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Bulldog delivery

Cheers to my contact for our latest bulldog delivery

Hi there readers I hope your well and safe and if the comments are anything to go by some are saying blog more our Bulldog Delivery arrived today and what a mixed lot it is, as you remember I payed just 150 pound for the lot and got a great deal.
My contact Brian is setting off to America so I bought the lot to help him with he’s travels, but also wanted to add a few of the pieces he had that I didn’t to the collection with the top prize being the German Stieff bulldog teddy that’s been seen on eBay for up to 700pound.

Bulldog delivery on time and intact

Bulldog delivery

Some random pieces in the bulldog delivery

Another great asset of having contacts is the logistics I mean if the box that arrived was sent through mail it would cost a small fortune with no guarantees of it arriving safely but when your seller arrives they want to hand over the goods in great condition
In my next article I will go through what’s here and make the most out of the new pieces I’m yet to study for example there’s a slip pottery made tiny cup with a bulldog on and glazed the size makes it unusual and my first guess is for children when taking medicine.

Last Bulldog delivery of the year hmmm

Bulldog delivery


That’s correct if our plans go right then the royal Copenhagen bulldog figurine will be my last piece for this year, I want to concentrate on getting more interest for the website. I may dabble here and there but not to this scale anyway.
With the Steiff bear the artworks and some brass pieces I think all in all it was a fair deal and as the fella was going on he’s travels we did the nice thing by offering that little bit more but at least the price was not unreasonable.

Finding more room for bulldog delivery

Bulldog delivery

Big yellow bulldog

Yep everything revolves around space and until my centre piece goes in I will need to squeeze these in somewhere for now, thankfully I have Debbie whom can organise better than myself, I’m sure debs will find a temporary home for them.
There’s quite a few pieces that arrived with a few large pieces and a massive yellow bulldog figurine with art and metal pieces some medals and of course the star of the show the Steiff  Bulldog I’ve found he’s French version on eBay for 150 pound but as per usual did not see the English version.

Coming in our next article


Once all the pieces have been sorted I’ll go through the best pieces and show good pics of the artwork I’ll also gain some info on the Steiff Bulldog and let collectors know why grabbing one at a reasonable price would give your collection another investment piece and rather rare toy considering.
So I’ll leave you all to the weekend it’s nice and sunny here in the U.K which is a rarity for this time of year, I myself find it to hot sometimes and stay in with wiggles where it’s nice and cool (well a little cooler) anyway. Until next time folks stay safe and happy collecting.
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