A bulldog collectors story so far

Bulldog collectors,  before I start writing about bulldog collectors  I’d like to first say hello to you all and hope that you are all well and safe, the blog article is more about a collectors story than me bragging about bits n pieces that’s not what the blogs about.

The same goes for riches there’s so much that’s happened and been achieved since our adventure begun that my idea of riches in this collectors story is not about money yet the concept has attracted its fair share of sellers on LinkedIn wanting to try and get me to sell their goods and services.

Bulldog collectors continued

knowledge would be my biggest inrichment ‘sounds corny I know’ but it’s true the amount of differing subjects I know now are from researching and I’ve actually learned more about WW2 as a bulldog collector than I ever did in history lessons at school, each sub section has its creators that also made many other things I’m also much better at dates in history now and markings on jewellery too

Bulldog collectors

We are so lucky now A bulldog collectors dream piece

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I remember years ago when I first started collecting I had a book case and on it were a few figurines and other related items and I still remember thinking back then that my collection was the best in the world oh how nieve I was and because it was all new I also thought I was the only one out there collecting bulldogs and that’s why I ended up with the ENGLISH BULLDOG COLLECTORS CLUB on face book to meet other collectors too.

Since those good old days I have now about ten cabinets all full and all with themes and makes proportioned up and put in various sub collections This is a sub collection it’s part of the whole collection and due to the amount can be categorised as such.In the video are various silver bulldogs these are a prime example of the title and the kind of pieces I would only of dreamed of owning years ago

Bye bye contact guy, goal completed

bulldog collectors

I totally understand the love for collecting and for some that’s what it is just for love and I have noticed many of these bulldog collectors are great charity rescue donators so it runs deeper than just owning figurines,I have a purpose I want for mine what I never had myself.

Like I’ve said lots of times now the collection as whole has been a great distraction from my disorder and it’s why I’m open and honest about it, I know many suffer with lots of disorders mine being OCD and I’m big enough to push any stigmatisation to one side so do not mind it mentioned as its part of what makes me well me.


If like me you wish to become a bulldog collector and say you want an investable collection it’s best to look towards Europe for the older vintage items these either keep their value or if chosen correctly can increase over the years and in the collecting world a thirty percent profit return over ten years is the ratio a lot of bulldog collectors go by., please note America DOES have amazing pieces but the country itself is quite young still also I’m in the U.K. so just my opinion.

Bulldog collectors

Proud to have found all we have so far


I say Europe as there are practically hundreds to choose from you have many here in England but nothing compared to Germany where hundreds of pottery houses sprung up attracting some of the worlds best artists to go and work for them.Im not saying in any way that you cannot find pieces elsewhere as I buy world wide it just seems like countries such as Germany and Denmark made a lot of bulldog figurines and as Germany has a few breeds there are many different styles to choose from.

Bulldog collector through and through

There’s people out there that think (quite rightly) that as I’m not producing pieces I’ve either lost my spark ⚡️ or choosing different paths now, all I can say is I’ve been doing totally the opposite long gone are the days where it was all easy with just a Facebook page.

To bring This website out run it fix problems and technical issues cost me money the same with big upgrades and when the site needs lots of hours in bug fixing work and I cannot be chasing up the latest bid when my host needs paying the last thing I’d ever want is collectibulldogs to cease, I could start again but with google it’s like climbing a ladder.

Bulldog collectors (The through and through part)

Ok ! firstly I could just say I’ve got a 16 year old daughter that zaps my funds but my web bill isn’t that big and the point I’m trying to state is that I do not collect sometimes yet the website is always here and to me that not only shows passion but that I also plow money into my website and cannot always afford objects of desire.

We are still the only website of its kind and it’s embarrassing being the only one on twitter to us #collectibulldogs as a hashtag I’ve tried getting others to use it but to no avail, as with everything else I know good things will happen so I’m not worried, all I worry about is my website and ventures future but it seems I’ve created something people want to utilise.

Bulldog collectors

I’ve i never find a piece again I have quality pieces to be proud of


We started off at the flat at Medway court when I started out we had scruffy louse back then as my CEO and I believed I was the very first of bulldog collectors, after meeting my main man (contact) 2015 onwards saw collectibulldogs grow massively with new and desired pieces that without a payment plan wouldn’t be here now.

The biggest downfall to becoming this bulldog collector and then meeting my cntact (some say it was meant to be) I bought a use amount of memorabilia off him which you can see in our galleries and other blogs, it’s left me broke for the past four years, I’m not saying breadline but my own funds have been next to nothing whilst this debt was paid up.


Before it sounds like I’m dissing Facebook that is not the case and I have a few great followers there but not enough active users on my profile so I tried out twitter and it’s my belief that a combo of wiggles cuteness and my illnesses has helped propel us to 155k WOW,

The tweeting format plus the website has recently been approached and if I agree I will be flat out with guest posts and paid retweets as a kind of way to get the funds for appraisal but I’m still thinking about it I don’t really like change to much and I’m not getting any younger.

Bulldog collectors

An example from Europe


Due to 2018 being so quiet and laid back I’m going to look into displaying the collection locally there’s lots of galleries and studios In Brighton that rent out space, this would be an advertising investment and shows even more just how passionate I am even if I’m not collecting. There’s a space down by the beach that could be perfect but I’m not sure about the price yet.

Why don’t you get involved with our little community the website is growing both in age popularity and content and we want to welcome guest bloggers, comment writers(if a blogger and leaving a comment please feel free to make comments Useable links it helps us both,just leave a reply below or email any submissions to ask@collectibulldogs.com and I will post and promote your work  until next time stay safe and happy collecting…..


I got assistance recently from a follow help on twitter and if your on there you’ll recognise the name and in favour of this help I’m leaving @harrys1dempire link so that other low accounts out there can start building organically if you buy fake follows twitter deletes them or the seller takes them back so check her out The lady that runs this has recently been copied with scammers making money off her innocence so once in contact ask about the fake accounts and how to avoid them. I feel for the lady I’d go mad if someone got into my website etc

I might as well try attracting bloggers again

As you know where like to help where we can as others do the same for us if your a YouTube user or channel owner please consider subbing with this lovely person whom needs a certain amount to keep her venture going thank you

Here you can find a link to royal Doulton and jack the bulldog if your ever going to start collecting why not start here

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