Bulldog memorabilia came in two by two

Bulldog memorabilia came in two by two

Bulldog memorabilia came in two by two THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL BULLDOG COLLECTIBLE

Hi readers please excuse the lack of excitement in the title Bulldog memorabilia came in two by two I looked after my mother in law this weekend for thirty hours straight so I’m very tired indeed.


It was my birthday on the tenth of March the day before looking after mum in law and I was hoping the postman or post woman / post person would of delivered the bulldog gifts I’ve been given.


The reasons for blogging about them are 1 they are beautiful examples of bulldog memorabilia and 2 I’ve not had collectibles as a gift for three years so that age old feeling of trepidation was kicking in.


Seeing a couple of presents before they got here doesn’t help ! One piece I chose and the other that’s a beauty of a bulldog collectible my wife found on EBay and dealt with the buyer to hold it for her blessings to the wife.

Bulldog memorabilia came in two by two


recently I moved all my bulldog memorabilia onto a £2000 display unit that I invested my money in and in doing so I noticed that I couldn’t find my bulldog watch and I cannot find my rules of association from the bulldogs club in 1913.


Due to my illness the feeling that I have or may of lost these left me feeling dread the only way I can describe it is when I mother loses her child at the fair or at the supermarket and that immediate feeling of complete hopelessness and terror.

My wife knows how important every single piece is to me and the collection ! as for the pieces they in part tell a story about the bulldog world from the 1800s onwards and I was disparaged until I saw the piece my wife had found.

Bulldog memorabilia

Bulldog memorabilia and English canine history in object form

all sorts of different thoughts going through my head at the moment from how I find the money for pieces I see for the collection but cannot afford at the moment, i’m still not sure if £350 a year to host my website is worth the money for the amount of visits that I get, and this piece took those thoughts away for awhile


Awarded for merit but all were winners

Bulldog memorabilia came in two by two

Bulldog memorabilia came in two by two BEAUTIFUL SCRIBE ON THE BASE

let’s get the dirty part out the way first this piece is a cigar tray it is not in vogue for today’s lifestyle it was made in 1900 it would’ve been a popular award for whomever received it, what you are looking at is a copper made cigar tray  turned into an award.


in the collection we have medals coins for award for Merit but never seen anything like this if you look in the middle of the piece topside you can see what looks like an award coin this is the emblem of the club back then but part of the tray itself.


For those that don’t understand “award for merit” these extra awards at shows are given to bulldogs show owners whom have a bulldog showing that it has show potential, collectibulldogs has a great collection of these awards but this is our first cigar tray.


The frustration is being dealt with and my poor wife tells me that the pieces are still in the flat somewhere we have just misplaced them and I do understand where she is coming from it is my disorder that takes over I know every single piece by heart and my collection is part of my heart


Most will know that Collectibulldogs has subsections and I am not sure whether this will go into the Tray section the club section or with the other cigar trays we have here, I would add my coins onto the tray but I’m worried that will scratch it.


The piece is 1900 in date and won by an ival delphinium which I am sure if I look back into my bumper bulldog book I will most probably find this dog way back in the early 1900s, this cigar tray came with a nice box I’m not sure it’s the original but it’s still nice to have it in a nice clean place.


Scribing a certain way must’ve been difficult for most and I think the same can be said to scribe into metal with the tools at hand at the time but it’s just as stunning to look at as the other awards are and I like the wreath that’s blended round the outside.


Cleverly they’ve made this so that the cigar tray looks like it is surrounding a coin award but it is actually all one piece I hear the seller has a few more club items so I may see if he wishes to do a deal I think they are metal badges for those that attended buclub awards

1920s silver ladies hair pin dish !

Bulldog memorabilia came in two by two


One of my collecting pitfalls is my weakness for silver and this piece I had chosen as a present for myself my wife wanted me to enjoy whatever presents I got but after getting the merit award cigar tray anything else was just a bigger dopamine boost.


weighing sixty nine grams this little silver bulldog pin dish could’ve easily come from a ladies boudoir where it sat on a dressing table and had a ladies hair pins put in it every night, the wonderful thing about silver is once polished it looks like it was made yesterday.


it is my opinion with 10 years experience in bulldog antiques that the cigar tray from 122 years ago would be more expensive and higher quality than the silver pin dish but that was not the case here, the cigar tray was an amazing twenty five pounds.

