Exciting ! come join our bulldog collectors club 2022

Exciting come join our bulldog collectors club 2022

Exciting come join our bulldog collectors club 2022 THE EXHIBITION PICTURE FROM BRIGHTON MUSEUM 2017

Hi readers of collectibulldogs.com how are you ? I myself am feeling a bit more like myself and after doing some posts thought to invite you to my Bulldog collectors club, this group and page has been running since 2015


SO IF YOU JUST WANT TO SEE BULLDOG MEMORABILIA BUT DO NOT WISH TO JOIN A GROUP THIS LINK IS FOR YOU, with a similar feel to the group you can privately browse or bulldog antiques and collectibles at your leisure, we are currently looking for new interest


Since starting these we have reached over seven thousand members both on the page and in the group! The group needs a new moderator that can kick it back into touch I’m so busy these days I’m bulk posting just to keep up.

Our Bulldog collectors club needs you and thousands others like you to hit that link and press the thumbs up button I know there’s more than just seven thousand people in the world interested or our website wouldn’t of seen four point four million visitors.

Bulldog collectors club bulldog antiques from around the world

Bulldog collectors club

Bulldog collectors club COME AND JOIN OVER 7 THOUSAND MEMBERS!

One of the great things about running a club is the fact that you can invite people from around the world this means that if you join our bulldog collectors club it will not just be my bulldog antiques antiques and collections that have been posted by people from different countries this makes for a very diverse group with amazing Collectibulldogs on display



Unlike PINTEREST at the moment our group and page is growing I’m happy to admit I had 5000 followers that I didn’t interact with and vice versa so I went ahead and started to unfriend people that I didn’t know and wait for people to friend me before asking them if they want to be invited to the bulldogs collectors club or my Collectibulldogs page.


even though I know that I am pleading to the masses I understand that the new Meta means that more and more people are now glued into an oculus quest or oculus quest two and Facebook has changed a lot in the last five years but that doesn’t mean that Facebook is bad it just means people do not use it as much and it does not have the appeal that it used to but when it comes to pages and groups these are more interesting than many peoples personal accounts no offence.

The group was my idea when I came up with the website I felt that it needed some social media pages but I didn’t think that I would be one of the only people contributing to this group I would’ve for many other people that joined would have bulldog memorabilia bulldog antiques or even pieces from bulldogs shows that they may have one to showcase on our bulldog collectors club unfortunately not many people are posting at the moment this is why I am reaching out to see if we can get fresh interest in what is a brilliant hobby or past time .


Come see our different bulldog collectibles

Bulldog collectors club


many of the group members do not own bulldog collectablesand some may even see them as dust collectors but what we all have in common is the love for the English bulldog so I’m guessing many of the members are there just to see what kind of bulldog memorabilia can be found how interesting it is and what story goes behind it.


These particular members may not post anything but are imperative to the bulldog collectors club These are the people that add to the likes which in turn gives more interest at each post no only showing that a particular post is getting interest but it must make the person who posted it feel good as well all people have to do when they join scroll down to see seven years worth of bulldog memorabilia posted by hundreds of collectors since we started.


I have stated before that the bulldog in general Is not the easiest to promote so bulldog collectors are shrinking in numbers and promoting bulldog antiques and memorabilia that isn’t for sale is just as hard, I am biased I love the English bulldog and always have done but that doesn’t mean to say that everyone does I did think that the English bulldog was an endearing breed loved by everybody in the UK and around the world.


what I didn’t know was I should’ve kept out of the real world of bulldogs learning about different health issues the fact that people were breeding different colours into a dog that should only have light reflecting fur not dark colours (skin cancers) and the amount of people selling puppies Facebook was becoming like a puppy mill in itself.

We only show bulldog collectors posts

Bulldog collectors club

Bulldog collectors club WE ARE RISING SLOWLY

Creating a new group where puppies Can be sold was not for me so creating a group on Meta (jeez it’s annoying) that was solely for bulldogs collectors I think was a bit of a genius idea I didn’t want to keep anyone off the group so even if you sold puppies you could join but you would not be able to sell anything other than bulldogs memorabilia or show/display your bulldog Collectibles.

if you know Facebook then you know that many groups have puppies for sale and others do not allow this practice on their group so it depends on the moderator we are right now they allow these posting if you come to the bulldogs collectors club you will only find bulldog antiques bulldog Collectibles and the rare custom made piece that someone has shown or made.


collectibulldogs is quite happy to keep adding to the group but it would be nice if we could reach out to people that can look on their windowsills and fireplaces and see whether or not they have a piece of bulldogs history they can share with the group whether or not it has a story behind it doesn’t really matter as long as people see your post and become inspired by what you’ve shown


there are people on there to take the club seriously I want to know as much information as possible about a collectible ever others that will just give a thumbs up or say great post or great collection I have in both does mean that the Group is not stale yet and as you can see by this post we really do need new interest to come and see what we have created and give us the big thumbs up 👍.

