Bulldog history or profit

Bulldog history or profit well if profit I have a ready made shop

Bulldog museum Brighton Bulldog museum Brighton Bulldog museum Brighton


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Sorry to advertise lol Visit our Youtube Channel for more great Bulldog videos

Good day there folks let’s not be complacent about staying safe out there after recent events, not only will I be talking about Bulldog history or profit,I’m going to try and add it as my first long tailed keyword, so Bulldog history or profit) will be used in the SEO of this blog it’s experimental so bare with me.

The blog has originated after a chat with a friend of mine about the subject Bulldog history or profit and his argument was that views to collectibulldogs are wasted, I shouldn’t obsess if I get none and that the website doesn’t make any profit or even overheads to cover my bills.


My request is where you folk come in to play !!!  Bulldog history or profit means two things do I turn collectibulldogs into a retail business sell my pieces and maybe take on offers from the folk at linked in wanting my website to sell everything from pet food to buggies for your pooch, would you like collectibulldogs to add PayPal put prices on the collection and see the collection pulled apart as pieces go off to their new homes with the upside that cash comes my way.

Bulldog history or profit

Tonnes of silver bling 

Bulldog history or profit The good and bad

Hypothetically let’s say I were a business I would need premises to work and store the collection I would need a bank loan to cover insurance, breakages I would have to go sell employed and the business would need to make a profit just for my family to survive, the other big part to this is I’ve spent my knowledge gained to find pieces no one else has and there’s no assurances I could find these pieces to restock to resel

upsides would be more space lol I’ve lived years in an antique shop style apartment I won’t lie when I say I miss the normal size of a front room even the bulldog (wiggles) has trouble navigating her bottom, another upside would be the money but there lies a conundrum how does it become a business when the purpose was for my daughter and all proceeds go to her.

Worlds first bulldog memorabilia exhibition


Its not easy explaining what a social enterprise is I did not even know what one was until I joined the museum at Brighton now remember it may not be profit but I have the privilege to say I’ve had or still exhibiting there there’s not many collectors with that accolade, staying with the museum they have mentioned plans for my own pop up museum and help turning my collection into this worded social enterprise.

When I get the proper help about finding investment that’s when my social enterprise venture will start, I cannot afford to pay for what’s needed so I will be looking for investors to help me first get the collection properly valued (this will cost a fair bit) and there’s other over heads that will get explained properly once my project manager gives us the all clear.

Bulldog history or profit

Hard to find and once sold would be gone


My collection then in a sense becomes public property it’s still privately owned but can be used for different ventures and stays in the public eye, if profits are made they help to pay up the investors whom put money in to help get the enterprise started.

I prefer this method don’t get me wrong I would love the selling side I would end up re buying becoming a brand until there’s nothing left to sell or I can’t find anything lol at least it will stay I the public eye online, and most importantly in the family, which reminds me if I can be an enterprise I would need a trustee to help for the good of the collection.

First bulldog to reach 100k Twitter Follows


The question is in the sub title but before I ask please may I urge folks to answer there’s a comment box below and I will return any messages not seen as spam like one particular fella (keep trying dude) lol, where was I oh yes we would love your opinion on this.

Nearly 110 thousand people have visited the website since it was remade and that’s not including revisits so my question is WHY!!! And I mean it sincerely why do you good people come to my website and for many again and again, I don’t sell anything and the galleries haven’t changed much so anyone willing to explain would be brilliant I was told without selling anything the website is useless so I want to see if that rings true.

Bulldog history or profit



Would you folk prefer collectibulldogs as a business where you get a chance at buying the pieces and I understand the desire of wanting some of them it’s how I felt before buying them, or would you rather have patience get some more understanding to what a social enterprise does and keep the pieces not just for my daughter but for generations after to know about bulldogging and the lighter none political side to this breed.

Wiggles doing Heaven

Above is me being a twit on YouTube but I promise to get better if I get more subscribers and if I ever got 10,000 the money side could pay my funding or use twitter on fiverr if I can build it up!!!


Please don’t be shy in coming forward there’s no judgement it’s just interesting to see what the visitors (you folk think) if you think business and profit say so and maybe why and if you think it’s worth waiting around to see where this all goes say so too and let’s get a chat going.


Ive spent some time on my website and this has nothing to do with (bulldog history and profit) I felt the site was a little boring and lee has explained the website is to slow due to the wiggles video and I pointed out the white gaps everywhere so I’m led to believe that lee will be making some changes and if he does you will notice.

changes to look out for

Wiggles will disappear she can be put into YouTube clips but as the main gif it’s too big so a slider show will replace her (bless) I’ve asked for the wall paper with the pieces on to be bought back but shrunk to accommodate all devices and lee has an idea to shorten the website and rotate one gallery at random every month.

If you have any ideas or suggestions please comment they will be considered, one last thing before I go Please may I ask that you use trustpilot we have embedded the widget to make it so much easier and or reviews about us to yell.com would still be appreciated. I’m looking forward to your replies is it business or history? Until next time or a chat happy collecting and stay safe folks watch out for each other.

Bulldog history or profit

Changing to a rolling gallery to help with website size

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If the collectibulldogs faithful could give the galleries a few more muses before they are changed that would be great. Any new visitors have a look it’s a lot of Bull

I’ve not really met anyone that sticks out for my outbound links let’s see !!! 

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