Bulldog memorabilia came in two by two

Bulldog memorabilia came in two by two WE ALSO HAVE A SQUARE VERSION

silver has been blogged about more here at collectibulldogs  Our Silver collection a sterling Job I’ve written about the dreaded scrap value and the fact you pay way over the odds as a retail buyer I also talk about this on my PINTEREST BOARDS telling people that retail and scrap values are polls apart

More news !

Im going to be contacting my psychiatrist about my bulldog collection ad the website and how he might be able to help to move this all forward there is help out there if you want to start your own business.


There could be an organisation that helps people like me to try and be as independent as possible there’s grants out there and there’s also the so called “Dreaded Crowd Funding” I could raise the money this way to get my foot into a door hopefully a door into a free space to create the worlds first bulldog museum using 100% of my own collection.

Bulldog memorabilia

Silver bulldog memorabilia a ladies pin dish

Collectibulldogs Bulldog blog back once more is the published article written for my dr I hope he likes it and I’m happy in the knowledge a government link website server will be spending time on my website this may not sound like anything important, Government websites are very strong with amazing domain authority so LinkedIn from their IP server to my little website shows both my domain authority just a little bit


He is good at his job as I’ve not wanted to write ✍️ again and the thought of it is making me feel quite Upset in the tummy and now I can talk for England lols HERES BREAKING NEWS the woman Nazaneen Zaghari  Radcliffe being held on trumped up charges has been freed this has happened whilst I’m writing this this is wonderful news

Twenty years it’s time to parlay

Bulldog memorabilia

Not bulldog memorabilia but a picture of wiggles a bulldog Lee never met he would of adored our beautiful teddy bear wiggles

Over the last few months I’ve had ideas 💡 in my head to contact an old friend Lee from years ago we fell out and he’s life back then meant he was not popular amongst many people yet we had this strange bond he was loud and confrontational whereas I was more relaxed and peacekeeper.

I have taken the plunge a message this old friend and asked for Parley (white flag lol) we both have changed a lot and I wouldn’t of bothered if I had of heard he is still the same but this is not the case, I wished a friend like this was around at the time of our home being set alight


it’s not the fact that he likes violence it’s the fact that he loves my family and doesn’t like the idea of someone trying to hurt us are even heard that you wanted to come round and have words with the next door neighbour when he heard what happened bless


i’m just waiting for a doctor’s appointment to sort out certain issues I’ve had I hurt myself before looking after mother-in-law but didn’t go to the doctors so looking after the mother-in-law has put more strain on areas that are Marvin issues with and I also didn’t want my arm strapped up until I had done my caring role for my mother-in-law last weekend


I am waiting for my host to sort out the subscription packages page ! This is a new way for bloggers to publish with collectibulldogs and takes away the awkward questions and endless negotiations about price that normally if we get denied by the client or they just think it’s too much money.

I am also using WordPress as my blogging template site this came with the website so I’m looking to follow others and be followed (basically connect and collaborate)  i am not lazy I’ve been looking up WAYS TO INCREASE MY WORDPRESS FOLLOWERS AND OVERALL METRICS myself.


Collectibulldogs is looking for visitors to TO HELP OUR RANKINGS WITH TRUSTPILOT REVIEWS and comments that are left on these articles there are over 30 words long google love and will pick up with the colours this also helps our website as it shows Google that there are interest in the articles so if you can think of a question just gonna leave a comment please do as it really helps.

actually looking forward to the next couple of months not only do I get to meet up with a really old friend but I also get to meet my new community psychiatric nurse whom I imagine I will be working with for the next few years,


Bulldog Memorabilia is a niche collectors market and collectibulldogs is proud to be at the forefront of free information for Bulldog memorabilia and antiques as well as collectibles and even one off pieces, after seven years the website is still getting emails from collectors around the world looking for all kinds of special bulldog memorabilia and we try our best to help

year off ? would I recommend it No way !

Blog subscription service coming soon



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