Collectibulldogs the page !

Bulldog antiques and memorabilia is not confined to our bulldog collectors club there’s also the collectibulldogs.com Meta page ! The page is what I would call the Hub when posting or publishing on this format I am able to automatically send my post to my groups and any other groups that I have a Layout me this pleasure.


Meta is like most of the formats the more that you are shared and the more people that are interested in your page and then the more you post are seen by other people this is called engagement and so far our engagement has been rising slowly we would like to start seeing this rise a bit faster as we cannot control what people do it is down to those that read our blogs and enjoy our pictures to share and create interest from others this is hell media marketing works as well


After speaking with Brighton Museum I’m hoping to get my back link back and I’m also hoping that my friend Debbie Bennett a museum mentor has the ability to persuade the new Brighton Museum charity give me the link I am also guest blogging there quite soon so I should have a decent back link To Collectibulldogs this is not as powerful as the first but does mean that I am still connected with them.


now that I have a lead practitioner I am hoping this is someone that can point me in the right direction when it comes to getting support for the website I don’t need support for the collection or for the information that I research I just need help with the social media side the business side and it would be great to get some mentoring or help around search engine optimisation.

Meta verse an idea I’m working on

Have you heard of Meta Verse ! This is the old Facebook with its new name Meta and the Meta Verse is everything virtually based so let me explain, the 3D world now is a wonder not just in printing circles but on headsets across the globe.

This is virtual reality! A space between the world that’s real and and a headset that transports you into thousands even millions of other worlds, the reason why I’m mentioning this now is I’m on this format and hoping for good results.


Just like the Game mind craft there’s similar algorithm based apps and games that can be brought and downloaded some of these are free and some you need cash for ! My idea is easy I’ve created an online museum of bulldog memorabilia so why not in the virtual world.


The bulldog collectors club too could go from a meta based meeting group for interested people to a museum that’s seen when you turn on your oculus quest or other such headset, yes these places have the same issues as screen based formats but the same with opportunities too.

Bulldog memorabilia in virtual realism


The research alone will take weeks to see what kind of apps support my idea of adding a bulldog memorabilia museum to virtual reality I know you can make objects from scratch but I’m doubtful a picture or an object can be copied into an app by the end user.


The easier idea of creating a bulldog collectors club is create a gallery of sorts and add my pieces but in 2d picture form, I’m hoping I can go further than this and just like a museum add interesting cards to go with the bulldog antiques, I’ve seen photos added in VR so think this way is surely possible


checking out collectibulldogs.com on meta is cool it’s like having a very close up look and just like using a Google server or equivalent meta has its own search bar with many of the formats hosting out for free,I also understand why some think it’s a waste of money most pay a good amount for a game that can last hundreds of gaming hours whereas many meta apps are short and cannot be sold or swapped after.

A top tip here for those that want to try out Meta but not pay three hundred to five hundred pounds depending on the headsets memory size (they pinched this idea from apple and the 64gb version is not made for the quest two ) below 👇 is how you can get a refurbished quest at a fraction of the price.

Meta quest twos where’s the cheapest stockist

So as you know if your into using your good credit you can go to Argus or curries / pc world and yes it’s brand new and yes you can pay monthly but why be tied down to a contact and the place I’m showing shouldn’t be too much of a surprise nowadays whereas when it first started it’s how people made money from selling The unwanted clothing in the wardrobes instead of sending to charity


Thats correct it’s VINTED THE APP FOR SELLING CLOTHING and now the objects you can buy on there has changed, when it first started just like our bulldog collectors club it was small and grew fast, there’s now electric pieces for sale here and other than smart watch’s you can also buy VR sets.


sellers on formats like this are rated and this hasn’t really helped the new and up-and-coming sellers whom off selling electrical equipment and other items that have only recently started coming up on vintage house objects for sale, this gives a uncomfortable feeling you may not get what you’ve paid for but on the other hand how are the sellers meant to get reviews if no one buys from them or trusts their account.

