Bulldog memorabilia European porcelain

Bulldog memorabilia European porcelain

Bulldog memorabilia European porcelain

Hi there readers, I hope that you are all well, I fell in love with bulldog memorabilia European porcelain about six or seven years ago I found the ugly dog (nicknamed ) it’s the piece with an ear up and a snagged tooth, this was shortly followed by a Dahl Jensen piece.


Firstly I do wish that I had more Austrian bulldog memorabilia antiques to talk about but due to the fact I do not have more than about six there’s not that much to chat about that I haven’t already covered in other articles


Bulldog memorabilia European porcelain from Italy is the same we do have a few pieces but have not been able to find many from this beautiful of countries, if we had a few more with proper back stamps we maybe able to find Italian makers yet most pieces seem majolica in style.


This meant I kept my search to mostly danish porcelain antiques and when I found my first Karl Tutter seated bulldog I made Germany a top search suggestion too.

Bulldog memorabilia European porcelain diversity


The idea to collect from around the world came to mind after and Japanese Russian France even Indonesian bulldog porcelain antiques were found and added to collectibulldogs a great way to diversify the collection.


As stated before I’d rather have a collection of pieces from many makers rather than take the risk that one day a particular maker falls short in auction ! (It happens ).


Germany is a great place to look for bulldog memorabilia European porcelain I doubt I have even scratched the surface with the pieces you can find there, a whole cabinet of pieces just made in Germany is something we are proud to of found but Germany is a massive country and I’m sure had hundreds if not thousands of pottery makers.


Wishing I could say the same about Denmark it’s a country that I’m not familiar with but the factory in royal Copenhagen has shown me the delights and artistry in the bulldog porcelain antiques they have produced, also showing the world new clever ways of creating poses that balance properly within the piece.

Bulldog memorabilia European porcelain like a tripod !

Bulldog memorabilia European porcelain

Bulldog memorabilia European porcelain That clever tripod pose



Knud Kuhn broke new ground when he created what can only be described as a masterpiece of sculpture, the idea to create a piece unlike others with the normally used two front legs and create a tripod effect was in fact groundbreaking back in the late 1800s early 1900s.


Bulldog memorabilia European porcelain can it get any better ? For me this was a dream piece to own I’d never of thought I’d ever buy the piece but when an opportunity arises you have to take it with open hands and how lucky are we

to now own this piece.


No not to everyone’s taste I get that but it’s pre 1910 and dated for 1907 and I get the naivety of the artist, consideration has to go to what knud Kuhn was trying to achieve.  wether it’s over exaggerated or underrated it’s a piece that will help showcase collectibulldogs and show its commitment to trying to achieve the impossible by actually getting these dream pieces.


Theodore Maddison took this idea to the next level when he created a bulldog as part of he’s porcelain portfolio, again a bit like a tripod this clever technique has the bulldog looking upward with just one paw out, being only seven centimetres tall I’m not sure if that was intended or the fact a larger example wouldn’t take the weight?

Bulldog memorabilia European porcelain      Not done there yet 


As our English bulldog memorabilia antiques collection gets larger we hope that a few places are taken up with more pieces from royal Copenhagen! Yes we have a nice little collection going on now (even in different colours) but there’s a few yet to find.


Knud Kuhn made at least three pieces all with that naive look, one piece makes ours into a pair and another piece is the same bulldog play fighting with a different breed of dog I’m expecting these will be expensive to to buy, we will try our best.

Bulldog memorabilia European porcelain

Royal Copenhagen bulldog memorabilia Bulldog memorabilia European porcelain


Bing n Grondahl have two other pieces we are yet to collect, both brown and white in colour, ones seated and both have that same soft beautiful pastels to them.  Most of the bulldogs that came from European countries in the 1900s are similar in colours chosen.


With a baby coming along in twenty weeks time hope will be all I have of completing this beautiful of sub collections imagine all the royal Copenhagen antique porcelain bulldog memorabilia collection in one picture I’d be proud to be danish if I were one.

Germany where do you start (Bulldog memorabilia European porcelain ) 


If you are a collector of bulldog memorabilia European porcelain then Germany will surprise you I first thought this country only had a few collectibles especially bulldog related and how wrong I was.


My first notion to have that keep searching mentality was when I made a deal with a french eBay seller whom was selling a bulldog collection on behalf of someone else whom didn’t know how to sell.


Mutually we agreed to come off eBay and chat she sent me some pictures and one was a huebach brothers piece (popular with visitors) with the standing and seated collection of huebach we had I could not believe my eyes.

