Bulldog collectibles now on TikTok

Bulldog collectibles

Bulldog collectibles on Tik-Tok

Hi readers, our condolences still go out to those effected by Covid 19 you’ll find a couple poems written further down Bulldog collectibles now onOUR TIK TOK PROFILE CHECK US OUT it’s all new to collectibulldogs and we are loving the format.

The world of social media is not as social as it used to be and archaic formats like Facebook and Twitter may still hold the lions share but as they forever clamp down these newer formats are appealing.


We have noticed besides Bulldog collectibles now on TikTok there’s already a massive following we only have three hundred followers but that’s because we are new there and many icons still need to be pressed lol.


The videos are snippets so we’ve started our own Library of videos freshly made and content previously made to help us show those on TikTok what bulldog collectables and collectibulldogs is all about.

Bulldog collectibles tick tocking away

Bulldog collectibles

Bulldog collectibles on Tik Tok come join us and help us reach our first 1000 followers thank you

Getting people interested in Collectibles  is part of what I do daily there’s just me self promoting the bulldog memorabilia website my eldest daughter sees no interest and I need to wait a few years yet.


Here’s to hoping we are still here in years to come ! I’m hoping my new beautiful daughter takes an interest in what dad does and has done single handed for years now and eagerly takes over or at least partners.


Our eldest daughter is a bit of a pain in the behind she’s at the age where she is very popular and I think boys think so too so her social media following is massive but asking her to do anything is like asking a rock to produce water.


It’s all good though with my shed now erect I can start my article writing from the garden or the shutter bug den, I’ve partitioned off part of my new man cave and will use for amateur photography snaps.

Bulldog collectibles let’s backlink !

Bulldog collectibles

time is Random when your having fun bulldog collectibles

If your one of the many new visitors we see looking up the pages at collectibulldogs we are currently offering up our url for yours ! In Lehmans terms that means that we swap back links making our website just that little bit more powerful.


Backlinks ! Improve your online business and our own websites page strength with a straight forward backlink exchange, check out the link left first if your unsure but with this new world beckoning more and more are using the online world.


Businesses charities organisations all these niches and more are looking at new ways to build business or stay afloat, it’s a fact with studies that people are not spending at the moment and half the problem is they cannot see any products


With street traffic at an all-time low even retailers are using their online capabilities to keep themselves in business and one of the best ways of keeping your website current other than guest posts or good blog comments is backlinks  or anchor text

Bulldog collectibles on medium and pocket

More proof of our advertising prowess here’s our link to the MEDIUM FORMAT ! We are after all a one-of-a-kind website and we need all the interest that we can get because unlike other websites we have no products for sale.

Creating a social media following and the ability to use article writing format has helped us to reach out further than we could before but we would like to reach out much much further so that more and more people enjoy our collection

Pocket !  Another site we use ! These if not used make great social bookmarking formats to get new content and links out there !

From bulldog collectibles to poetry !

How have you been coping with the pandemic and lockdown? I myself am in bad shape and have a telephone appointment with my psychiatrist to see whether or not hypervigilance has caused me to develop Mild psychosis.


The idea that so many people started the year with great intentions and now not here anymore, I don’t understand my country where a government have taken away much-needed funds from our NHS and striped it bare


And then when we are in a crisis it’s the courage and determination of the elderly  the disabled and the selfless to raise money for an organisation designed to keep the country safe and healthy my mind boggles even at little things like changing nurses to park at work

Asperger’s means I see the world differently to others but I still feel ! To see those numbers on the news and knowing each one was a person that not eight weeks ago were planning their year are now not here it’s heart wrenching.

Bulldog collectibles to poetry Continued

My way of coping as I cannot rap a word is to write poetry now I’m not saying I’m good far from it but if it stops me needing more medication in the day or more intense the feeling of self harming I write down how I feel in poetry form.

Please come back to this article as I’ll add new poems I write here, new content on old articles is good for search engine optimisation, we at collectibulldogs mean every word when we start each article we are SORRY

Bulldog collectibles

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Bulldog collectibles

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