Hi readers I hope your well and safe wherever you are I’m not going to spoil this amazing guest post on birds namely the cockatoo,  I just wanted to add that this lady once had a bulldog collection and Collectibulldogs helped to sell on so the writer could afford to pay for her newest love of birds but we talk lots about bulldog adoption so watch this space 


Cockatoo love 💗

Dance Cocky Dance.

Pink and Grey Galahs or Rose Breasted Cockatoo.

This species of cockatoo are native to Australia.  They are very pretty with their light pink crests, and deep pink breasts.  They are very unpredictable and likely to land a nice sharp bite if you stop giving them scritches too soon, or you are scratching them in the wrong places.   They can also be extremely affectionate and jusually bond with one person in the family.

Unlike their big cousin cockatoos, Sulphur Crested or Corellas, they are not the best talkers, but in saying that when you get a talker it can really talk and mimic a lot of sounds and phrases.

I have three of these gorgeous babies, they are housed in a large aviary where they can fly or I should say flutter a bit.

Cockatoo birds to friends for life

In the wild where we have thousands and thousands of them, thanks to European farming methods and the abundance of crops, they generally live to about 30 years.  They mate for life and both parents raise their young.   They build their nests in the hollows of old trees or trees that have hollows created by fires. They also use their strong little hook beaks to create the existing hollow to their liking.

In captivity, with the richer food, absence of natural drought, they are known to live up to 50 plus years. So the ideal is to buy a bird for life, as a companion that will come with you into old age.  Of course, this rarely happens, with galahs regularly outliving their human companions.

They are not suited to living with their humans in apartments, as they are a noisy bird and love nothing better than to squawk and swing around upside down, wings flapping  and creating havoc.

My three cockatoo birds


Cockatoo Avery built with selling bulldog collection on

My 3 amigos, Mr Micky, Mr Smiley and Miss Chuckles have been with me 4years, 2 years, and 6 weeks.  Lets start with Miss Chuckles an older female, who was found in an older suburb and handed in to a wildlife sanctuary who looked after her for 3 months – in that time no trace of any advertisement in Lost and Found was found to be looking for her, this of course included social media.    It was through social media page called Lost birds of Perth, that I saw she was being offered for re homing , for $100 donation.

I went out to visit her and found her to be a personable little lady and decided she could join my two boy galahs.   She taps her foot and does a chicken clucking sound through her beak , which is quite chipped.

So, what about Mr Micky…he was advertised as being 8 years and in his 5th home, supposedly passed through family members,mmmm likely story, I think he was a found bird and on sold but at that time I wasn’t aware that these things happened.   MrMicky liked me straight away , I knew because he carried a little twig to me and dropped it in my hand when I was setting up his large cage ….mating, nesting eek I was now his partner.   He had a lovely little life with me, spending time perched on my bed end, until I developed a hacking cough ..you guessed it, allergy to the oily powder that coats their wings.   So hubby built an aviary for him where he lived in solitude apart from the morning scritches he got from me.    After a year Mr Smiley came to be his buddy.

My three birds continues

Mr Smiley came to me at 6 months, he was a wild bird, who had been terribly injured and tortured by hooligans, actually shot with an arrow in the bush, and being unable to fly couldn’t escape his tormenters.  Two years later with me and Mr Mickyhe has started to smile, his eyes light up, but there is no way he is going to step up and let me touch him.

When Mr Micky went walk about for 6 days earlier this year ,Mr Smiley hardly ate, and he called for him every day.  Fortunately, we live in a great neighbourhood who were responsive to social media and my letter box drops and we got Mr M back, starving but otherwise unscathed.

I have recently discovered that three galahs in an aviary are as good as watchdogs as my bBritish bulldogs were , they are alarmists by nature so they all go off at the first sign of a human in our driveway.

Looking after galahs , who are hardy by nature, is infinitely much easier than looking after dogs, British or not.  So for the time being I have become the Bird lady of Third Avenue, and have lost my identity of the Dog Lady.


Cockatoo love. I’m sharing if you want some

Message from Collectibulldogs

Yes it is an article on birds and there’s some reasoning to this on our website, firstly we wish to have diversity in our articles the website is about bulldogs and I know the writer well the lady used to show as well as collect and the article shows that a collection can be turned into something else. 

Business wise many bloggers want a link and do not know how to write for an antiques site so these articles can be used to have anchor text bouncing off it there maybe a blogger stuck to link and blogs that are not just bulldog help bring in different backlinks in and out. 




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