VINTED has protections if you read carefully and not only is your money covered but you get a couple of days to try out what you have brought before sending it back if you do not like what you receive or it is not working,there is a good reason for trying out VINTED and I will tell you this below.

Continued from bulldog collectors club to VR headset prices

If you use the link that I have provided and go over to the VINTED application type in quest two and then realise just how much secondhand shops are ripping off people with these headsets when you can get a refurbished quest two for less than one hundred pounds ! The cheapest one I can find at the moment is seventy three pounds



whether the headset has come from a middle class person or someone that has saved up to get a headset or even someone that got one for Christmas and doesn’t want it these are just some of the examples of why these headsets are on places like VINTED and in secondhand shops around the world.


The applications as it in the hardware has thousands of potential possibilities and opportunities for the owner for Simon this is the future of gaming and for others it is a way of learning how to create new business opportunities either using a VR headset to attract clients or become a company inside the headset yourself.

VR headsets are like 3D printers in my opinion I’m saying this as both of these different models can change the lives of people in their homes on an everyday basis, imagine keeping fit without realising it you can also save the world just by a few clicks there is also the opportunity to meet new people from across the globe just by peeking into this rather sleek headset.

Please note


This article is primarily about the bulldog collectors club I wanted to touch base a little bit about virtual reality before I start plastering it on my blog articles I can say that this is not an endorsement for oculus quest Meta or any of the companies associated with this product.

collectibulldogs countdowns some of the actions that are allowed to take place in the world of virtual reality as a business we understand that moderation is key to success and just like any other format meta should work harder to keep younger people safe whilst using these gadgets unfortunately this company will not take responsibility as they only make the headset and not the applications that children can play on.

World’s smallest bulldogs (figurines )

Meta to Instagram

Bulldog collectors club


Its easy to find collectibulldogs anywhere we are on most formats under the same name unfortunately at the moment we cannot find our Instagram account URL on servers so need to contact support but if your on Instagram and wish to follow us I can leave a code for you



For those do you not know what a QR code is this is a squiggly square box that you I’m your phone at and it becomes a link to my social format Instagram sometimes you can see these on places like bus stops and when you take a picture it gives you a link to a website where you can see when the bus times are.


they say it is nice to have people in high places it is also nice to have lots of different formats with a community that I have created myself now start interested in collectibulldogs.com and my backstory others prefer my gardening projects And for a while I was really into my 3-D printing that was until recently when I became interested in the world of virtual reality the possibilities of promoting collectibulldogs.com there.


Having a bulldog collectors club in the world of VR is going to take some undertaking stress and lots of failure but that’s ok I’ve run all this single handed since I started and when I want something to work I’ll put in the blood sweat and tears, it’s pointless having this headset just to play games a quick example is “my daughter is using it to practice driving it’s that realistic these days” some games are fun though.

Lastly The bulldog collectors club wanna join our crew lol

Bulldog collectors club

Bulldog collectors club WE ARE MOVING UP ON GOOGLE!

Thank you to everyone that’s managed to read down to here that means my website gets better user interactions and if you use any of the links provided to continue your experience we would like to thank you for that too, Wynne is usually able to get good visitors but she’s struggling at the moment we hardly talk anymore if we do it’s just to push a blog out whereas a while ago we spoke lots.


Remember collectibulldogs is not just looking for new followers but we also want others to come and guest on our website adding new content which in turn creates new visitors and boosts us in the search engine optimisation area as it’s showing others have an interest or a kind of written investment with us, I sometimes need a break too lol.


leaving this article on a good note or a high I would like to congratulate the website for ranking upwards on googles first page companies around the world or competitors have to pay money for Google ads to push themselves further up than us if they want more clicks people to look at their domain name rather than ours so to be seventh on the Google front page was amazing news .


my last bit of good news before I go is the fact that I will be guest blogging on the Brighton museum  social media pages and website the article draft has been sent full proof reading as well as the pictures needed to go with the story and I am eagerly awaiting for this to be published and I am excited to have those all important  back links directed to collectibulldogs.com

❤️ 3D printing here’s 16 mins of your life you won’t get back but it’s mesmerising


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