Bulldog memorabilia European porcelain

Love that almost asleep pose (Bulldog memorabilia European porcelain )


Seated with a sleepy expression this true to life bulldog opened my eyes to just what Germany had to offer us collectors from the countries own love of the breed to the occupation that had allied forces getting German factories to make export items.


Finding pieces is not that hard there’s the mass produced to the extremely rare you may even have German antiques and not know about it, at one point no one bought German imports so the word (foreign) was used to stamp pieces made in an occupation country


Those days are long gone now and the free market now dictates buy and sell and I guess just like other countries Germany is still creating modern day pieces or future antiques but nothing beats the real deal does it, we intend to keep on looking we’d love to find more like Check out Harry here a beautiful example of just what Germany has to offer with this piece still made today yes you can buy one for your collection at nearly three thousand euros. 


How is Porscha your bulldog doing

Bulldog memorabilia European porcelain

I’ve grown haven’t I

Always being asked this I thought I’d update people about Porscha I know it’s not bulldog memorabilia European porcelain but hey why not use up the space and save a page lol, apart from way to much energy Porscha is doing fine so enjoy what I’ve put together below.



hi there readers I hope as always everyone is safe, our naughty furry middle child AKA Porscha has just turned six months old, she’s lost that total pup look but still has that happy go lucky face.


As previous owners of slower older bulldogs we are still learning with our naughty furry middle child she’s in need of some puppy training which I think Debbie is starting in the next few months.


As weak people when it comes to animals they do tend to try and take over wiggles took the sofa and wouldn’t move, Porscha on the other hand never stops and when you turn around hey presto.


There’s two kinds of HEY PRESTO ! There’s the kind where no matter what your doing or going Porscha is there right behind you, often left tripping over our own feet not to tread on her.


The other kind of HEY PRESTO! Is where we have won the battle just not the war, wether it’s a few hours play and a long walk or Porscha playing with other doggies whilst we watch this seems to have the knockout effect except she’s asleep every time behind the legs lol.


Porschas photography shoot

It’s either a successful walk or not there’s never any middle ground with Porscha her surroundings and environment sure do reflect the outcome, during a nice day Porscha will have a skip in her step as she hunts down more attention.


The minute the winds pick up that’s it walking our naughty furry middle child turns into a race to get home again, on the way back she loses all convenience and looks for shelter wherever she can find it.


Only the other day did we go to enjoy a nice walk it had been to hot for a daytime walk before hand so getting out whilst sunny was nice, the weather changed within ten minutes and Porscha went from strutting to sitting in door ways.


We noticed this as we were bringing her home and her runner lead felt like she had caught it on something so we looked around, our naughty furry middle child had only walked into the butchers and was sitting there watch the man chop the morning ribs.



As some know we live up what I call “the far away tree” a series by Enid Blyton with a huge tree and friends that lived up its branches, due to the narrowness and dangerous way our stairs are I liken our home to this old fairy tale.


Anyway six months on and I’m still carrying Porscha down these 50 stairs yes I thank god she can skip up them but she’s not light anymore and so used to being carried she’s so stubborn! There’s four steps leading outside and she walks down these ok lol.


Her scattiness is endearing although traipsing through the flat to find her to carry down stairs can get annoying especially when her coat has been put on by the stairs and she bolts off (normally to play with the cat or get a toy).


With her trademark bulldog teeth she looks up with such a cute expression it’s hard to be anything but loving to Porscha even the day when i knocked myself out trying to catch her for a bath and fractured my nose on the bath, she’s fast agile and sees everything as a puppy should “a game” yet I’m sure she will chill out as she matures. 


Porscha and the new baby

Bulldog memorabilia European porcelain

Check out my teeth I get them from my dad ( bulldog memorabilia European porcelain)


Porscha is only six months old at the moment and my wife’s nearly at her twenty week scan which means Porscha will still be in puppy mode when we bring the baby home, I myself have high expectations in Porscha her reaction and how she is around the baby.


Making sure her nails are well clipped and she’s clean with no bugs is our responsibility but how she reacts to the baby is where she has to show she can control herself, do not get me wrong our little whipper snapper is not by any means aggressive but she does like to jump and bound around a lot.


We are hoping our situation changes via our home before the baby arrives but we are making preparations in case we are still here then, with the collection packed away there’s just enough room to get to and throw but it’s not suitable and for one cannot wait too move.


The extra space for us all means the baby can sleep quietly and there’s there is room for Porscha to be Porscha and not being told to stop this or that just because the space is limited, she’s a beautiful free spirit and I want that kind of attitude in Porscha as she becomes best buddies with the new baby, we hope to know if it’s a boy or girl as of the Friday in the week this published.

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