Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces

Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces

Bulldog collectibles we think this quirky piece comes as a pair

Hi readers Our sympathies and condolences are still with those effected by Covid 19 ! Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces is today’s article looking at some of the bulldog collectibles we have here of museum quality.

Most of the pieces shown have hit that magic 100 years old some are even older, unlike most of the popular porcelain bulldog collectibles we have the choice found is of many metal pieces that are harder to find.

Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces

Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces A bulldog light from France

if an English bulldog museum was to ever open these bulldog collectibles would be at the top of the list to showcase ! Each bulldog related piece tells a story wether it be about the piece or the artisan whom created it.


No two pieces are the same and made in different countries at different dates in time but all have that museum quality look to them, we have seen some of the artisans work showcased here at museums just not bulldogs.

Bulldog collectibles something a little different

Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces

A beautiful sculpture of a bulldog from yesteryear


These pieces are ones we are proud to of found, the bulldog bronze that we believe comes as a pair is added to the article due to its quirky look it was bought on an auction site and the different colours make us think it was plated.


If this is not the case then this rare of bulldog collectibles has been made using a mixture of metal materials! The French bulldog light may not be as old as one has put but would definitely look great in a museum setting.

Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces

museum quality pieces bobble heads from the Victorian period


Bought from a lady in France and with its European plug this piece has not been altered and we do not know if it still even works bulldog collectibles like this are so rare now compared to many bulldog light fixtures.


The dream of running / owning a real museum means that these quality bulldog collectibles will not see a restorer they remain as they are so one day people can physically see the collectibles as they were when made.

Bulldog collectibles museum quality

Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces

Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces Could be uks oldest bulldog trophy

The two little bobble heads would of been Made as a children’s toy and health and safety was not around back then so the sharp little piece of metal that the head sits on certainly would not pass any Health and safety tests today.

cold painted and made in metal these bulldog collectibles from the Victorian era go well with our more modern bobble heads the older ones show their age especially when ones holding a bottle of beer.

Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces

Museum quality bulldog trophy

A bulldog pulling a cart ! We found and bought this as the bulldog sculpture fits into a bigger story that revolves around Bulldog bible / standard After researching we found that bulldogs were used as work dogs pulling carts.

To do so meant the bulldog had to be big and strong (bigger than the English version ) international breeding was big between Spain and the UK and the standard was developed to try and stop this.


The standard is now as it was when the first official bulldog club formed and the breeds weight was at the forefront meaning breeders were urged to find new smaller studs to bring the bulldogs size down.


All this can be found in the link above we have taken the 16 page document/ booklet and with photography everyone can read what is classed as the bulldog bible our bulldog standard is from 1913.

Bulldog collectibles no not the beans !

Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces

Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces No not the baked beans

It’s true to say that when I first got this piece I did think that it had something to do with baked beans ! You see the artisan shares a similar name with the popular tin of beans you can buy anywhere. This is in a league of its own.


Learn more here  about the artisan and see just how popular the make is and collected all over the world I just have to remember it’s Spelt Heintz, you’ll see that this idea to fuse silver onto bronze became a beautiful new way to design, the prices do reflect the materials used and not cheap.


You maybe right in thinking that the partial dog lamp from our bulldog collectibles is a pug ? We ponder on the fact that pugs have larger ears but do reside to the idea it is but hey it’s about 200 Years old and as apiece already restored in the Victorian way we thought to keep it.


when it’s complete this piece looks amazing and we know that as one person got in contact and showed us their version, ours is missing the wick holder and glass, easy to replace but then that takes away the character, it’s repair is a lesson learned too a true museum quality piece.

Bulldog collectibles wow what a trophy !

All of our trophies are silver or silver plated all except for this one, dated for 1863 and before the opening of the first official bulldog club this trophy represents the everyday person taking their pet to what would of been a barn type meeting.



The trophy may of started out just as a drinking vessel and if so the chasing to get the pattern is brilliant the curve of the tankard would of made this quite a hard task indeed yet they managed it.


The pattern is crude looking and it would of been hard to work out it was a trophy if it hadn’t the winners name and date etched into it, it’s a firm favourite with our bulldog collectibles and would place in any collectors top ten.

New materials invented can mean the decimation of an industry just like porcelain took over from the bronze industry and now how plastic has taken over porcelain so it’s a privilege to own and share them with others.


Bulldog collectibles Bronzes !

Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces

Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces Bronzes

when you think about fakeries in the collecting business you come across many fakes and one niche hit hard is bronzes, the real deal by artists gone by are worth thousands of pounds, we were once advised to see all bronzes as fake until proven otherwise.

there are many bulldog collectibles in our collection that are bronze some are reproductions and a couple of fakes were bought (for the sake of an article) we wanted to prove that bronzes on eBay were fakes.


The two pieces shown are the real deal one is a Bergman bronze with the famous urn embossed and a Austrian artist designed the bronze vesta bulldog, you can find reproductions of the Austrian piece but the head doesn’t move.


Amazing thimble sized bulldog statuettes here’s a link to an article written not long ago there you’ll see some bronzes yet these are so small the thimble used for size towers over most of them.


Bulldog collectibles inkwells

Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces

Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces bulldog Inkwells

One of our oldest niches in bulldog collectibles are the inkwells and relatable memorabilia we’ve picked out the best of what’s here and class them all as museum quality! Inkwells are popular and can be found on most auction sites.

Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces

Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces Assorted inkwells

The bronze bulldog head can be dated before the 1900s the way the pieces are connected indicative of the way things were done before the invention of the nut and screw ! It does have a gothic look and is rather heavy.

wooden inkwells would of been cheaper than their hot cast cousins and a more secure piece with its brass fittings meant you could have one on your desk or take a smaller version on your travels.


Bulldog collectibles just a couple more.

Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces

Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces K n O Germany

last in the selection are a couple of white metal bulldogs and some KRONHEIM AND OLDENBUSCH pieces, the white metal pieces are undated and un stamped but make great bulldog collectibles that show different types of the same breed.

Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces

Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces White base metal bulldog

Bulldog collectibles in metal are normally of a bronze or brass material and finding these sturdy pieces doesn’t add any investment to our collection but they do tell their own stories, even more so when we cannot find others.

Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces

Bulldog collectibles museum quality pieces That K n O stamp

K and O is a German company that created pieces before and during the period of occupation from allied forces and many of the best base metal pieces have come from this company and much went to the USA.

from larger sized pieces to these little bulldog collectibles K and O are now a collectible name in its own right just like hientz became, you can find many K and O pieces but as to how many pieces are bulldog related we are unsure of.


Captain Tom Moore celebrates 100th birthday with flypast, rank promotion and letter from the Queen

Here in the UK a gentleman famously called captain Tom has been raising millions of pounds for the NHS Trust collectibulldogs would like to firstly wish Tom an amazing 100 years young as he celebrates he’s 100 birthday today

we would like to congratulate Tom on the rise of his rank the spirit of this gentleman is what keeps the country positive whilst our other hero’s fight the fight in hospitals across the UK, each and everyone caring for the poorly get a clap every Thursday it’s a shame as a country we cannot do more but as we stay home we help the nhs and save life’s too  stay safe stay in save lives !

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