two heads that are better than one and a business person with nice morals and a good work ethic would be ideal, we understand if this was to happen someone down the line will be asking for a profit but that’s not my first intention second or third, with the collection already worth thousands I just want the dream to come true.

Bookings already international too

Collectibulldogs we made it

hypothetically speaking we already have some that believe that this dream can come true one day and we have had people from around the world stating they would travel an international distance just to see our museum.


Collectibulldogs at home has visitors these ranged from sellers dropping off and bulldog rescue, to people from Europe and the USA that have hit London on their travels see Brighton is an hour away by train and we get a phone call, email, or sometimes Facebook message.


“In the UK love your country can we see your collection” That’s what we have had before and we always agree so get 1-3 hours depending to clean up make the collection gleam and put out munchies, one thing we haven’t seen yet is the pics taken by overseas visitors.


Covid 19 has put a halt to any business ideas I started ! With our features page we had hoped to reach out to top companies but now that’s not a great idea and until the lockdown changes it’s not worth trying.

Dream big dream bigger

Our Bulldog museum Dream will it ever be ?

Our Bulldog museum Dream will it ever be ? Even Porscha is helping make our dream a reality see lol

Another idea was the media, a fella with complex mental health issues creates all this (and the full weight of the story” I’ve lived I thought might make for some kind of TV or magazine reach, with so many achievements why not.


If seen on Tv online or in the paper would be great, we have already been in the paper twice and on heart FM but the exposure is ruled by them and however the story line goes you have to agree if you want to get published.


I was wrong to think that that Brighton Museums could help I certainly don’t get the same opportunities at the Museum in 2020 like I did when I first arrived in 2015 – 2016 I’m not sure why there’s a break down in Communication


it was my understanding that a key worker from Brighton Museum was going to help me start up a social enterprise this would’ve been a non-profit venture where the outcome meant that I could loan out my collection but just like the dream this hasn’t happened yet.

Do you know a person !


Collectibulldogs with its collection asset online influence and website And external links  is looking for a down to earth business partner /s, the heart doesn’t have to be run by dogs but it would help trust to sit down together and see if we can collaborate.


twelve years experience from zero knowledge about bulldog memorabilia to all the content listed here over the past five years, I have seo experience my synapses in Sharp and I learn real quick.


Do you know anyone local or otherwise looking for that next big thing ! With current events as they are it wouldn’t matter as a dream like this would take a year or two to set up, that’s from a business point of view otherwise I’m already to get this going.


what’s needed is a bit of Financial help a small building or premises kitted out with display cabinets and museum style layout, help with visuals and advertising too, I’ve got the rest and can use my collection to tell a bulldog story or just display with its card.

From subsection to installation

Our Bulldog museum Dream will it ever be ?

An idea of the sub sections shown in Our Bulldog museum Dream will it ever be ?


Metals subsection


American antiques and brass


Porcelain sub section from across the globe

Having different sub sections means that if we created a museum there would be a fantastic walking gallery from beginning to end, our porcelain collection is beyond belief and tells many stories

An installation is like a museum within a museum and with the amount of bulldog memorabilia owned by collectibulldogs could mean we could have a feature installation each month or year showcasing our very best and creating interest when walking traffic is lower.


My mental capacity does not need to be interjected into a business I think I’ve got this far so why cannot I go any further the brains still the same if not more Astute as time goes by and my dream fades away with time.

Wether or not it ever happens I want all to know that since I started this venture I’ve made it further than I ever thought (haven’t stopped paying my host lol) I have what is a stunning nest egg for my daughters, I’ve met some really wonderful people that believe in me and this whole crazy collectibulldogs has given me a purpose I once lacked.

Last but not least


To go from where I came from to where I am now is a story that’s truly unbelievable I’m not looking for sympathy some of use just get a rough hand dealt and we play those cards given to us, yet I do feel like I’ve been cheating


OCD PTSD EUPD no offence to others with all those combined but I’m very proud of everything I’ve done theres others out there that wouldn’t bother or have the tenacity to do what I did to get collectibulldogs started

I think you need a brain like mine that’s willing to take risks fight for the underdog and who else do you know that spends their time money and effort on pieces just to prove points and keep others out there from making mistakes Just like this article Stay away from Stoned Bulldogs ! (It’s a play on words)

The biggest hurdle has been the cash it’s no lie that Knud Knun pieces are over a grand in money or more so not many with a sane mind would fork out the amount I have over the years they would of taken holidays bought cars and so on but I’ve invested every penny into collecting.

A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Humans spend about two hours dreaming per night, and each dream lasts around 5 to 20 minutes, although the dreamer may perceive the dream as being much longer than this.here’s what Wikipedia says about dreams

museum and links to mental health

Brighton museum positive influence

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